Christian Fraud

Throughout the Bible, biblical writers had warned the people of GOD to be on the look out for an infiltration of false prophets and teachers. Peter writes in the New Testament that these religious fakers secretly bring in destructive heresies (2 Peter 2:1). The idea is that they are stealth-like with the promotion of their theological errors; they bring their false teachings in their churches and deceive the unweary. The Apostle Jude affirms this truth with similar words when he writes, For uncertain men have crept in unnoticed (Jude 4) among us. They are like thieves sneaking into a house at night, but their theft is to steal away doctrinal soundness from the true believers. In addition to these two warnings, Paul's final words to the Ephesian elders were even more vivid when he exhorts them to take heed to themselves and the people they shepherd because, as he puts it, savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock (Acts 20:28, 29). These warnings, and others like them, are even more necessary to heed now then ever before. For the deceit by Christians in the 21st century is even more prevalent than in Paul's time or when the apostles first wrote them. George Orwell once said that in a sea of deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. The proliferation of Christian radio, television networks, and the advent of the internet have given hundreds of inroads for these Christian false teachers to smuggle doctrinal error to congregations of true believers. There are literally hundreds of Christian radio and television para-churches, Christian ministries that pepper the global landscape with their Christian evangelicalism, each one supposedly offering "solid" teaching for the gullible audience. These ministries, acting under the guise of biblical authority, serve up some of the worse spiritual poison imaginable. On top of these broadcast ministries, the internet has given rise to literally thousands of Christian web sites. Some of those "Christian" web sites are so blatantly bad, that people can easily recognise the deceit, while others are less conspicuous, introducing their errors in unsuspecting ways. Now, more than ever, is the time for people who believe in the true GOD of Heaven to be on the alert to those Christians and their phony, man-made god, they call Je-Zeus Christ. These Christians are "spiritual serial-killers" stalking the people of GOD, either in the form of their Christian broadcasts, be it radio, television, published books, or the internet. Their false teaching is deadly serious; because it can damn a persons soul/spirit to everlasting death to those people who are blinded by its errors and deceit never allowing them to understand the truth. It can entangle people with wrong thinking that will rob them of the joy and delight of walking in the light of GOD. Take a good look at the divisions that exist within the Christian churches. Their false teaching has fragmented Christian believers and have disrupted their fellowship with one another. It is all the more reason that true believers of GOD need to cultivate discernment. For the reality of spiritual invasion by those Christian false teachers should cause people to be very weary of them. This is especially true when they encounter the variety of so-called ministries with any of the mediums mentioned above. Because of this ever present danger, people need to question any of those Christian "ministries" or popular Bible teachers on what they preach. All I can say is to be very wary when you hear Christians preach to you in order to protect yourself from their clever deceit, especially those believers who may be uncertain about a specific religion, Christian ministry or so called "Bible" teacher.

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