Focus on the Bible ministry.

I happen to have my TV on this morning and some Christian guy was preaching from Focus on the Bible on the CTV network. Focus on the Bible is a Baptist ministry located in Scarborough, Ont. Canada. What I was hearing coming out of this preacher's mouth was interesting enough for me to listen to for he was talking about enemies of their perverted, heretical religion. He talked about how these people who are against Christianity will lie, deceive and twist the scriptures in their attack on their religion. I found his comments quite interesting because I happen to be one of those people who is exposing that perverted Christian religion for what it is and the lies and deceit that comes out from the mouth of these preachers. They must have come across my web sites and feel threaten by it because of what is being revealed about that perverted, apostate religion. Checking the CTV web site, I found that Focus on the Bible was a regular program that airs across Canada every Sunday morning. The day of their pagan sun god, Je-Zeus Christ. I checked if this ministry had a web site and found the head office is located in the USA and is nothing more than a Christian mega-store where they sell everything from sermons, books, jewelry, tapes, videos, music, fiction books, (I wonder if their Christian bible is listed there?) DVD's, apparel, giftware, toys, food, church supplies, ect. They sell their sermons from $9.89 to 15.29 ea. This reminds me of a person who called these establishments, a den of thieves. This ministry appears to be based in the USA which is spreading the Christian perversity across Canada. Very few of these ministries are actually home grown. That preacher must be an idiot when he preached on the resurrection. He made the stupid comment that while his phony god, je-Zeus Christ was crucified, Paul was not. Oh really? Was it not Paul that was crucified and had wanted to be crucified upside-down? Paul was correct when he preached that when a person dies, only the soul/spirit of a person raises from the dead. Not the fleshly, mortal human body. The only exception was when Yeshua, the Anointed had resurrected from the grave by the direct intervention of GOD, our Heavenly Father. This preacher, as Catholics and other Protestant preachers believe that the fleshly, mortal human body, which has rotted and decayed in the grave, will one day raise up from the grave in their resurrection. That teaching is hogwash, which come from ancient pagan religions. As you can see, even the Hebrews/Jews had also adopted that pagan idea into their own religion. These Catholic and Protestant preachers don't like me for pointing out these errors and instead of learning from what is being said, would rather attack the teachings presented here. Isn't it like these Christian preachers to cry foul when I or someone else dares to challenge their religion and expose it for what it is. They have a knack of attacking even their fellow protestant ministries. I must say; They had a grand time attacking me for three years before I had the chance to make use of the Internet and created my web sites to expose the likes of these people as the liers and vipers that they are. Only because I had viewed their programs had reminded me of this fact. They appear as upright, nice religious people but in reality, are conniving, lying wonders, spewing out their apostate, phony heathen god/gods religion. Anytime these people from "Focus on the Bible" want to debate and explore their sermon in depth on who are the one's that have been "attacking" other religious groups, or lying and deceiving people, I welcome it. It is time we got the protestant dirty linen out of the closet and get it out into the open, and thrash it out.

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