R.G.Stair has on many occasions stated that people were lying about their encounter with his Overcomer Ministry which is listed as Faith Cathedral Fellowship, Inc. On most occasions, when a disgruntled ex-member of a ministry, a church or a religious group give reasons why they had left a church, it might be taken with a grain of salt, unless they can provide proof of their accusations. But when you have many people who had been ex-members of a church or a religious group give similar accounts, then their words carry much weight. Therefore, here is a web site I have come across on the Internet from people who know and had personal dealings with R.G.Stair and his Overcomer Ministry. Most of these people know about the People of the Holy Testament web site because some of these had spoken against me while they were members of Stair's Overcomer Ministry. Some of these people were part of the group of people who had mocked and threw insults at what I had to say against R.G.Stair, while they were living on Stair's Overcomer Ministry farm. Somehow their network of people had led them to my site. I have no doubt that these are well meaning people who do try to live a decent life and who really want to have a close relationship with GOD, but these people were, and still are, under that same strong delusion which had led them to that false prophet, R.G.Stair. A year later, these very same people found out the truth about R.G.Stair and left his farm. Some of these people who left Stair even went on to develop their own radio broadcast, preaching the very same perverted teachings that they had acquired from Stair's Overcomer Ministry. One would think that after they had been burned by Stair, they would have learned something by mow, mostly about themselves. But did they? No, not really. They blindly continued to believe in that very same perverted "Christian" religion with its false pagan Baal gods which if they do not reject it, will lead them astray from the truth and condemned their soul/spirit self to destruction. Ex-members of R.G.Stair flees to The Net Team and give a full account of their personal experience with R.G.Stair and his Overcommer Ministry.

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