Fallacy of Christianity

( The Mystery Religion )

Better known as the religion of confusion.

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This site will look at the fallacies that are found within Christianity. We will examine the contradictions and misinterpretations which make up the Christian beliefs. You will come to understand how Christianity became a perverted pagan religion. I will also point out many errors and outright lies which is found within the pages of the New Testament. The book which Protestant Christian Preachers claim is without errors. I had tried to point these things out discreetly in the past before I came on the internet. But what was their attitude and response to all of this? Rather than learn from the teachings and admit the errors they were making in their understanding of the bible and how it had been corrupted as it was pointed out to them so carefully, they, for the most part, choose instead to attack me for what I was trying to show them. I have sadly found out that these Christians, mostly from the Protestant camp, would rather defend their perverted beliefs in ignorance least it will show them how wrong their understanding of the New Testament is. Therefore; I will will go through some of the New Testament and point out the most obvious errors, discrepancies and outright lies that is within the New Testament. This I do for the sake of those people who want to know the truth. Now that all is said and done, let us examine the Fallacies of Christianity.


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