Pre-trib and End Time theories.


I have noticed lately, that there has been a great deal of talk about the End Time on many Christian radio and T.V. broadcasts. This event is dealt with in the book of Revelations that is found in the New Testament. Some Christians claim that the end of the world will be upon us shortly. Other Christians claim that the world will come to an end after the thousand year reign of their fictitious man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ. Along with these claims, there are also many "left behind" theories floating about, while other Christians claim that there will not be a "taking away" of those people who will be saved. I am aware of some Protestant preachers, like Arnold Murray of Shepherd's Chapel, who believes to be a teacher of the "Bible", yet he can not tell the difference between; "Being taken away" and "fleeing away on ones own effort". There is a big difference between someone who comes to take you away to escape destruction, and that of fleeing away on ones own effort, like flying away in your own plane in order to escape from destruction. In effect, this is what the scripture is saying; Those who try to flee under their own effort, their own power, shall not escape the destruction that GOD had set before them. Of course this may be too complicated for that preacher to figure it all out. What an ignoramus that preacher is. I would place that preacher in the same camp as Harold Camping of World Harvest Family Radio ministry, who thinks that the verse in Revelations 22: chapter 18-19 in the New Testament, refers to the entire Bible, when the writer, "John" clearly states that he is referring only to the prophecy that he wrote in the "Book of Revelations" in which time the "New Testament" had never even existed. Yet, Camping stretches John's meaning to include the entire "Bible". Then there are Christian preachers who had claimed that the end of the world will come during the late 1970-80's and 90's CE, which were all proven to be wrong. Most Christians get these strange ideas from their fellow Christian writers who believe in the same perverted man-made god theory that they espouse to. People such as; Hal Lindsy with his book "The Late Great Planet Earth", and others like, Jack Van Impe Ministries International who has written many books on this subject. They all belong to the same perverted, paganized, gentile, heathen club. Recently, there has also been a fictional movie that came out, titled "Left Behind", which was sort-of based upon the Christian pre-trib, Protestant belief. I have been asked to deal with this subject matter because many people are really getting confused, listening to all of those contradictory "Christian" voices, with all their various theories flying about on this important topic. This confusion is not limited to something that has happened only recently, for it had started as far back in history since the First Century CE. Ever since Yeshua's original Apostles and believers had miss-understood Yeshua's teachings about his return and the Day of GOD's Wrath, better known as the "End of Days or the End of Time. Yeshua's original Apostles and believers were awaiting for this expected time to come during their lifetime. When the event had not come as they had expected, this expectation was set aside by the true faithful, because of new insights which they had gained. Meanwhile, the paganized, gentile, heathens who would become known as "Christians", were busy cleverly hijacking the True Faith of Yeshua, and re-worked it, and used forgeries to fashion its basic beliefs, along with a fictitious man-made god theology that they had created for themselves. While these people developed their heathen, perverted doctrines, the Roman and Eastern Orthodox churches ignored this whole end time revelations despite that a great many followers of Christianity would continue to believe that the "End of the World" would soon come. When we look back into history, we can see that these people expected that the "End of the World" would come every time a new century would arrive, or when some great catastrophe would kill people en-mass, like the Great Plague that was known as the "Black Death" that had taken thousands upon thousands of peoples lives during the sixteenth century. Despite the many date setters and false outcry made by these Christians, people continued to believe in that perverted religion. Then when Protestant Christianity came upon the scene, a great many date setters emerged along with many pre-trib and post-tribulations theories which had developed among them. The belief these Christians held to, was that those people who were baptized with water and became "Christians", will escape, via the Rapture, the great destruction that will fall upon the entire planet earth, while the vast majority of non-believers, that is, non-Christians, who will be "Left Behind" during this "taking away" event, will all die and go to a fiery hell and be roasted alive for ever and ever. This is what some people call the "Rapture Cult". During the Protestant era, there had been many "End Time" date setters who were given wide press coverage from news media because of their end time prophecies. Then when the expected date of the "End of the World", failed to come. Days and months passed by and nothing happened, and the world continued to exist and function as before. But these heathen Christians never-the-less continued to believe and propagate that the "End Time" prophecy was just around the next corner. This end time ritual trend would carry on right up to our present era of 2000 CE. Despite all the false alarms, what they do not realize, is that they have undermined their credibility. Yet, they continue to propagate their false belief in their man-made god. Christians had so twisted the scriptures in order to suppose that they will be the ones who will escape the destruction and be saved, despite the fact that they uphold and worship a false, man-made, god and its doctrine which breaks the first commandment of GOD. This is a false belief that they blindly hold onto. At one point in time, these people had a chance to be saved, when a window of opportunity for humanity was open to them. This window of opportunity came about when the book of the Holy Testament was brought to humanity. Had it been accepted by the majority of the people, world events would have altered the destructive course in which humanity was heading headlong towards, and would have taken a righteous path for the better. But because the vast majority of people choose to ignore, or attack, or make sport of the writings of the Holy Testament, by their mocking, rebuke, and rejection, that window of opportunity had passed them by when the doors to the Sacred Ark had been shut. Now the peoples mocking will turn into tears of anguish and gnashing of teeth when they face the repeated, massive cataclysmic destruction upon the earth. The future of humanity will continue on its present path of destruction and a great many people will become its victims. I hope this brief explanation will clarify any false beliefs and claims that these paganized, gentile, heathen Christians with their invented man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ, are making. Be weary of those who claim to be Christians, for they belong to the perverted paganized, gentile, heathen religion of Baal. Do not let these people deceive you, for they are not our brothers or sisters of the true faith. I can tell you in all honesty that they will not be the ones who will escape the destruction and be saved during the dark days that are yet to come. Only those who have come to the truth which we speak of, who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit will they be saved. Watch and see, if the words that I speak, do come true. Jean

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