People in Denial of Reality

I find it strange that people in this age with all the information our modern society has acquired over the years that there is a large segment of people who are in complete denial of reality. I am referring to those people who are gullible to belong to that perverted religion called Christianity. Those people who are in denial of reality believe that the entire universe is six thousand years of age, despite that science and archeologists tell us the universe and humanity is far older than that. People who believe they are actually eating the human body and drinking the blood of one of their man-made gods during their perverted, pagan religious rituals. People who believe that a mythical pagan figure like Satan and that some of GOD's Angels became corrupt and were kicked out of Heaven is real or actually happened, or that the pagan Noah flood story told in the Christian bible really happened despite that we know where that story had originated from which was greatly altered, there is no evidence that this event had actually happened. In fact many such claims in the Christian bible have been proven not to be true and many of their beliefs have found to be false from the knowledge we had gained over the past two thousand years. Despite all the evidence that is presented to such people, they refuse to acknowledge these known facts which can be proved by science and archeology, and yet they blindly stick to their false beliefs. Their false beliefs stem from their Christian bible which has as much credibility as those other pagan religions of ancient Egypt, ancient Greek or Ancient Rome. In fact, even the translation of the Old Testament from the Hebrew Torah tex would also fit into this category. They are not totally accurate but are greatly flawed in many areas within its pages which only lessens its credibility. This can be easily proven as I have demonstrated in my writings. Given that knowledge is so accessible these days, and there is no excuse what-so-ever that they can not obtain such knowledge, I have a real hard time to believe that those Christians who are in denial of reality can be so stupid! Frankly, I would seriously question the mental stability of these people. They should be carted off to a mental institution to have their heads examined. How can any person place any kind of trust or place any kind of faith in their ability to make sound judgments with these kind of people who's mind are in some fantasy la-la make believe land? Who are out of touch with reality. God forbid that such people should ever gain any kind of power, be it religious or political. These people who are out of touch with reality would not hesitate to trample on people's Charter of Rights, especially, equality rights as we have seen with the same-sex marriage issue that came up here in Canada not too long ago. The next thing that would happen, they would lobby to reinstall a state of Apartite and slavery, and to have homosexuals stoned to death! I would not be the least surprised if they started to lobby for some form of inquisition that would allow them to persecute Jewish people who refuse to convert to Christianity. Then they will ban and burn all books that did not agree with the "Christian" point of view. Then while they are at that, they will lobby to take away all the women's rights which they had fought so hard to gain, and put women back in the home, bare feet and pregnant, so to speak!

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