The Demise of Christianity

During our previous discussion, we had talked about how Christianity will become a major player in the coming New World Order governmental system. Today we will discuss the demise of that apostate, perverted religion. We know through reading the Holy Testament where it speaks about the "Future of Humanity" that a time will come when the relationship and allegiance between the New World Order global governmental system and its perverted, apostate religion of Christianity will one day collapse and come to an end. How will the demise of Christianity come to be? Something will happen during the allegiance between the New World Order global governmental system and Christianity that will cause the general public to rebel against that perverted, apostate religion. People all over the world will come against the religion of Christianity which will cause the New World Order governmental system to fall out of favor towards that perverted, apostate religion. This anger towards that perverted, apostate Christian religion will escalate to the point where by the general public will rampage against all of the Christian churches and they will torch these churches, including the Vatican, to the ground and its priests, preachers and those people who claim to be Christians will be killed, and hung on street lamps where the birds will devour their flesh. It will become a scene much like the one depicted in Ernest Hemingway book, "For Whom the Bells Toll". Beloved, this terrible event will come about because of the Christians deceiving nature in which it is GOD's retribution to those who would lead astray and deceive people to worship another god, a false god of man's own making. Yes; It will be a sorrowful event for those who claim to be Christians. A just end to those who would lead people astray and pervert the Laws of GOD, and lead people away from our Heavenly Father.


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