Christianity is Cursed

All the statements made by the likes of Jimmy Akin, Harold Camping, Arnold Murray, Charles Stanly, Ron & Rod Hembree, Rob Parsley, Peters J. Peters, now deceased, Gene Scott or that false prophet R.G. Stair, are only babblers to the wind. Nor do their darts and verbal assault by these or those coming from catholic priests or other protestant preachers have no effect upon me. For I know that all their preaching is in vain. Their voices are blown away by the wind. For I am fully aware that GOD, my Heavenly Father had cursed that perverted religion called Christianity and all those who abide in it. This I had made known on the People of the Holy Testament web site for the general public. Here is a text which I had written to those of the Very Elect and of the elect to make my point. I will share it with you.

It has been stated by Christians that who should change the text within the books of the New Testament, they shall be cursed. We know that the Roman Catholic church is already cursed for altering the text of the New Testament. For much of the meanings of the original text had been altered to conform to the dogma of the Roman Catholic church. Like altering the name of Yeshua to that of Je-Zeus Christ. For making themselves a man-made god by that name. For also having created three gods in their pantheon of gods. Therefore; All those who have taken up that altered, corrupted book called the New Testament as their bible are as cursed as is the Great Whore and all of her Harlot daughters. This definitely speaks of Christianity. Who has continully been altering the text of the New Testament? Christians have. I had written the Holy Testament through the Holy Spirit, I had not written nor had I altered the writings of the New Testament. The first alteration of the original writings of Yeshua's apostles happened almost two thousand years ago when those pagan gentiles got their grubby little hands on Yeshua's teachings and had altered it to create a new pagan sun god for themselves. Of course they had to change the name of Yeshua in their altered New Testament texts to Je-Zeus Christ, least it would confuse the pagan gentile people with that Gospel about that Jew, Yeshua. Of all the preaching Christians do about being saved and going to Heaven, they are totally unaware that Almighty GOD had cursed Christianity and all the people who abide in it. As GOD had said to Moses; "I will have mercy upon whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion upon whom I have compassion." The sad thing about all of this, these poor people who have been deceived by their Christian catholic priests or protestant pastors, will finally come to realize, much too late, the horrible mistake they had made for not heeding the promptings and warnings of the Holy Spirit.

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