FACTS about these Organizations!!

Because of the potentional increase of killer, mind controling cults that continue to infiltrate our soceity, there is a great need to deal with this very problem. The word CULT was originally ment to mean any new religion or faith that brings new insight, expands the mind and push the envelope in understanding the relationship between humanity and God, the Creator. But now in our modern times, the word cult has an onerous meaning attached to it. Therefore; I will use the word cult in this context. A killer cult is a religion that controlls peoples mind to the extent that its members will willingly kill themselves, to committ suicide for the cause, or kill others for the sake of pure hate is what these killer cults are that I speak of. The greatest persentage of these killer cults come from Christian and Moslem religious groups. Example of these are those people who formed eighty percent of the membership of the Ku-Kluk-Klan were protestant christians. Those people who brought in the evil political system of apartheid into various countries were protestant christians. Muslems who conducted campaigns of violance, terror and killings against any non-muslem people. This is a sad legacy of Islam and Christianity that is upon the history of Humanity. I am not talking about people who will defend themselves from harm because of their faith, nor of people who will give up their life to save another from harm. When any faith or religion ask or tells its members to kill oneself or their entire group, or kill others because of wantom hate, or misguided belife, then know that you are in a killer cult and you are not doing the Will of God. You are in fact going against the very Will of your Heavenly Father, your GOD, The Creator. Most of these killer cults isolate themselves from the mainstream of soceity in order to hide in out-of-the-way places in most cases. They tend to be secretive and keep their members from particpating with the outside world. The leaders are nothing more but dictators who love to give orders and have a great need to have power over others. The second question is mind control. Ask yourself these questions to see if your faith or religion fit the criterion of being a mind controlling or a killer cult.

1. Are you free to explore all religious ideas or thoughts?

2. Are you free to come and go or travel where ever you may want?

3. Are you free to speak to or see any person you may choose?

4. Are you free to question the teachings and form you own opinion?

If you have to say NO to any one of these questions, then you are in a mind controlling cult which has the great potentional of becomming a killer cult. I would also be very cautious of a faith or religion that belives in demons and demon possesion. If you should find that you are a member of such a religion, I would strongly recomend to you to get out from that religion and seek professional help. It saddens me when I hear people who have allowed these religions or cults to convince people to park their minds, their inner voice, their common and rational sense at the door or gate and be lead like a dumb sheeps to the slaughter. If you should know a person who belong to such a group, speak to them about these mind controlling and killer cult religions and offer your help to enlighten them so that they may get out of their entrapped situation and set them free. Most people who are in these cults feel that they have no other place to go or turn to and feel truly trapped in. Let us do what we can to set these people free from their entrapment and re-unite them with their family and friends. It is a sign of the times, when you must be very careful before joining any cults or Demon beliving Faiths. Before you committ yourself to them, listen carefully to what they tell you. If and when any statment they make do not ring true, you have the feeling that they are not totaly open, honest or do not make REAL sense to you, that should be a red flag signal to you to avoid such people. Be carefull. Know that these religions or cults may fool and decive people some of the time, but they can never fool or decive your Heavenly Father. Know that they shall not escape the Judgement of God. May we all do our part to expose these fruads by alerting the general public for their own, as well as our sake. The greatest danger that I see in humanity, as a soceity, is that people who have been abused, taken advantage of their good will, been decived and made a fool of by these religions that are out there in our world, a time will come to a point when people will no longer belive in any religion what so ever and become totaly secularized. This will bring down and destroy any great soceity that have ever existed for it will have died from within itself through corruption and its lack of moral and ethical values. All we need to see the truth of this statment is to look to the great soceities of the past to know what I speak of. I only hope that maby we can make the difference and restore the trust, the faith and have the corrage to do what must be done to set things right for humanity sake. Here is a sample of Killer Cult Organization's.



The Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

The Jesuit order, otherwise known as the Society of Jesus (S.J.), has been the military enforcement arm of the Catholic Church since it was first founded by Ignatius of Loyola of Spain in 1534 during the reign of Pope Paul III, ostensibly to combat Protestant heresy. And while many feel that the Jesuits are only a sub-order of the Roman Catholic Church and are merely seekers and disseminators of knowledge, they have a much darker history that many people do not know about. And while much can be said of the Jesuit Order, and much has been written, I feel that the oath speaks not only for itself, but speaks much of the Roman Catholic Church that has used and still uses the Jesuits for it's purposes while knowing full well the contents of the terrible oath they bind themselves under. That document will open the eyes of many to the fact that the Roman Catholic Church, while professing to holiness and claiming that there is no salvation outside of the Church, still harbors the Jesuit Order and commands them explicitly for it's own ends. On an interesting note, we often see the letters INRI on crosses and crucifixes, and are told that it represents the Latin words "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeum" or "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews", the Latin words that Pilate had written on a placard and nailed above Jesus' head at the crucifixion. However, as you will see below, the Jesuits have a far different set of words with the same letters! Which brings up the question, Which is the real meaning of the 'I.N.R.I.' we see displayed everywhere in the Roman Catholic Church? To read this oath, look at this document under the title; INDUCTION AND EXTREME OATH OF THE JESUITS. The Dark side of the Roman Catholic Church.

Order of the Solar Temple ...

The Order of the Solar Temple was a group espousing millennialist beliefs which met the preceding criteria of a Doomsday Religious Movement. The Order had members in the US, Quebec, Switzerland and France; in 1994, fifty-four members committed mass suicide. The group was composed of several leaders who were very charismatic and expert public speakers, and who also had aggrandized beliefs about themselves. They believed in an imminent ecological apocalypse, where members were the "chosen ones" to repopulate the earth after its demise, but not before they had been persecuted on the earthly plane by non-believers. Other attributes typical of a Doomsday Religious Movement were the high degree of control exercised over members, the promotion of bigamy within the group, and the physical withdrawal to a rural area. The alleged criminal activities of the Solar Temple (money laundering, drug and arms trafficking) were clear threats to public safety, as was the infiltration of political and business circles by several members. Solar Temple mobilized for their coming apocalypse by acquiring weapons and money. This prompted several high-profile investigations and arrests which could have hastened the suicide. This was an early warning sign: a humiliating circumstance running counter to their supposed glorious salvation before the onslaught of the apocalypse. Other events which could have enhanced the feeling of humiliation included: an investigation initiated by the public utility into the Order's infiltration of their company; the near bankruptcy of the Order and the loss of investor capital; then, negative media attention. Finally, other early- warning signs immediately preceded the mass suicide and signalled that their potential for violence could be soon realized: a recent change in leadership; the failing health of one of the leaders; and foreboding, violent statements made by members. The violence of the incident left 48 people dead in Switzerland and five in Quebec. Had the group believed that its salvation was tied to a direct conflict with the "enemy" and the leaders opted for "enemy eradication" rather than escape via mass suicide, the risk to members of the public would have been serious.

People’s Temple Christian Church...

This was a Christian group, leader was Jim Jones, had his headquarters at Jonestown, Guyana: Jones, an American, was influenced by Unitarian Humanism and Marxism, Jim Jones founded his church in 1977 in America. He later claimed at various times to be God, Buddha, and Lenin. Jones moved his christian group to Jonestown, Guyana in order to escape the prying eyes of the public. In 1978 at Jones’ command, 914 people (including Jones himself) committed suicide or were murdered by drinking poision or shot to death by Jones, at Jonestown, Guyana. The group is now defunct.

Aryan Nations Church...

This is a Christian neo-Nazi organization that preaches against all non- Caucasian groups. The FBI calls the group a "front for a wide range of criminal activity, including arson, welfare fraud and extortion. This type of group has also operated under many other names. One such group, named "The Order", is an Aryan Nations break-off group that had killed Alan Berg, a Jewish radio personality in Denver, colorado in 1984. The Aryan Nations also received national notice in 1992 when the wife of member Randy Weaver was killed in a shootout with the FBI on Ruby Ridge, ID.

Heaven's Gate...

This was a Christian group. It's leader was Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Lou Nettles, of Rancho Santa Fe, CA. U.S.A. Their religious belife's included many "New Age" teachings. Applewhite, along with 38 other members had committed suicide on March of 1997, believing that by leaving their bodies behind in death, they could join their spirits with other "older members" of the Enlightment, or get to "the next level above being human" by having their spirit join with a supposedly UFO that was waiting for them to recive their spirits, behind the Hale-Bopp comet.

Branch Davidians...

This was a Christian splinter group of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. David Koresh was its leader. He had many of his most devout followers killed when their headquarters near Waco, Texas, was raided and destroyed by fire in 1993 during a government raid on illegal weapons charges. David Koresh had refused to give himself up to the officers and forced all of his children, along with others to die needlessly in this tragic event. At one time, David Koresh belived himself to be "Jesus Christ". He also taught the knowledge of the Seven Seals as mentioned in the Book of Revelation that would bring about salvation to the world. Many of his followers that had escaped the fire, still believe in Koresh’s messianic claims and expect him to be resurrected soon as "Jesus Christ".


This was a small Christian group formerly called Ahabah Sasah Prophetic Ministries. Its's leader is Christopher James Turgeon. Turgeon once claimed to be the prophet Elijah. He and another member, Blaine Alan Applin, were charged with first-degree murder in 1998 following the shooting death of former member named, Daniel Jess. Earlier that year a SWAT team had served a warrant for his arrest on the group's five-acre compound located 60 miles north of San Diego Ca. U.S.A. and recovered illegal weapons and other stolen property.

The Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God

This is a Christian doomsday cult was located in Buhunga, Uganda. Its cult leader, Speciosa Mukantabana convinced his followers to sell all of their possessions and give the proceeds to the church. Speciosa Mukantabana teached against eating pork, not accept modern medicine, and pronounce his doomsday message. 73 Bodies were found in a Uganda Mass Grave that belonged to the doomsday cult. Its leaders appeared to have systematically killed cult members for months. Many of the victims were apparently clubbed, strangled, hacked to death or poisoned. Sect leaders had cracked down viciously on its members who were found to be defiant, were poisoned in order to curb further defections. Police had unearthed two dozen children and some babies, from the field that belonged to the cult. One of the sect leaders was a defrocked Roman Catholic priest.


Muhammad: Based on the teachings and life of Muhammad (570-632 AD) in Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia (then Persia). Islam is the second largest world religion, and has recently become the third largest religious body in America with over 6 million adherents. Muslim-based sects such as the Nation of Islam (which appeals especially to African-Americans). Islam is composed of two major divisions — the mainstream Sunni (the largest) and the more radical Shi’ites. The mystical tradition of Sufism includes Sunnis and some Shi’ites. The Arabic word Islam means “submission to the will of God” and a person who submits is called a Muslim. The Qur’an (or, Koran), the Torah, the Psalms of the Old Testament, and the Gospel of the New Testament are regarded as holy books. However, only the Qur’an is considered uncorrupted according to Muslims. They have recently called the Qur'an, the "Holy Qur'an". Islam fully rejects the Trinity doctrine, and also the man made deity, Christians call "Jesus Christ" or his sonship to GOD, claiming that Jesus Christ was only a human being, but a great prophet. Muhammad is considered to be the greatest prophet of all, whose coming was allegedly predicted by Jesus Christ. Islam adheres fiercely to monotheism. In addition to good works, salvation is sought though observance of the Five Pillars: reciting “there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger,” praying five times per day, fasting, giving alms (donations to the poor), and a pilgrimage to Mecca. Historically, Islam experienced tremendous growth often by forced proselytism, those people who they cisider as unbelievers (infidels) are often offered conversion or death. While there are some Muslim groups who exhibit tolerance towards other faiths, Islamic fundamentalism on the other hand promotes jihad (holy war), against those people of other religious or political views. They promote terrorism all around the world and are involved in the promotion of suicidal activities for their cause. They see people not of their religion with enmity (hatred). They see people as their enemies, those who choose not to follow in their religion. These Islamic fundamentalist, in my view, adhear to a very dangerious religion.

You will notice that the great majority of these organizations listed here happen to be Christians who belive in demonic beings to be very real. Yes, they belive in a Devil, denomic evil denomic powers, ect. These people belive that these superstition relics from the past have a great infulence upon humanity and our world. These superstition relics belong to the realm of fantasy that humanity drew from their religious superstitious teachings, and through old folklore imagination. Though we know that these things do not actually exist in the reality of our real world, these superstition's do exist in the minds of these Christians, Moslems, and many other religions of the world. Brought about through their individual teachings. These unreal superstitions, that are taught in their religion are presented as true and factual to all of their membership, (followers). The vast majority of Protestant Christians, tend to really become schizophrenic on these idea's. This type of teachings is very dangerious that can harm a person mentally and physically. Devestating not only to one's own personal body or mental frame of mind, it will also cause their soul/spirit to falter and die. The vast majority of these Christian religious estableshments also belive in a man-made god they have come to name... "Jesus Christ" whom they belive is actually... GOD, (The Heavenly Father). These ministries are heathenistic and pervert the Truth. All are perverting the intentions of our Heavenly Father, and the original Covenant of Yeshua, the Anointed.

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