Conjuring up Excuses.

I have often noticed that when there are statements written in the bible which do not mesh up with historical facts, protestant preachers will not hesitate to conjure-up all kinds of excuses in order to justify such text as being error free. These preachers will not admit to the fact that there are indeed many historical and other errors which are found within the pages of the bible. Statements made by protestant preachers, that the bible is totally error free, or that the bible has no fabricated text within its pages and was written by GOD, will not allow them to admit to the true facts despite what is revealed to them. It is a well known fact that a great many biblical scholars are fully aware that the bible has a great many historical errors and that many of the stories found within the bible are fictitious, which were only meant to illustrate a moral teaching. This gives me a clear indication how deceitful these protestant preachers are and how their diabolical mind work. Another thing I have noticed as an observer of these protestant preachers is their constant bold claim about the millions of people who have converted to Christianity. Making bold claims on how many people they are presently converting. But the true facts prove otherwise. Ever since the great heydays when Christianity was in full bloom, which had literally covered the whole world, there has been a steady decline in their membership ever since the late 18th century CE right up to our present era. Christian priests and preachers blame this decline, on their fictitious battle with Satan, the devil, as an excuse, when the real blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Christian priests and preachers for not being honest with people. Their atrocious historical past had not helped matters any when trying to convince people on the moral virtues of Christianity when it has been proven, time after time, to be full of hypocrisy. These Christian priests and preachers will conjure-up all kinds of excuses in order to explain away why Christianity is failing as a religion. How many people have been killed and persecuted during the span of Christendom rule,, GOD only knows. History has revealed to us that a great many people have been persecuted, killed, tortured, murdered, and accused under false pretexts under the iron fist of Christianity, in the name of their phony, heathen Christian god , Je-Zeus Christ. But these events had not escape the awareness of Almighty GOD, the true GOD of Heaven. For the judgments of our Heavenly Father are true and righteous . For He will judge the great prostitute, that Great Whore along with her sisters and her harlot daughters, who had corrupted the earth with her immorality and worship a false god. For GOD will avenged the blood of the innocent that was shed by the blood-soaked hands of the Great Whore and her harlot daughters. I believe that at an appointed time, a day of judgment will come upon that perverted, apostate Christian religion and it will be shunned by people and persecuted in turn, when Christianity will be fully exposed as the great sham that it is.

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