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Roman Catholic Church...

The first Christian church on the list has got to be the original founder of that perverted, heretical, Baal worship religion of a fictitious, man-made god, that have snared people into its trap. In reality, the Roman Catholic Church is the kingpin, or the Great Whore, of all the harlot churches within Christianity. This church is considered to be the main one who had perverted the true gospel of Yeshua and created the man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ, that all Christians churches represent and worship. It is from her strong delusion cup that people are led astray from the true knowledge of GOD. The Roman Catholic Church claim to have direct apostolic succession to the original Apostle of Yeshua is false and thereby is totally illegitimate because the Roman Catholic Church had been the first to pervert the teachings of the true faith of Yeshua and Peter to have any true apostolic succession. The only claim of any kind of apostolic succession the Roman church can make is one with their fellow groups of paganized, gentile Baal worshippers who had formed their man-made god and new Jesus Christ myth. There is an ongoing dispute within the churches of who is the head of all the churches within Christianity. The main dispute is between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. The Roman Catholic Church claims to be the head of this perverted religion, but that is another matter. That is a matter between that church and the rest of the harlot churches within Christianity. Be that as it may, the Roman Catholic church do not have the true faith of Yeshua and his original Apostles. Catholics claim that their popes were given the gift of infallibility. Frankly, it is more like the gift of stupidity, lying and deception! The Roman Catholic Church claims that they had copied the original text of what became the Old and New Testament in its true form. That is a blatant lie as I had proven many times on our web site. They had deliberately altered and inserted text to conform to their perverted theology with their invented man made phony god, Je-Zeus Christ. Most of the deliberate alterations was started by Jerome. Others had added their own tampering at a later date. I could not help notice that when one of those clergy from within the Roman Catholic Church preach, I can pick out when they are lying to the people. They must have a cardinal rule that tell them not to hesitate to lie in order to substantiate their apostate dogma. The Roman Catholic Church was also directly responsible for perpetuating anti-Semitism against the Jewish people throughout its Christian history which led to the holocaust of the Jewish people during Hitler’s reign. Protestants Christians had also taken part in the Jewish persecution through the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. Here is Professor David Kertzer latest book on the subject, titled; The Popes Against The Jews, in which Professor David Kertzer explores the Vatican's role in the rise of anti-Semites during Hitler’s reign and during our modern times. Both, Catholics and Protestants really need to read this book in order to understand what Christianity, through the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches had done in persecuting the Jewish people within Christendom. People within EWTN Catholic Radio and Television had tried to downplay the role the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church had in spreading anti-Semitism against the Jewish people during its long history. The Roman Catholic church has a worldwide broadcasting network which EWTN Catholic Radio is a big part of the Catholic Propaganda machine. Here is what I think about EWTN. Check out what I have found out about EWTN Catholic Radio which is really just a nest of vipers. One amazing thing I have found out about the people involved with that Catholic network, is the vast amount of lies and deception that spew out of their mouth. I have written an artical about EWTN Catholic radio and some of the blatant lies that spew out of their mouth. This artical is on my Town of Haileybury web site. Just scroll down to the third artical on that page. I have been made aware that those at the Vatican and at EWTN, have tried very hard to belittle me. This is not surprising to me given what I have said about those involved in that perverted Christian Catholic ministry. To learn more about the ignorance of those people at EWTN who worship a fictitious god, or should I say gods. It would be worth your while if you are not too tired from reading, here is some information on the religion of Christianity, which is nothing more than a Baal religion once it has been striped naked of its outer veneer and is exposed of it true nature. The Canadian Catholic broadcast, Food for Life has taken a page from Benny Hinn and started their fake healing in order to boost their church membership. It seems they have a new program called The Healing Man. You would not think that the Catholic church, who makes itself appear to be so upright and speaks the truth would not stoop so low as to use a fake healing ministry to suck people into their ministry. Think again. The Catholic church will use all kinds of deceptive tactics to deceive people into their apostate Christian religion. History has proven that fact to be the case.

Listed here on this page is a good cross-section of the thousands of protestant harlot Christian churches which have spread around the world which snare people into its perverted, heretical, Baal worship religion. In which the protestant churches had originally all come out from that Great Whore, the Roman Catholic church, who is the mother of all these Harlot protestant Christian ministries.

Overcomer Ministries...

R.G. Stair who resides in Walterboro, South Carolina, claims to be the "Last day Prophet of GOD". In reality, Stair worships that apostate Christian man-made created idol, Je-Zeus Christ, which makes him another one of many Christian false prophets within the U.S.A. Stair is the Christian cult leader for his religious group. His belief and teachings is fundamentally Protestant, and he and his followers miss-interpret the "Bible" quite frequently. His teachings and those of his followers are very hap-hazard in their understanding on the things of GOD, to say the least. Stair exhibits a very high degree of legalism and holds to a strict faith-healing doctrine at his apostate, heathen Christian cult compound which he calls the farm, or is better known as the Overcomer Ministry. Doctors and hospitals are not allowed access to their members of this heathen Christian religious cult group. The lack of needed medical treatment have claimed children and adults alike needless death which could have been prevented if proper medical treatment were available to their members. Simple, basic, medical treatment would have otherwise saved these people lives had medical attention been allowed to them. Most of these medical problem's are of a common nature that would not have been life-threatening had they been able to seek medical help. Stair and many like minded Christian preachers are telling people that the world is going to come to an end in his lifetime, that is, people who are within his generation. Then in the very same breath, he claims that his fictitious Je-Zeus Christ god, will be coming back very, very, soon, like a year or two from now, and set up his kingdom to reign for a thousand years. So which is it? The end of the world or the thousand year reign of his fictitious god? Seems to me like Stair is so confused, that he is trying to cover all of the bases. Yet he boldly claims that GOD speaks to him directly, yet all of Stairs prophecies have failed to materialize. In 1988, Stair said that God had spoken to him.... and stated that the U.S. economy would collapse before the end of April. After that failed prophecy, he said it would happen by the end of May. Stair's prophecy had failed to come true. Later, this false prophet claimed that all of America's major cities would be destroyed in a nuclear war with the Soviet Union before Dec. 30th, 1988. That prophecy also failed to come true. Then Stair claimed that the end of the world will come before the year 2,000 CE. That prophecy also failed to come true. In June, 2008, this false prophet insinuated that he had predicted the 9/11 twin towers disaster weeks before it happened. That claim is as phoney as he is. For a person who claims that GOD speaks to him, Stair knows very little about what is going to happen in the near future. What information he gets, comes from other sources, like from our web site. It is a wonder how Stair draws people to his cult ministry in Walterboro, South Carolina, USA, given the many false prophecies he had made. People who are drawn to Stairs Christian group must be pretty stupid. The truth of the matter is that not one of his prophecies had ever came to pass as he had proclaimed. The statements Stair made about him being a prophet of GOD are not true, just as all of his prophecies had failed to materialize. As for that fictitious god of his, that Je-Zeus Christ, which Stair keeps harping about on his radio broadcasts, people will find out that his fictitious made-made god will not come at all. As to Stair's claim that GOD speaks to him, how is it that he is so confused about his end time failed prophecies? Something stinks here and do not add up. Well, people will find out what a deciver and a phony prophet Stair is. Sooner or later, even Stair's followers, and those associated with his Christian ministry will eventually come to realize how phony a prophet their man Stair is. What these people will see instead of their fictitious god, is trouble they have yet ever experienced. The situation will become so bad in the U.S.A. that people will do anything to survive. People will pillage and kill anyone they suspect has food, clean water or gasoline. Stair and his clicks will end up under the bondage of the New World Order and witness the great devastation that will come, that is if they had survived by then. In the meantime, Stair and many like minded preachers will continue to feed people with their lies. And why not? They have already condemned their Soul/spirit to everlasting death when they had sinned against the Holy Spirit, as so many other Christians have done. Stair also of late claimed that he is preaching the gospel of the "Kingdom of GOD", rather than the gospel of his phony god, Je-Zeus Christ. The only gospel Stair has preached come from his altered, corrupted Christian bible that came from the Roman Catholic church, who is the Great Harlot. He parrots and regurgitates the very same perverted dogma of the Roman Catholic church which the majority, if not all Protestant preachers do. That is of their fictitious man-made, god-man, Je-zus Christ, being GOD, or a god. In due time, Stair will be found out to be a devious liar, as the majority of protestant preachers are. Stair had shown himself to be the devious liar that he is, when he let slip during one of his sermons that he watched the news on his TV. He was greatly concerned about the recent rising cost of fuel and food and its effects on American society. I recall that he had claimed for many years that he had no TV and he tells people to get rid of their TV sets because they are of Satan. Yes, Stair has been caught in his own web of lies. Most people are having a very hard time to understand how anyone can come to believe this man, but our Heavenly Father has His reasons why this is so. It is simply Father's method to separate the wheat from the chaff. To seperate those soul/spirit from within humanity who still have any opportunity to partake in a re-incarnation when they come before Him and those who will have no opportunity at all. For those who are condemned, their names, their soul/spirit will have been stricken from the Book of Life and be cast to eternal death. I have also noticed that Stair likes to highjack our messages and then claim to have received these insights from his fictitious god. Lately, Stair has been claiming to people all around the world through his radio broadcast, that he is the prophet Elias. He has also of late, been using the name of Yeshua for his fictitious man-made god. Stair claims the he is not preaching the gospel which come from the tradition of man, but the true gospel. The only gospel Stair preaches comes from the tradition of the Roman Catholic church when he preaches and claims that Je-Zeus Christ is God. This is how stupid Stair and the rest of these Protestant preachers are. I have called Stair a liar and a prophet of perversion. Yet, he has not once had the guts to e-mail me to take me on in a televised, open public debate concerning his claims and his religion of Christianity, his teachings and his phoney, Christian man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ. Despite the fact that Stair and his clicks keep sticking their noses in our web sites and read our pages. Like all of these protestant preachers listed here, they speak real bold on their broadcasts and to their deluded followers, but all of a sudden have a yellow streak running down their back when it comes to defending their apostate Christian religion in an open form debate. In vain these people are waiting for their fictitious, man-made pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ to come. I am providing more information about this lying wonder, that twerp, that deceiver who falsely claims to be a "Prophet of GOD".

R.G.Stair making many unfounded claims of being the Last day prophet of God.

A closer look at R.G.Stair and his Overcomer Ministry. Stair was sent to prison for sexual abuse.

Shepherd's Chapel.

Arnold Murray is a protestant preacher who has a radio and TV ministry along with his church, Shepherd's Chapel, located at Gravette, Arkansas. Murray also believes that Je-Zeus Christ is the Heavenly Father. Murray believes in the same fictitious, man made, phantom god-man which the majority of protestant Christians believe. He is also one of the Vipers who is lambasting me and makes stupid remarks about what we say on our web site during his radio and TV ministry. That Murray rachet-jaw talks a lot about God. Unfortunately, the God that moron speaks about is the Christian phony, pagan, Baal God, Je-Zeus Christ, and not the true GOD of Heaven, not the real Creator, not the real Heavenly Father. Murray is no different than the other two thousan Christian preachers that spew out their perverted, apostate gospel messages. Arnold Murray is a very sly person in the way he is able to decieve people when he preaches his distorted, corrupt gospel messages. He has brought the art of deception to a very high level. You can get more information about this Christian, protestant preacher who dares to call himself a man of GOD, when he is nothing but a lying, Baal worshipping, pagan preacher. Check out our links below to see what I mean.

Taking a closer look at
Arnold Murray of Shepherd's Chapel.

Arnold Murry Profile
by Jason Barker.

Views from other Christian ministries.
and what they known about Arnold Murry.

Recently, Murray's son Dennis Murray, has taken over some of the reins of Shepherd's Chapel, since his father is advancing in age. It is Dennis Murray's voice that now welcomes viewers during the opening of each Shepherd's Chapel program. Here is a clear-cut case or example of a son who is following in the footsteps of his father's transgression. In a recent radio program Dennis Murray claimed that GOD humbled himself to man. Yeah Right! That GOD had allowed man to nail Him on a cross. How outragious that is! What comic book is that morron Dennis Murray reading from? Oh yes, he got that from his Christian bible. That teaching is found in the Christian bible, in the New Testament, not from me. But on many occations Murray, will get some spiritual insight and claim he got his insights by studying his Cheistian bible, when in truth, he reads through my web pages and then apply those insights he likes, to his teaching about his phony, man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ and then turns around and smugly put me down because I dare speak out and expose people like that creep, Dennis Murray and his apostate, perverted, Christian religion. Anytime that smart ass, Dennis Murray is brave enough to name my name on his radio program or on their web site, he had better be able to back up his blatant accusations against me because I will personally come down on him like a ten ton brick. Come on Dennis Murray, let us see if you have the guts! I know that moron still reads my material. I am quite prepared to have it out with him. But that Dennis Murray guy is too cagy and too yellow bellied to name the person he is accusing on his radio program or on their web site. This Murry guy is preaching the same perverted, apostate dogma of his phony god, Je-Zeus Christ garbage, as his fellow protestant preachers are preaching on the public airways. I had read that someone who is stupid and gullible enough to be a student of Shepherd's Chapel make this comment, unfortunately, this person was too chicken, like his pastor, to give their name and instead wrote their comment as "Anonymous". That person said... "As for those who are critical of Pastor Murray and his son, Dennis Murray's teaching on the bible. I would like to see them go one on one with either one of them about edifying any part of the the Holy word and see them run with their tails between their legs, because they are so afraid of Christians who know their Bible". Maby the students of Shepherd's Chapel can convince their pastor Murray to take me on in a televised, open public debate concerning the religion of Christianity, his teachings and his phony, Christian man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ. We will see who turns tail and runs! Anytime that jerk feels like he has the guts, let him come to me and we shall see who comes out on top. As for that moron wanting to "Deck me" I will even tie one hand behind my back just to encourage this loudmouth Arnold or Dennis Murry to take me on. Anyone who is foolish enough to believe the stupid gutter nonsense that moron spews out from either one of the Murray's mouth, is as decrepit in mind which reflects his decrepit Christian beliefs and teachings. Need I say more?

Taking a Clooser Look at Dennis Murray
and some of his foolish teachings.

University Faith Cathedral

Dr. Gene Scott has a TV and radio ministry and has done very well with his business ministry. He claims that GOD speaks to him directly and that his church is the apple of GOD's Eye. He is from the perverted religion of Christianity of the Protestant stock, that his teachings reflects. He just does a better job perverting the truth than his fellow Protestant counterparts. This man has managed to wrestle millions of dollars from the pockets and wallets of his (sheep) flock. Talk about people being bum sheep! For a man who has so much education and the books at his disposal to reveal the truth about the religion he preaches, he will deceive himself and others from that truth. To my mind, Scott is a coward. A coward with a bold yellow strip running down his spine for he has not the courage or honesty to speak the truth about the religion of Christianity even though he is quite aware of the lies and deception that is within that religion. So what is his goal? He wants to make a lot of money at his little church business enterprise. His aim is to make his church more wealthier than the Vatican according to the audio tapes that I have on his teachings. While Scott may have the luxury all around him, he will not be able to take it with him when he dies. All of his earthly wealth that he has managed to acquire will get him nowhere when he faces GOD at the Hall of Judgement. I like to see Scott try to talk his way out with his stupid remarks with GOD. You can get more information about this Dr. Eugene (Gene) Scott from links on our web pages that deal with this subject in greater detail. That snake-in-the-grass Eugene (Gene) Scott ia another one of those yellow-bellied loudmouth cowards who did not have the guts to confront me in person.

UPDATE NOTE; I have been informed that this loud mouth blow-hard, Eugene Scott of Faith Cathedral, has kicked the bucket on Feb. 21/ 2005. Now Scott will find out for himself, the fate of his soul-spirit. Scott will not be able to plead for his eternal life of his soul-spirit on the bases of ignorance, for he had been warned. He has no one to blame but himself for the fate of his soul-spirit. Scott had a grand time lambasting me while he was alive. Now he is nothing but a stinking corpse while the soul/spirit of this Baal worshipper, who spent his whole life deceiving people, is consumed to everlasting death. Now Scott's airhead wife, Melissa (Pastore) Scott has taken over that apostate, Baal worshipping Christian church which represent that perverted Christian religion.

The real Dr. Gene Scott
an insight into his ministry.

The ignorance of Gene Scott
A study of this man's ignorance.

Melissa (Pastore) Scott
Pastor and Teacher of University Cathedral.

Scott and his perverted ministry
Scroll halfway down "From My Journal" page.

Family Radio Ministry.

Harold Camping is the owner and general manager of Family Radio ministry. He also has a not so "Open Forum" radio program. They claim that they are not a "church", yet they hold regular church services every Sunday. The membership of Camping's congregation is less than a hundred people at the very most, which is typical with these type of protestant ministries. I find Harold Camping, despite his age, which appears he is in his 80's, to be very ignorant about who GOD is as most of his counterparts are about the religion he claims to understand. Camping follows the theology of John Calvin (1509-64 CE) who believe that all of humanity is totally corrupt and evil and that we have no free will to choose to believe in GOD in order to be saved. Calvin also believed and taught that the Christian bible is the "Infallable" word of GOD, which Calvin and Camping refer to. The same Christian bible which had been tampered and corrupted which claim that the fictitious Je-Zeus Christ, is the Christian god. While Calvinists had abandoned the principles of freedom for themselves, they also denied it to others. Such was John Calvin, who was originally a French Protestant, who became the religious leader of Geneva, Switzerland. He had ruled with a hand of iron and did not hesitate to burn anyone alive at the stake because they did not share Calvin's perverted religious beliefs. Like Calvin, I have found Camping's teaching greatly flawed in many areas of the Bible. Camping is a Protestant preacher and comes from the ranks of the perverted, heretical religion of Christianity whom they claim that their Je-Zeus Christ is "GOD". Harold Camping teachings follows along the same pattern as most of these "Protestant Preachers" which is common among all of the protestant denominations. From what I have heard of Campings teachings I can safely say that this guy has not a clue as to who GOD really is nor has he the full understanding of Scriptures as he claims to have. Yet he thinks he knows more than our Heavenly Father about what is His Will. This is not surprising, being that these Protestant Preachers are cut from the same perverted, paganized cloth that had evolved from the Roman Catholic Church who is the Mother of all these Protestant harlots. One of the greatest error that Camping and the vast majority of Christians make is in their belief of Sunday worship as being the Sabbath day. Camping claims that the original Sabbath day had been changed because it was part of the secondary laws, along with the ritual laws that was added after the original Ten Commandments had been handed down to Moses. What Camping and most Christians tend to forget is that GOD had established the Sabbath Day as being on the seventh day when He had blessed and sanctified it during the days of Creation. Father had blessed and sanctified this day long before Abraham or Moses or this fictitious man-made Je-Zeus Christ god of the Christians ever came onto the scene. Camping also claims that the end of the world and that the universe will vanish on Sept of 2011 CE. Camping claims this event will come, based upon his meticulous calculations from his apostate Christian bible. When Sept of 2011 CE rolls around and the world had not come to an end, (which the world will not come to an end at that time) there are going to be a lot of very irate Christians who had believe Camping. I would not be the least surprised that some of those very irate people will sue Camping’s Ministry or drive their fist down Camping’s throat, which he would rightly deserve for making a fool out of those people. When Sept of 2011 CE passes and the world had not come to an end, people will come to realize that Camping is just another one of those Christian idiots. Camping also claims that only the Christian bible has the truth and that people can trust it. That is another one of Camping's blantent lies. That Christian bible had been corrupted by the pagan Christian Baal worshippers during the late First Century CE. As with Camping, people will come to realize that all Christians suffer from a strong delusion which our Heavenly Father has placed upon these Baal worshippers of perversion. Therefore; People will plainly see that Camping is totally in error about most matters concerning GOD. But that is not surprising being that Camping and his fellow Christians have replaced the One true GOD with their Christian fictitious man-made god they claim is Je-Zeus Christ. You can get more information about Harold Camping....

HOUSES OF WORSHIP from Opinion Journal
Camping's End Times predictioms for 1994.

Harold Campings lacks understanding
He tells people not to trust what he is preaching.

Exposing Harold Camping
and more of his false teachings

Some more of Harold Campings
foolish sayings in what he preaches.
(Scroll near center of page.)

Charles R. Swindoll / Insight for Living Ministry.

Charles R. Swindoll is the owner of a major Christian radio broadcast which he markets throughout the U.S.A. and in Canada. He preaches his Christian apostate religion through more than 2,100 outlets worldwide in numerous foreign languages to deceive naive people with his Christian Baal religion. Charles Swindoll is a protestant Christian who teaches from his Christian Bible, and claims that he is saved. Saved from what, may I ask? From what I know about this guy, he preaches that same apostate, Baal religion called Christianity, as do all those other protestant pastors who teach and preach the same pagan theology. This guy is no more "saved" than any of the other preachers who believe and preach that apostate, paganized Christian religion. This Swindoll fellow thinks that he is preaching sound biblical teaching because he is getting that from his Christian bible, which had been greatly corrupted by the early pagan Christian church fathers. That Christian bible which do not represent the true Yeshua, but of a made-up figure which is not only a counterfeit, but he is a phony pagan Christian god. As I have already stated many times, when these people read from a text which had been greatly corrupted, their religious beliefs will also be greatly corrupted from what is the truth. This guy, as with his fellow, like minded, protestant preachers, think that they know the true GOD of Heaven, the Creator, and makes stupid, false statements like this; "So many people try to quench their spiritual thirst by physical means, like in a family . . in friends . . in their jobs or possessions. The real answer is Je-Zeus Christ, who Swindoll claims, freely gives living water to all who thirst. Chuck Swindoll is of course referring here to the Christian fictitious pagan God, Je-Zeus Christ. Swindoll claims that because that is what is written in his apostate, Christian bible which had been greatly corrupted. Those within Yeshua's original congregation during the first Century had warned people that there are those who were preaching an apostate teaching from what they had been preaching. These are the pagan Christian counterfeits whom the original Apoatles of Yeshus spoke about who are preaching a false doctrine. These that belong to that apostate Christian paganized religion in which their ministers are coming like a angel of light and will deceive the world with their phony, man-made god. We see now, in hindsight, how this event came to be with the advent and spread of Christianity and its perverted gospels (the Christian bible) which had been deliberately altered and corrupted by the first Century pagan Christian church fathers to deceive the world. I thank GOD that there are other people who have overcome the obstacles of this man-made Christian religion so that people may find the true meaning through the Holy Testament so that they may come to know the Heavenly Father, our Eternal GOD of Heaven. So that their soul/spirit will actually be saved from eternal death.

Peoples Gospel Hour

Peoples Gospel Hour with Perry H. Rockwood broadcasting from Halifax, N.S. is another one of those long time Christian radio ministries which had been imported from the U.S.A. which spews out that damnable, perverted heresy which make the false claim of people being saved from damnation. On a recent broadcast, I heard this jerk make the claim that people in a lawless society, they need to exclude themselves from the Christian bible. Really? Then please explain to me how come Christianity has such an abominable historic track record. A record to stealing, lying, slander, murder, forging and mental and sexual abuse? All of these attributes have been found by Christians throughout the historical record of humanity. All of these traits have been committed by those so-called Christian bible thumpers. I would hardly call those nations who claimed to be Christian as any better than those who had not based their nation upon that damnable, perverted heresy Christian bible with its phony pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ. I would call a Christian society based upon a phony pagan god is not that much better than any godless society. A society which its laws were as twisted, as its Christian teachings. If I were a Christian, it would behoove me to brag about being a Christian or of having been a nation which was based upon Christianity, with such a damnable historical record. These Christians are no more “saved” from eternal damnation, than was Jack the Ripper! Forgive me for not wanting to have any part of Christianity. I would rather stick to the religion and Faith I hold fast to. At least it is based upon the truth, and its text has not been corrupted nor has it been tainted as is the case with the religion of Christianity with such a horrible history, which have been found its members to be infested with all manner of crimes committed by a god believing society of Christians.

End Time Ministries.

This Christian prophecy broadcast is co-hosted by Irvin Baxter Jr. and some guy maned Jesse Woodrow, Baxter's new sidekick, located in Houston, Texas, USA. They make a lot of money selling their magazines, books, audio and video tapes, and tickets to attend their conferences. I have some of their teachings on audio tapes, which people have sent me to examine. Here is a sample how these protestant preachers deceive and lie to people. When these people talk about their fictitious Je-Zeus Christ, which is spoken of in the Christian New Testament, these people claim that their Christian bible (Old and New Testament) is trustworthy because it had been copied and translated from the original text only a few steps away from the time of the writing of the original documents. That claim is a blatent lie. That you can go to a major museums to see the original Greek translation of the bible. That claim is not quite true. What these people fail to tell you is that any Greek translation that is close to the first century CE is a translation of the "Old Testament",only, not the New Testament portion of the Christian bible. There was no translation of the "New Testament", in Greek, Hebrew or otherwise that are written from the first Century CE. They are copies of copied documents which had been greatly altered as was done with the Old and New Testament books which would eventually make up the "Christian bible" that was compiled during the third-forth century CE. That is three or four hundred years after the original Apostles of Yeshua had already passed away. There are no "original" text in existance but there are hundreds of various New Testament text all falesy claiming to be from the original Apostles of Yeshua during the second century CE which were written, all claiming to be from the first century Ce. These were found to be poor forgeries and were far from the true facts. So their claim that the New Testament writings from their bible is trustworthy, is a bogus claim. This is how these protestant preachers deceive people by telling people these outrageous lies. These people of "End Time Ministries" worship a fictitious man-made god, they call Je-Zeus Christ. Baxter claims that the New World Order will be the revised Holy Roman Empire. That part is true, but what religion was the Holy Roman Empire under? Christianity. The very same religion Baxter and his crowd are preaching with its false god, Je-Zeus Christ which is written in their perverted, altered Christian bible. Need I say more? For a guy who had spent thirty odd years studing the "Bible", he sure do not know very much. As to Baxter's understanding of what is going to actually happen in the future, I can tell you that he has not a real clue, as most of these prophecy forecasters I have heard. They believe that their fictitious god, that phony Je-Zeus Christ, is coming in seven years from 2007 CE. So Baxter is claiming that his phony god will come in the year 2014 CE. Well, these people, as are with other Christian end-time predictors will find out how wrong they were about their false expectations. Rather than being saved by their phony god, these people will find out that they will be subjected to the wrath of GOD. All of their magazines, books, audio and video tapes will not save them from the wrath of GOD. All of their warning to their fellow Christian who buy into their prophecy forecast ministry, will not escape the wrath of the true GOD of Heaven. What good is it being told about something when it is too late to do anything about it? These people at "End time ministries" belong to the same perverted, Hellenistic, Greco/Roman, heathen, pagan religion of Christianity which is nothing more than a Baal religion where people worship a man-made god they call Je-Zeus Christ. I laugh at these people who make the stupid remark about being a true or false kind of Christianity. For the religion of Christianity itself is perverted. It ia a Hellenistic, Greco/Roman, heathen, pagan religion which was false right from its very conception when those pagan gentiles broke away from the true fold of Yeshua, and invented their new pagan religion called Christianity with its man-made god/gods. They also talk about the Roman Catholic Church as being the Great Whore, but they conveniently forget to mention that the very same fictitious, man-made god-man, that Christian god, Je-Zeus Christ which they themselves believe in, had originated from that Great Whore who had invented that perverted theology, whom they are now condemning. What a bunch of idiots these people are, not being able to see this. But then again, it may well be because GOD had blinded them so as not to be able to see or understand it. Have you noticed the sly methods these Christians use in order to deceive people? Just listen to what they say and you will realize how they do it. Baxter is a very clever guy. He gets people to believe that they have their own Christian ministry by getting these people to buy in bulk, his End-Time magazines. These people distribute these End-Time magazines to people while it is bringing in new people to his ministry. These people in essence are bringing new people to Baxter's End-Time ministry while they are foolish enough to be paying Baxte for the privilege to to so. Baxter has claimed for the past couple of months that a nuclear war will happen within twelve months which will kill 1/3 of humanity, because his phony god had told him so. According to Baxter, that nuclear war will happen between August, 2007 and August, 2008. We shall see if Baxter's phony god was correct. In the meantime, he is building a new building to house his new Television End-Time ministry and is hoodwinking thousands of people to giving their money to do this. Would any person in their right mind want to build a new TV studio when a nuclear war is so close at hand? Baxter must not believe what he is claiming to people about this coming nuclear war that is coming within the year to go ahead with this long term building project. Lately Baxter has added a question (?) mark at the end of his prediction that he got from his phony, man-made god, that a nuclear war will insue within the yeat 2008. No doubt he got that bright idea about adding that question mark on his nuclear war prediction from another Christion moron, who had claimed that the phony Christian god, Je-Zeus Christ was coming in 1994. Well 1994 came and went, and that fictitious Christian god had not returned, nor did the world come to an end, nor had the universe cease to exist.What is happening here is that Baxter is just conning his members into funding that construction project for him, using this nuclear war as an excuse. He can always find some lame excuse if it do not happen. After all, these Christian preachers have a long history of conning people and are good at giving excuses why their predictions did not come to pass. I have also noticed that these people at End-Time ministries read our web pages. But the time has come that they will no longer have our writings to confer with what is going to happen in the near future because we do not intend to reveal anything more concerning those events leading towards the compleation of the New World Order, events leading towards the time of the Great Shaking of planet Earth and events leading to World War III. These Christians shall be left on their own, so to speak, and they will be in the in dark as to what to do and what is going to happen next during those times of trouble. These people will be going through these events as one tries to go through a minefield blindfolded. Information on how to survive through these events have not been revealed to them nor will they find the answers to those questions in their perverted Christian bible. These people at End-Time ministries and all Christians, for that matter, shall find out soon enough, the truth about their phony god, their phony Baal religion and their prophecy forecasters like Baxter, which will be found to have very little credibility. Nor will I help these people get through these horrendus times.

I have been informed through my sources that this twerp Irvin Baxter Jr. is willing to challenge anyone on the validity of the Christian bible and defend Christianity. I am quite aware that Baxter and his clicks read my web pages, therefore, anytime Baxter wants to have it out with me in an open public debate on Christianity and his phony, pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ, all he needs to do is e-mail me at People of the Holy Testament and write in the subject box, I challenge you. This will get to my hands very quickly so that I can respond. We will see if this Baxter has the guts to put into action what he preaches. Today is Nov.1st. 2007 CE. I will wait for Baxter's e-mail for a month before I make any further comments here. Well, after all this time had passed, I know now that Baxter has no intention of answering my e-mail. As I had expected, Baxter was too much of a yellow-bellied loudmouth, to take up the challenge I had sent him via by e-mail. He did not respond at all to my e-mail. Baxter is like the rest of those Christian preachers who are bold enough to preach their apostate, phony man-god, Je-Zeus Christ religion, but are too much of a coward to back-up their claim with a person who knows more about their Christian religion than they do. Baxter claims that a nuclear war will occur by June or July this coming year (2008) because as he claims, we are at the End-Times. The End-Times Baxter is referring to, will not be for at least a thousand and some odd years from now, so that moron will end up having egg on his face, so to speak. People who believe every word Baxter is saying will end up looking like the fools that they are. I can't wait to see their reaction when these and other Christians who believe that the end of the world is only a few years away, and it had not come to pass. People will know that Baxter and his End-Time Ministry is full of crock, just as the rest of those Christian ministries are. Here is another link that give some insight to Irvin Baxter Jr. and his End Time Ministry.

It is Written...

This Canadian protestant Christian ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Canada. It is a television media ministry committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is Written, has recently appeared on CTV every Sunday morning just ahead of Focus on the Bible, who’s preacher Bill Santos appears to be knowledgeable in what they preach, is as much of hypocracy as his fellow Christian preachers within that apostate Christian religion. Unfortunately, these people are no better, and just as stupid as any of the other Christian ministries listed on this web page. It is Written International Television is based in Oshawa, Ont. which was imported from their American head offices. Their television program appear weekly on CTV Television which airs all across Canada. They also conducts major evangelistic meetings around the world. They preach the same perverted, apostate Christian theology as found within the stanard religion of Christianity. They too appear to be upright, nice religious people but in reality, they are totally devious, conniving, lying wonders, who are spewing out their damnable apostate, heresy with their phony heathen pagan god/gods Christian theology. I would welcome the chance to get this Bill Santos to defend their apostate, pagan, Baal Christian religion and their phony, man-made god they call Je-Zeus Christ to an open public debate. If this Bill Santos is that confident that what he preaches is what he claims, he would not hesitate, or have any problem to defend his religion from the accusations I make that Christianity is the apostate, heretical religion that it is. That they represent a phony, man-made god which was invented by the early Christian “church” fathers during the late first century CE. They are welcome to contact me and arrange for an open televised public debate when ever they are inclined to do so. That is if they have the guts to do so. Maby their parishioners can convince their pastor Bill Santos or any one of their stupid diatribe morons to take me on. But like all of these Protestant preachers, they are too clever to do that, for they are well aware, that I will rip away the mask of their deception and expose them for the fraud they represent. It would prove to be a very interesting debate and an eye opener for those who are so gullible to believe that phony, apostate Christian religion.

Focus on the Bible Ministry.

Focus on the Bible Ministry is one of those so called "independant" Baptist denominitions. They are a part of the long string of Protestant Baptist denominations within that fragmented perverted Christian religion. Focus on the Bible church is the BEREAN BAPTIST CHURCH at Fielding Park on Fielding Road near the bypass in Walden which is located in Sudbury, Ont. Canada. They have a TV program which airs every Sunday morning on CTV, which is a major Canadian Television broadcasting Network in Canada. Every Sunday morning, these vipers spew out their lies as they worship their pagan sun god every week on the day of the sun. The spew out their deceptive doctrine from their Christian bible which is greatly flawed. A bible which had its text altered and corrupted by those early Christian church fathers. So when these preachers, these morons say that according to what is written in their bible, it do not accurately represent what Yeshua's Apostles had written, because their message had been altered and corrupted. I happen to have heard what was being preached on Focus on the Bible, during one of their sermons. What that moron preacher was saying was interesting enough for me to listen to what was being preached. One time, their head preacher was talking about their phony pagan sun god, Je-Zeus Christ. He claimed that because that phony pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ had called one of their other god's, "Father", that meant that this Je-Zeus Christ was on par with, or equal to that other pagan god. This is a common belief among Christians. I suppose when these Baptists call one of their god's, "Father", they are putting themselves on par with, or equal to their god's. This is what they are claiming with their warp sense of reasoning. We, on the other hand believe to have only one GOD whom we call our Heavenly Father. We know that Yeshua, our Beloved Brother, the Anointed One, never had claimed to be on par or equal to GOD. Likewise; When we call upon GOD, as our Heavenly Father, we do not put ourselves on par with or equal to GOD. On another occation, they were talking about the enemies of their perverted, Christian, heretical religion. He talked about how people who are against Christianity will lie, deceive and twist the scriptures in their attack of the Christian religion. I found this preacher's comments quite interesting because I happen to be one of those people who is exposing that perverted Christian religion for what it is. One of the most text these Christians make comment on, is that of Paul. In Paul's writings, when he made reference to GOD, he was always referring to GOD the Father. Even Paul never suggested or claimed that Yeshua was GOD or a god. It was the early pagan Christians who had altered the meaning of what Paul had preached. When the early pagan Christian church fathers altered the mane of Yeshua to that of Je-Zeus Christ, they had also at that time designated their Je-Zeus Christ as being GOD. By doing that, they had broken the first two Commandments of GOD. They had in fact created their own god of their own creation. Because of that damnable act alone, they had perverted what Paul had preached and have remained the enemies of the true GOD of Heaven. It do not take a brain surgeon to figure that out. But these pagan gentiles insist that what they preach is true to what Paul or the original Gospel writings had stated, when in fact, because of the many alterations to its New Testament texts, what they read now is a blatant lie. They no longer represent the true teachings of Paul or of the original gospel of Yeshua. They are in fact preaching of a fictitious god in the form of their man-made Je-Zeus Christ. It is these altered, perverted text found in their Christian bible which had lead these Christians into the lies and deceit which these vipers represent which comes out from the mouth of these vipers. I do not need to resort to lies or deceive people or twist the scriptures in order to speak about that perverted Christian religion, for their own perverse, atrocious historical record cries out in my defense. Anytime these liars, these vipers feel brave enough to come and say that I do not know what I speak of, I will gladly defend what I say in an open public debate with any of these Christian pastors or priests of any denomination. Are they brave enough to defend their accusations against me or their Christian religion and bible in an open public forum? They know how to reach me. This Focus on the Bible Baptist Ministry has come across my web sites and feels threaten by it because of what is being revealed here about that perverted, apostate Christian religion. Checking the CTV web site, I found that Focus on the Bible, a Baptist Ministry has a regular program that airs across Canada on CTV every Sunday morning. On the day of their pagan sun god, Je-Zeus Christ. When these people speak about their Christian Bible, they are really saying, focus on a book in which its teachings had been greatly corrupted by the early pagan Christian, Baal worshipping, church fathers. The only inheritance these people can expect for the outcome of their soul/spirit, is that of everlasting death. I checked if this ministry in Subuary, Ont., had its main headquarters in the USA. It does and they have a web site which I found to be nothing more than a Christian mega-store where they sell everything from sermons, books, jewelry, tapes, videos, music, fiction books, (I wonder if their Christian bible is listed there?) DVD's, apparel, giftware, toys, food, church supplies, ect. They sell their sermons from $9.89 to 15.29 ea. That moron Baptist preacher at Focus on the Bible Ministry in Subuary,Ont., claims that Je-Zeus Christ has the only truth, that he is the only true one. Of course that moron is talking about their perverted, apostate, Christian phony Baal pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ. Anytime this moron wants to challenge what I say on this web site, I welcome it only to prove how stupid these people are. I am located not far from Subary, so it will be no great thing to have it out with these people. This reminds me of a person who called these establishments, a den of thieves. This ministry as with their headquarters which appears to be based in the USA, is spreading that pervers Christian religion across Canada. I have found that very few of these apostate, Christian ministries are actually home grown. These type of Christian ministries do not mind to stand there from afar and cut down anyone who are none-Christians, but isn't it like these Christian preachers to cry foul when someone dares to challenge their religion and expose it for what it is, while they are busy lambasting everyone else. They also have a knack for attacking even their fellow protestant ministries. I must say; They had a grand time attacking me for three years before I had the chance to make use of the Internet and created this web sites in order to expose the likes of these Christians as the vipers that they are. Only because I had viewed their program this morning which had reminded me of this fact. They appear as upright, nice religious people but in reality, are conniving, lying wonders, spewing out their damnable apostate, phony heathen god/gods religion. These people have not the guts to answer my e-mail which I had challenge them to defend their apostate, pagan, Baal Christian religion with their phony, man-made god they call Je-Zeus Christ to an open public debate. These preachers at Focus on their perverted, apostate, Christian Bible are nothing but yellow-bellied, loudmouth, deceivers who have not the guts to confront me in an open, public debate on their Christian religion and its apostate teachings. After a good passage of time had passed by and they had not answered my e-mails, I sent them my assessment of their Christian ministry. It reads as followers...

You people appear to be so sure of yourselves that you represent the truth through your Focus on the bible ministry. I challenge your foolish assumptions that you have the truth, that you represent the true GOD of Heaven, or that your Christian theology is based upon truth. How is it then you do not have the courage to answer my e-mail and face me in an open public debate concerning what you preach on your TV program which is aired on CTV? I am located in Haileybury, Ont. which is not that far from Sudbury, Ont. You people speak bold words but are not willing to back them up in an open public debate. This tells me a great deal about your ministry and what you people stand for or represent. You people are nothing but spineless, yellow-bellied cowards who are afraid to stand up to any type of open public scrutiny on your Christian religion, least it will expose the fraudulent teachings of your ministry. Thank you for confirming my original assessment of your Christian ministry. Jean Pall / People of the Holy Testament. It is bad enough that their American counter-parts refuse to take up my challange. I would have thought that these Canadian Christian ministries would have some backbone and not turn out to be a bunch of spineless cowards with a bold yellow stripe running down their back. It is plain to see that these people are all talk, who have not the guts to back up their words.

In Touch Ministries.

Dr.Charles Stanly is another one of those American preacher who has a radio and TV ministry called In Touch Ministries... This guy speaks about how ignorant people are about GOD, when I have found his teachings greatly flawed in many areas of the Bible. He is a Protestant preacher from the ranks of the perverted, heretical religion of Christianity that believes their Je-Zeus Christ is "GOD". Charles Stanley teachings follows along and run on the same pattern as most of what you hear from these Protestant preachers that is common among other denominations that are around. From what I have heard I can safely say that this guy has not a clue as to who GOD really is nor has he the full understanding of Scriptures. This is not surprising, being that these Protestant preachers are cut from the same perverted, paganized cloth as the rest of those vipers who stand behind their pulpits. I see that Charles Stanley has written many books on his perverted, heretical, paganized teachings of Christianity. He is getting up in age. He will be one person that Yeshua will say to him... "Begone from me, I have never known you!" when this Dr. Charles Stanley will stand before the Heavenly Father at the Hall of Balance, where he will be Judged.

Creflo Dollar Ministries

Creflo A. Dollar is the founder and senior pastor of Creflo Dollar Ministries. He had been in the Christian church business for 25 years. Creflo A. Dollar is from College Park, Georgia. He now lives in Atlanta with his wife, Taffi, and their five children. Mr. Dollar was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University in 1998. He has grown his ministry into World Changers Church International. WCCI serves as the umbrella for Creflo Dollar. Pastor Dollar has chosen not to be open and transparent with MinistryWatch.com. As such it is difficult to track all the aspects of his ministry. Including where one ministry begins and another ends, as well as where does the for-profit ventures intersect the ministries, especially as they seem to operate out of the same address and have in common Creflo Dollar as the CEO and Taffi Dollar as the CFO. Mr. Dollar is known for his manipulative approach to his interpretation of Bible text, and has hoodwinked thousands of people to pursue a personal relationship with his phoney, pagan, Christian, man-made God. Though lately, Creflo Dollar has changed his style of preaching quite dramatically from previous years. Now he is preaching that new prosperity dogma which has infected the Christian ministry around the world. This new prosperity dogma has indeed brought pastor Creflo "Dollar" much dollars into his bank account, all in the name of his phoney god, Je-Zeus Christ. This man has managed to wrestle millions of dollars from the pockets and wallets of his dumb sheep’s. Talk about fleecing the sheep’s, he does a good job at that, like most of his fellow protestant preachers!

Life Lessons Ministries.

Life Lessons Canada Ministries is a Christian ministry which their crew has tried to debunk, in an indirect way, everything I have written on my web pages. They teach the perverted, heretical dogma of their fictitious god, je-Zeus Christ. Rod Hembree is president of Life Lessons Canada Ministries radio and TV network. LIFE LESSONS, Canada, ministry is located in Orangeville, Ontario, targeting mainly Canadians through its TV broadcasts, the Internet, and shortwave radio. Rod Hembree had started this Christian ministry with its first production called LIFE LESSONS, Canada, through his GFRN studios, in 2002 CE. This Christian ministry is originally based in the USA, where most of these Christian ministries tend to originate from. Although Hembree resides in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, home of the GFRN studios, he is also the executive vice president of Good Friends Inc. located in Pittsburgh, PA. Hembree also hosts and is the executive producer of Quick Study International Television Ministry. Rod Hembree is not only the President of Good Friends Inc. he is also the president of Cornerstone TV Network. Cornerstone TV Network owns and operates a number of full power TV broadcast properties in the United States, including a satellite channel on the DISH network. For more information about this Christian ministry, check out this page on our Archive web site to read some of their teachings and lies they present to the general public.

Followers of Christ Church,...

A Christian group in Oregon., It's founder is Walter T. White. Their group practice shunning people who do not adhere to their very strict their Je-Zeus Christ doctrine. They exhibits legalism to a high degree, and holds to a strict faith-healing doctrine. Doctors and hospitals are not allowed to their members of this religious group. Government medical examiner's claims many children and adults have died needlessly in the last two decades from complications due to no medical treatment that would otherwise have been cured as a common medical problem. There are many other Christian sects who adhere to this teachings.

Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn produces a daily television show called “This is Your Day” from his studios based in California and has written several books about his life and ministry, which he markets and sells, along with video tapes of his crusades, music CDs and bibles. Benny Hinn is also a proponent of the Prosperity Gospel or the Word of Faith movement. As is implied by the name "Prosperity Gospel" the supporters believe that faith works as a mighty power or force. That it is through their faith that they can obtain anything they want – such as health, wealth, or any form of personal success. However, this force is only released through their faith. According to Pastor Benny if a person expresses their faith by sowing a sufficient monetary seed into his ministry - that person will be granted divine physical healing. Some Christian groups have been critical of Benny Hinn for preaching the Prosperity Gospel and for misinterpreting scriptures on a number of occasions. Read more on the Apologetics Index , an online resource on religions He has also been criticized by a number of Christian watchdog groups for not joining the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Benny Hinn refuses to join. He keeps his financial records secret. For more information about Benny Hinn and his Christian ministry, check out the CBC / The Fifth Estate Report BIOGRAPHY of Benny Hinn

T.B.N. (Trinity Broadcasting Network)

T.B.N.'s founder's are Paul & Jan Crouch. They had established their ministry in 1973 and have developed it into a multi-million international business enterprise. This is a Protestant tela-evangelist group which Paul and Jan Crouch has managed to hoodwink thousands of people into giving their money to their paganized, perverted religion of Christianity. Paul & Jan Crouch owns many mansions that they need their Lear jets to take them to their estates. They live in total luxury and have a chauffeured limousines to take them and their friends like Benny Himm, another fraud and shyster, to sumptuous dinners. They are a classic example of the many Protestant T.V. evangelist who have deceived a great many people by their clever preaching. They had once tried hard to get into U.S. politics and make a run for the Presidency, but fell flat on their face. This ministry is a den of vipers who preach their Christian perversion from T.B.N.'s broadcast station. GOD has a great desire to forgive sin. But GOD cannot nor will He forgive a sin against the Holy Spirit. For once people have drunk from the cup of the Holy Spirit, and continue to preach the paganized, perverted man made Baal religion of Christianity, they have blaspheme the Holy Spirit and this sin will never be forgiven. This is the reason why these people are condemned by GOD to everlasting death. So they may as well laugh, drink and make merry, for they shall have no tomorrow when their earthly life is done here on earth.


The first Baptist church was built in Newgate, England in 1612 AD. Now it has spread all over the world. The religious beliefs is the same paganized man-made creature god-man, Je-Zeus Christ of Christianity as the rest of the Protestant religions. There are many churches that have split from the main branch that call themselves Baptists. Some of these groups handle poisonous rattlesnakes and drink poisonous brews to prove or test their faith. These people strongly believe in Demon possession to the extreme.

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries.

Many Christians have short memories which are not necessarily the product of dementia, when it comes to remembering Christian cult leaders. These perverts of truth tend to reinvent themselves even after some major failures, like prophetic misses, glaring exposés, and even jail time. Preachers like R.G. Stair of Overcomer ministries or the likes of Tony Alamo of the so-called, "Holy" Alamo Christian Church. Alamo was born with the name of Bernie Lazar Hoffman on Sept.20th, 1934 in Joplin, Mo. Bernie L. Hoffman had adopted the name of Marcus Abad after serving some jail time for weapons charges around the Los Angeles area. After that Bernie L. Hoffman, alias as, Marcus Abad, met Susan Lipowitz, who was at that time married to a small time Los Angeles hood. In 1966 she and Tony got married. During that time Bernie L. Hoffman changed his name once more to Tony Alamo and moved to Hollywood where they established a street ministry from an established church. They were part of the original "Jesus People movement" popular in the 1960s and 1970s. They would frequent Hollywood Boulevard, passing out tracts, then transported people to their church for a night service. They would target mostly young street people. Eventually, they purchased some land in Alma, gained through Christians who were foolish enough to give them their money. They then relocated their Christian ministry, Music Square Church in Dyer, near Alma. They also established other churches throughout the states with the means of deception. Their original "Music Square Church" is a Pentecostal church with preaches the same perverted doctrines established by the Roman Catholic church. Along the way, Alamo picked up a lot from the Assemblies of God which they believe in the authority of the Bible, the King James Version, and places its emphasis upon their phony je-Zeus Christ. Tony and Susan Alamo were Jewish and they developed a special interest in evangelizing of Jews. Like many of these "Christian" preachers, Bernie L. Hoffman, alias, Marcus Abad and now, Tony Alamo claimed to have received visions, works of wonders, and great signs. He also claimed to have heard the voice of his fictitious god. This shyster had managed to dupe people who had trusted him, fellow Christian preachers which got him into trouble with law officers and ended up doing more jail time in 1994. After Alamo's release, he printed a tract claiming that he had some "irrefutable" evidence which proved that he was not guilty of fraud crimes he had committed. This he circulated under the auspices of the "International Coalition for Religious Freedom" in Washington, D.C. The pamphlet offers a series of convoluted denials of the charges and his arrest and conviction were the result of an evil plot by the federal government which had bribed false witnesses. In the late 1970s, his ministry, now called Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, expanded to Georgia Ridge, near Fort Smith, Van Buren, Alma, and Dyer, Arkansas, where Susan Alamo was born. Soon ministries were founded all over the United States. They began modestly, by preparing meals, providing clothing and a place to sleep for their followers. An ex-follower of Tony Alamo's group said that during his stay as a working "volunteer", the living conditions were just disgusting. We slept body to body in sleeping bags on the floor. When I was there, I never saw a real bed until the time before I left, I was sleeping on a dingy cot. We loved it when the weather warmed up, so we could sleep outside where it wasn't so crowded. The bathroom conditions were worse. The toilets were always full because we were told that if we flushed them, the leaching field wouldn't hold it all. So about every two or three days they were flushed. There also wasn't no more than three toilets for the 50 or 60 working volunteers which consisted of men, women and children. Showers were very seldom used there. We either never had time or the water was always too cold. Most people only took a shower once a week, while others took a shower once a month. With all the free help and the money he managed to get from fellow Christians, Alamo managed to purchase churches in Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma and New York. This guy claims that the Roman Catholic church is the Anti-Christ. The last time I looked, the Roman Catholic church still preach about the same phony god Tony Alamo is preaching about. So what do that make Tony Alamo? This guy is a fine example how a Jew, can be so twisted in their mind to believe in that perverted, pagan, apostate Christian religion. He preaches the same foolish doctrine as all these Christian ministries listed here. To get more Information on this shyster, take this link to; The Tony Alamo file. Insight into Tony Alamo and his Cheistian ministry. Once you have learned about this man, you can read my personal opinion about this Jew who fell from Grace. Looking at Tony Alamo's ministry Another Jew who became a protestant, a Christian Baal worshiper.

Christian Science

This religion have a very different theology than the paganized Christianity. This religion is based upon the words and works of their Je-Zeus Christ from the teachings of its founder; Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910). These people do not believe in taking medical treatment (the use of Doctors and Hospitals) for their members. Many of their people die needlessly due to lack of medical treatment when it is necessary.

Church of Scientology

Scientology's founder is a science-fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard. He created a religion of individualism and personal power. Scientology's roots and its growth is an American religious movement. According to Hubbard and his Scientologists, they believe that Ron somehow visited Venus, although how he survived the concentrated suphuric acid rain or the surface temperature of 460 degrees Celsius remains a mystry. Hubbard believed that human beings are receptacles for immortal forces called, with all the imagination of a man who started his career in comic books, Thetans. The Thetans, according to a Scientology textbook, were brought to Earth by an evil lord called Xenn. Scientologists do not respond warmly when asked about this. The Church of Scientology is somewhat like those obscure cults as The Order of the Solar Temple, Jim Jones, People’s Temple Christian Church, or Heaven's Gate. The central tenets of Scientology had evolved over time. This Christian religious movement started in 1950 as Dianetics, when L. Ron Hubbard published his "Dianetics," in a science-fiction magazine, "Astounding Science Fiction." Dianetics is originally a self-help therapy, superficially pretty similar to psychoanalysis, basically an understanding of how the mind works and how to remove problematic memory traces from the mind. By 1954, it had grown into a more recognizable religious movement as the Church of Scientology. That is when Hubbard introduced religious beliefs, such as the idea of the Thetan, which is the spiritual self, or immortal soul-like entity. He introduced the idea of the Infinite, which is basically like being gods. Later he introduced reincarnation. Hubbard's theology is that human beings have two kinds of mind, what he calls the analytic mind, which he describes as a flawless computer, and the reactive mind, which is the unconscious mind. The reactive mind is the repository for what Hubbard calls "engrams," which are memory traces, specifically moments of pain that get sort of burned in the reactive mind and then cause us problems in the future, both physical problems and psychological problems. The idea is that through a process called "auditing," you can go back and pinpoint where those engrams are and relive them and thereby clear them from your reactive mind. The ultimate goal in this theology is to clear all of those problematic engrams. And that's the state called "clear," when you're completely free from all those negative memory experiences. As Scientology developed, Hubbard introduced increasingly complicated levels of cosmology. He introduced 15 higher levels that he called `Operating Thetan,' and they become increasingly complicated and also esoteric. It is an elaborate set of odd cosmology, about the pre-history of the universe and the earth. They do nit believe in a GOD, nor do they believe in demons or of Satan with is prevelent in many other religions. Scientology Ethics; It is more about loyalty to the Church of Scientology than anything else. But after Hubbard's death, the church began to emphasize the ethical virtues of Scientology which is a mixture of Judaism and Christianity. Scientology claims that it makes you a better family member, a better citizen, a better employee, and more successful. Hubbard had modeled Scientology's structure upon the corporate structure, which is quite hierarchical. In the USA, it boasts such celebrity converts as John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Priscilla Presley. In Great Britain, the self-styled "Church" of Scientology has had little success in persuading film stars, or any other celebrity for that matter, to proselytise in its cause.

Crossroads International Ministries.

David Mainse has developed and established one of the first Canadian/Americanized Ministries in Canada. David began his ministry, called... One Hundred Huntly Street, in downtown Toronto, Ontario. It is an organization that brought in people from the USA who preached the perverted teachings of the paganized, heathen religion (mainly Pentecostal), that is known as Christianity. He turned his ministry into a family business. He was able to expand his ministry by hoodwinking Canadians into believing that he was doing this in the name of the true founder of the Faith, Yeshua. But it turns out that he was preaching about their man made creature, fictitious Je-Zeus Christ who they claim is their god. Later, Mainse went on to build a new, large Broadcasting Centre in 1992 out on the outskirts of Toronto, where it is now located at the Crossroads Centre, Burlington, Ontario. It is also the home of Crossroads Christian Communications, Inc. David Mainse has been involved in Canadian broadcast production for the last 30 years so that he can cover the entire world with his perverted, hethenistic, heretical teachings. I am aware that David Mainse has retired and handed the Raine over to his son to continue their heathen, heretical, perverse religion that claim Jesus Christ is god.

Rob Parsly Ministry.

This Rob Parsley is about as phony as you can get as a Protestant "Preacher". He is viewed all across Canada through his TV ministry. This outfit also deliver's the corrupt, fully Americanised, hethenistic, heretical, perverted Baal worship teachings of their man-made creature god-man of Christianity to his fellow American's and Canadian's alike. He and his followers speak that gibberish talk they claim to be speaking.."In the Spirit". Rob Parsley also pretends to have a "healing" ministry that tries to mimic Benny Hinn, but he falls flat on his face. This guy and his followers are on the fast track to where their soul/ spirit will encounter everlasting death.

Scriptures for America

This ministry is run by a person called Pastor Peters J. Peters. He has a little group in the USA and has a radio broadcast in which he spews out that perverted pagan, phony god, that Je-Zeus Christ perversion in his ministry. According to what this twerp is preaching, he would be right at home with the KKK This guy buys into the same philosophy as many of these white supremacy groups. There seem to be a lot of these white Christian supremacy groups in the USA that no doubt import this perversion into Canada. This guy is another one of those nut cases who totally believe in that Satan and demon crap. He even claimed that he had at one time fought with this Satan. What did Peters do, shadow box with this imaginary Satan? My, what a real tough guy this Peters is, fighting a phantom. Peters, like his fellow Christian preachers are too stupid to know that when they quote passages in the New Testament, they are quoting text which had been changed and corrupted by the pagan gentile Christians. All the original passages that refer to Yeshua, had been changed to the paganized name of Je-Zeus Christ, the fictitious god of these heathens Christians. I have also heard through my grapevine that Peters say that people are slandering him by lying about what he preaches. Well I have a little collection of audio tapes from his broadcasts that will prove that Peters is the one who is doing all the lying. If Peters were to broadcast from Canada with the kind of preaching that comes out from his serpentine mouth, he would be slapped with so many lawsuits it would make his head spin, not to mention his broadcast would be pulled off the air and that moron would be deported back to the USA. We don't need his kind of white trash here. I hear that this moron owns a manure patch which he calls a ranch, (which is what his preaching amounts to, a whole lot of cow dung. Peters also wears cowboy boots to wade through his manure patch, stinking of manure while he is preaching in his Christian, heretical, perverted church. I have also heard that Peters wants to stomp me with his manure-stained cowboy boots. Well; If this is what pastor Peters wants to do, he had better get his butt up here and we will see just who does all the stomping. Oh by the way, I have cowboy boots with steel tip toes to do some stomping of my own. Peters and his followers have the strange idea that they will defeat the new world order by appealing to their phony, man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ. Are they in for a rude awakening! Peters and his people are about as bright as a do-do birds, and they shall likewise become extinc. So Peters and his fools will dream on while they can. For more information about that snake-in-the-grass, Peters, go to this link; The ADF DATA File on Pastor Peters J. Peters. Here is some of my own information and comments about that moron, Pastor Peters J. Peters. and his little neo-nazi white-supremacist, who have their LaPorte Church of Christ ministry. Here is a page where it explains where these neo-nazi white-supremacist groups get their material to substancieat their anti-jew properganda. Fascist Propaganda: by David Lethbridge. Here are other material that may be of interest to people who want to know the truth. Fascist Propaganda in Full text in PDF format. Here is the Come-and-Hear.com web site which will reveal much about these little neo-nazi white-supremacist groups.

James Lloyd; Christian Media Ministry.

James Lloyd is the founder of the Christian Media ministry. He wrote several books and began publishing Christian Media as a newsletter in 1982. After 20 years of studying Bible prophecy, he wrote Beyond Babylon, his first prophecy book. The book was followed by the publication of The Apocalypse Chronicles, a prophecy newsletter first published in 1992. He launched a daily Bible prophecy broadcast called; The Apocalypse Chronicles. He began the Christian Media Network in 2000 with his wife Susan, on the Internet with his daily newspaper "Christian Media Daily.com" in 2001. In reality, James Lloyd is nothing but a cheesy, loudmouth moron who preaches the same perverted, heretical Christian clap-crap that you hear coming from most of these Christian protestant preachers. James Lloyd of Apocalypse Chronicles made the prediction that Boutros Ghali, was going to head up and lead the U.N. (United Nations). Boutros Ghali is 88 years old, and he won't be coming back to lead anything. James Lloyd made another prediction about Saddam Hussein as "the King of the South" whom Lloyd referred to as a "significant figure" in end-time events in the book; Beyond Babylon. Unfortunately for Lloyd, Saddam Hussein ended up being hanged before he could do any more damage. Recent historical events have now thoroughly repudiated what this phony prophet, who worship a pagan sun-god, had written in his book, Beyond Babylon. After this guy had struck out on bouth counts, due to his inept predictions, is now going to tell people how to interpret the Book of Revelations. James Loyed said once that Paul was a Christian. What a stupid statement that was. Paul was never a Christian, he only had preached to those stupid pagan gentile Baal worshipers about the mystical Yeshua that he knew. Paul, only knew and preached about a mystical Yeshua, rather than the one who had actually lived. This is the reason why Paul spoke about Yeshua in mystical terms, for he had never actualy known Yeshua in person. By the way, Paul had never stated or claimed that Yeshua was a god or ever hinted that Yeshua was GOD, Almighty. He never made any such claims in any of his own writings, which were Romans, Galatians, Philippians, Philemon, 1 Thessalonians, and maby, 2 Thessalonians. Paul went to preach among the pagan Gentiles. and the pagan Gentiles had listen to Paul's preaching about Yeshua and his teaching, and would take these teachings and would eventually invent their pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ and deliberately change the writings of the all the Gospel text to read that Je-Zeus Christ was their god and they would become known as Christians. These Christians were not part of the Nazarene Congregation of Yeshua, the anointed one. These Christians are the false teachers the true Apostles of Yeshua was warning about who preach destructive heresies, denying even the Nazarene Master Yeshua, the anointed one, bringing upon themselves only destruction. This guy claims he knows who GOD is. The only god this moron knows, is that Christian phony, man-nade god, Je-Zeus Christ. I have heard his long winded account of how all this end-time revelations is going to develope. That moron's knowlage on that topic is as skewed as his false prophecies. He thinks he knows what he was talking about, on his Christian radio program. But people listening to the Apocalypse Chronicles found out quickly enough, how little this moron actually knows. Before that guy fell flat with his prophecies, he thought himself as being some hot shot prophet. He ended to be just another one of those false Christian prophets who are on those Christian radio broadcasts. This moron insinuates on his broadcasts that I am trying to bring back the secondary laws, (Laws and regulations which were created after Moses received the Ten Commandments) which include the circumcision of the foreskin of a man's genitalia, animal blood sacrifice, the stoning of people who break the laws, ect, is lying to people. I have never suggested that on any of my web sites. Where this moron ever got that idea, he never read that from my web sites. Obviously, this moron can not comprehend what he is reading to make such accusations. This is the guy who throws accusation at people, without any sound proof. This is the reason these morons do not mention the name of the person, he is referring to when making accusations at someone. He will make remarks like; "That dart thrower smokes pot and is a drunkard", but he is careful not to mention the person's name least word gets back to the person he is referring to. This guy claims to have recieved e-mails from me. I have never sent this moron any e-mails nor have I ever made contact with his perverted Christian ministry. These type of Christian ministries tend to throw false accusations at people, but are too yellow-bellied to name the person whom they are accusing for fear they cannot back-up their false accusations. I name the people I talk about because I can back-up what I say. It would be very interesting to find out if James Lloyd has the guts, to come right out and name the person whom he talks so much about on his radio broadcast so that we can all know who is sending those e-mails and know who that "dart thrower" is. James Lloyd is another one of those Protestant preachers who are telling people to get out of the corporate churches. He is that stupid not to realize that he and his congregation is as much a part of those corporate churches he talks about. His Christian Media ministry is the same apostate, pagan religion his phony Baal god, Je-Zeus Christ he is always harping about! Like I have said about these preachers, the blind will lead the blind. People who follows that moron's Christian teachings is as stupid as that James Lloyd. I do not personally know that moron, I only know what that moron preaches. But anytine James Lloyd wants to debate the issue about Christianity and what he believes, I am ready for it, so let him bring it on, if he thinks he has all the pat answers! But that guy is as yellow as his fellow Christian preachers and will not challange me. If anyone care to see what other people have to say about James Lloyd, here is a link from a person, Craig Portwood / Beacon of Truth, who obviously seems to personally know a great deal about the man who is the founder of Apocalypse Chronicles.

Trumpet Wind Ministries

Trumpet Wind Ministries/ Prophetic. Net; is headed by Pam Clark. She is another Christian who claims to be a prophet of GOD, while she preaches that apostate Christian religion with its phony pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ. Instead, she is a Baal prophet, rather than a true prophet of GOD. This is what she claims, in her own words; "As a prophet to my city, first to the local churches, and then abroad, I carry burdens--burdens of intercession. First I want to explain to you, and then to the others who will read this, what a trans-local prophet is. I am called as a trans-local prophet, meaning that God can call me to different areas for ministry. But I am quick to tell the young prophets that God has entrusted me to raise up to some measure, that it did not start off that way. I tell them that until I could prove myself in the local church as a functioning member, I could not grow up beyond that place and into my calling". There will be many false prophets who will lead people astray. Yes, there are many Christian phony prophet around who are leading people away from the true GOD of Heaven.

World Harvest Radio / LaSee Broadcasting.

This Christian ministry and broadcaster was established by Lester F. Summerall. He has managed to deceive a great many people during his lifetime. Now this moron had died on April 28th, 1996, and this pervert who had lied to people has gone to his everlasting death, where all these vipers belong. His son, Peter Summerall continues to decieve people by playing his dead dad's old tapes on their s/w Christian broadcasts. The son of that viper and lier is following in the same footsteps as his lying dad, and is transmitting his perverted, heretic, apostate pagan Christian religion to deceive even more people. This guy Summerall, or the guy speaking for him, claimed that the New World Order under the U.N. will be just like the Hitler era when Germany had great power. That the crowd at the U.N. are infidels and are of Satan the devil. That they are corrupt, godless heathens. That they will claim to be god and will worship their idol of their pagan god. That they will deceive all the people to follow their religion. That will be the Anti-Christ as it is written in their Christian bible. Well, what do that Summerall idiot think was the predominate religion of Germany during the Hitler era? It was Christianity and the German people were Christians! They were Catholics and Protestants. At least 80-90% of the people in Germany were Christians during the Hitler era! Most Germans are probably still Christians. That lame brain Summerall, had been going on about how great Christianity and Christians are. That their phony Christian pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ was going to save the world. Seems to me that Summerall is saying that their Je-Zeus Christ whom they claim is god or a god, will save the world through the U.N. the coming New World Order. Is this history repeating itself? On another occation, Summerall mumbled some gibberish and calls that speaking in tongues through the Holy Spirit. That is a common lie which these apostate, paganized, Christian preachers claim. In reality, the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with that apostate, paganized Christian religion. That moron was talking some pagan mumbo, jumbo that represents his phony man-made god, Je-Zeus Christ who is nothing more than a pagan Baal god. That guy has managed to deceive a lot of good people into that perverted Christian religion through his Christian ministry. He also host an entire nest, a den of these like minded Christian vipers that are being broadcast from his stations. These vipers have been busy attacking the People of the Holy Testament ministry from the very beginning we had made our first appearance known. Now that I have exposed these vipers and disturbed their viper den, by attacking them back in return, they are now hissing like the vipers that they are and claiming that this was an unprovoked attack. May all these vipers soul/spirit rot to everlasting death.

Jack Van Impe Ministries Int.

Jack and his wife try very badly I might add, to interpret the coming world events according to Revelations that is found in the New Testament. They have not a clue what is down the road and will find out eventually how wrong they were in what is really coming. They are no better than that other Christian groupm Endtime ministries.

John Hagee Ministries.

Here is another American that is viewed on our airways. Hagee is no different than all of the rest of these heretical, heathens Baal worshippers who pervert the Word of GOD...

The People's Church

People's Church in Toronto is part of the Paganized Christianity religion that was imported from the U.S.A. where its Head Office is located. They call their T.V. program, Living Truth, yet they preach the perverted, paganized, Hellenistic, Greco/Roman lie. It would be more appropriate to call that TV program "Living Lie", at least it would be closer to the actual truth. The people who belong to this church are nothing more than heathen Baal worshippers which is common within the entire protestant Christian perverted religion. Most of their key preachers have been brought in from the U.S.A. or have been taught at their theological school. Now they have hired a preacher who is British born, called Charles Price, to deliver the church's perverted paganized message. Charles Price message is about their Christian god, whom they call Je-Zeus Christ. He talked about being sidetracked from the Will of GOD. Price had sidetracked from GOD's Will when he slipped into conformity with the pagan, perverted, apostate Christian religion. He is too stupid to know that, and has followed that pagan Christian god, which is nothing more than a man-made creature, whom they claim is a god-man. Charles Price also made a stab to explain the Trinity to his congregation based upon the teachings of their Christian apostate, perverted beliefs. In that message, Charles Price had lied to his congregation when he stated that within the Trinity, all the three distinct personage are equal to GOD, the Almighty. That is the Christian lie, for Yeshua had clearly stated that the Father was greater than he, as stated in John 14:28, "You heard how I told you, 'I go away, and I come to you.' If you loved me, you would have rejoiced, because I said 'I am going to my Father;' for the Father is greater than I. That verse is backed-up when Yeshua had clearly stated that all the knowledge which Yeshua had received, came from the Father, as in Matthew 11:27, "All things have been delivered to me (Yeshua, the Anointed One), by my Father. No one knows the Son, except the Father; neither does anyone know the Father, except the Son, and he to whom the Son desires to reveal him." It is obvious that Charles Price does not know the Father, nor does he know Yeshua, the Anointed One. Charles Price bases his whole belief and premise on his Christian religion from the Christian bible. A bible which had been greatly altered, many of its text had been mistranslated from the Hebrew Old Testament text. Many text in the Old and New Testament text had been deliberately changed by the early pagan Christian church fathers which present day priests and preachers tend to misinterpret scripture texts in an attempt to "prove" that their phony Christian, Je-Zeus Christ was both the Jewish Messiah and GOD. If one reads from a bible which had been greatly corrupted by man, then it is no great wonder the reader will get a corrupt understanding of who GOD is and who this phony Christian pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ is which Christians believe in. Charles Price spoke about how Christianity is the sault of the world and how it had changed his native land of, England, for the better. It is apparent that Charles Price knows little about the history of England, which is mired with horrendous atrocities which was done in the name of their pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ! Christianity was never the solution to a decaying world, but was and still is part of the problem. Think not? Well, Charles Price "England", and his perverted Christian religion is part of the New World Order that any true people of GOD, must and will avoid. All that Charles Price and his fellow Christian preachers know and are regurgitating what was taught to them in that perverted, paganized, Hellenistic, Greco/Roman Christian religion which was altered and perverted which these people read from their corrupt Christian bible which will lead these preachers and the followers of that perverted, apostate Christian religion to a one-way ticket to everlasting death. It is for this reason that Christianity is on the decline and will eventually be relegated to the ash-heap of discard where the rest of the pantheon of pagan gods reside, in which pagans had once foolishly place their faith upon. Charles Price appears to be so sure of himself that he represents the truth in his Christian ministry. Maby the parishioners of the People's Church in Toronto can convince their pastor Charles Price to take me on to an open, televised public debate. We will then see who is the lier and who speaks the truth. Price need only to contact me and we will arrange for this open, televised public debate when ever he is inclined to do so. It will prove to be a very interesting debate for the parishioners of the People's Church as well for all people who are interested in the topic of Christianity. I will be glad to challenge Price false assumptions that he has the truth, that he represents the true GOD of Heaven, or that his Christian theology is based upon truth. I am located in Haileybury, Ont. which is not that far from Toronto, Ont. Toronto, the place I had grown up in long before Priced ever lived in Canada.

Day of Discovery Ministries.

Day of Discovery, a production of RBC Ministries hosted by Mart De Haan and Jimmy DeYoung. The broadcast began airing regularly in late September on CTS, that is viewed all across Canada. Lately, they have been showing the places in Israel to tell the story of Christianity. They present their man created god, they call "Je-Zeus Christ" as the one who had actually lived in Israel. They tend to slant their story and teachings towards the perverted, hethenistic, Baal worshipping, heretical belief of Christianity...

The Berean Call Ministries.

In 1985, Dave Hunt, a Protestant Christian, and Tom A. McMahon, a Catholic, had joined forces and began "The Berean Call" ministry. Their so-called impeccable research and scholarship is totally based upon the deception they read from within the Christian bible where these two morons claim to be searching the scriptures daily. Now I will show just how stupid these Christian preachers are. I will use Dave and Tom as an example of how Christian pastors and priests opperate. Dave and Tom claim that they search the scriptures daily to find the truth. Unfortunately, what they do, is only search and compare scriptures from within the Christian bible, which had long ago been greatly altered and corrupted. What that text these morons read and quote from, "Searching the Scriptures Daily", is meant to search what is being said and written, and compare that with what is written in the Torah (Old Testament) of the Jewish (Hebrew) Bible text. What is the point to compare scripture with scripture from the same corrupted, altered source, as within the Christian bible? Common sense ought to tell anyone it is pointless. If those two morons, would compared scripture with scripture, as I have just pointed out, they would soon find out how much of the Christian "Old Testament" text within the Christian bible had been altered and corrupted. They would also come to realize that passages in the New Testament in the Christian bible have likewise been altered and corrupted. They would then come to realize that most of the passages within the "Christian" bible have long ago been altered and corrupted during the late first, to the forth century CE. Even the Old Testament part of the Christian bible, where Christians claim is referring to their phony Je-Zeus Christ, had been greatly altered and corrupted compared to what the (Hebrew) text actually say in the Torah (Old Testament) of the Jewish Bible text. I have heard many Protestant preachers claim that the passages had been accurately been copied. Not where those passages in the Old Testament that is suppose to be referring to their phony god, Je-Zeus Christ. That Protestant claim of accuracy is a boldface lie. It is as phony as their Christian god. I have pointed out all these things within this web site. What good is it to compare scripture with scripture within the pages of the Christian bible, when most of its text had been altered and corrupted. One will never find the truth that way. One finds out the truth when people compare scripture from the Christian bible, (Old Testament) with that is written in the Old Testament text of the Torah in the Jewish (Hebrew)Bible. People will then realize just how much of the Christian bible text had been altered and corrupted. This was done by the early Christian "church" fathers in order to substantiate their apostate Christian theology. Tom and Dave, these idiots, say that Peter and Paul spoke about Je-Zeus Christ, as it is written in their Christian bible. What Peter and Paul spoke about, was not about the pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ, but about our Beloved Brother Yeshua, and the true gospel they had learned and preached to the gentiles. Not the doctored-up Christian gospel that is written in the Christian bible. All the passages which spoke of, or about Yeshua, had been deliberately altered by the early pagan Christian "church" fathers to represent the Christian pagan god, Je-Zeus Christ. Had these two morons done their research as one should have done to find the truth, they would have found out the truth of how much their Christian bible text had been doctored-up! Some scholarship these people have! I found that the vast majority of Protestant and Catholic preachers or priests seem to think that they have the spiritual discernment among their fellow biblical Christians. But Tom and Dave are as stupid as their fellow protestant preachers. These people are preaching from a false, doctored-up Christian bible which had been altered and corrupted! Christian preachers, just like Tom and Dave, be they Catholic or Protestant, have for years accused me of giving people a false gospel, when it is they, and people like them, who have for the past centuries been giving a false, corrupted, apostate gospel with their phony god, Je-Zeus Christ. One would have thought that with all the education and knowledge that is available, they would have figured the great "Christian" error by now. It only goes to shows how stupid some people can be. I do not tolerate any kind of bullying from these Christian priests or pastors and will face them head on and challenge their perverted beliefs and views. Though I am glad to be able to help people get back on the right path on their Spiritual journey, despite those Christian vipers who continually Hisssssss at me. In the end, the Holy Testament will be the one who will be vindicated as I crush these serpent heads. For truth will reveal who is deceiving people in the end. The primary vehicle for the "Berean Call Ministries" is a radio program on the s/w radio broadcast called "Search the Scriptures Daily". The "Scriptures" these idiots are searching from, is the Christian bible in which its text had been greatly altered and corrupted. They also have a newsletter titled; The Berean Call. These Christians think they have all the pat answers to defend their apostate Christian religion. Dave and Tom are that confident in their Christian belief, that they feel fully quilifide to explain and teach other Christians who are less knowledgeable in understanding their Christian bible. Their main goal is that their Christian students will not be “carried about by every wind of doctrine,” and to equip them with materials to help them walk in their perverted, apostate truth. This is what these people claim... Sadly, many of today's Christians are fearful of a challenge by adversaries of their Christian religion that they excuse themselves from engaging in "the good fight for the faith". This is mainly because they are "not knowledgeable enough," or this is "not their calling," etc. The person who avoids open discussion with skeptics out of timidity or fear do so, in fear of being proven wrong. In recognition of the fact that our confidence is not in our own inadequate intellect and abilities but is in the "Holy Spirit" to guide and empower us to help the questioner to understand and to win him or her to Christ. Nice pep talk. Christians who are fearful of a challenge by adversaries of their Christian religion would not be pleasing to their fictitious, man-made Christian god, Je-Zeus Christ. I suggest that Dave and Tom first practice on these Jewish people first, and try to convince them that Christianity has the truth before they try to tackle me in any challenge. Because I will be a hundred times harder in scrutinizing their apostate Christian religion and their altered and corrupted Christian bible, than what they will encounter on that Jewish web site. Here is the Jewish web site; 26 REASONS WHY JUDAISM HAS CONSISTENTLY REJECTED THE CLAIMS OF CHRISTIANITY FOR OVER 2,000 YEARS.

Given the bold claims made by Dave and Tom, how is it that they have not stepped up to the plate and defended their apostate Christian religion from me? Do I not qualify as an adversary of their Christian religion? I am fully aware that these people know about this web site and read our pages. But through all the years I have this web site on the Internet, I had not heard one little peep out of these two chaps, these so called "defenders of their Christian religion". They had avoided to give me a call and challenge me to a debate. We should be a good match, because I too have the Holy Spirit to guide me in all truth. So one of us must be lying. For both of us can not be guided by the same Holy Spirit.

MORMONS, Seventh-Day-Adventist.

Mormonism, officially called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a Christian group that is founded upon a lie and false teachings. This religion was based upon a lie in its conception by Joseph Smith and had spread their false teachings of Mormonism across the US and around the world. Much of their history is littered with murder, false teachings and the belief of a man having many wives. They had to back down from the doctrine of bigamy when the Law of the USA put an end to it. Mormonism was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith, who saw himself as another one of those Christian "prophet" of GOD. He is said to have miraculously received from an Angel two golden tablets, and had translated the divinely written record of the early history and religion of America. After Smith had finished translating the golden tablets, the tablets had disappeared from sight. This tale that the Christian religion of Mormonism is founded upon is a lie, and as such, is not of GOD, but of Joseph Smith. At first, Joseph Smith believed that the First Nation People were the lost tribe of Israel but would later change his mind and claim that the First Nation People were Satan's demons. It's doctrine was based upon defeating Satan and his Demons which Smith identified as the North American Indians (First Nation People). He had many wrong assumption, like most other denominations of Christianity which was more or less as corrupt. Yet despite that, Mormons sees itself as fully authorized and recognized by God as... "The only true and living church upon the earth." There have been many critics against the Mormons over the years. In response, Mormons have argued that Je-Zeus Christ disciples have always been misunderstood and persecuted. Like Anabaptises and other restorationist, they maintain that even such a basic statement as the Niacin Creed ( ad 325) is a departure from the purity of original Christian teachings. The Mormon church is also lay, hierarchical, and very authoritarian. This Christian protestant group is founded upon the lies of Joseph Smith. Studying their brand of Christianity, their claims of having a written record of the early history and religion of America can not be substantiated from actual American history. Mormonism has split into many factions it would make your head sipn with confusion. One such faction of the Seventh Day Adventist is founded on the teaching of Ellen G White. Which have sprung many various ministries like ETM (Eternal Truth Ministries). They, like the other people who belong to Mormonism, one can find many of their claims to be bogus. They tend to mis-interpret many passages from the Christian bible, which in itself is an apostate work which had been re-written by those clergy within the Roman Catholic Church. We have never been associated or had anything to do with this apostate, pagan, Christian group.

Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses is a Christian group which is founded upon false teachings. They are also known as the "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society". It's founder was Charles Taze Russell, who was from Brooklyn, NY. To these people, Satan,the Devil, is the originator of the idea of the Trinity teaching. GOD, The Father, to them is the supreme God whose real name they claim is Jehovah. To the Jehovah's Witnesses, Je-Zeus Christ is a created being known originally as Michael the Archangel. Jehovah's Witnesses have created another Je-Zeus Christ that is different from mainstream Christianity. They believe that their Je-Zeus Christ is "a god," but not the GOD, Jehovah. That their Je-Zeus Christ only rose in a spiritual form, not bodily from the dead. They believe that the Holy Spirit is an impersonal active force of God. Only the anointed class or the (little flock), numbering 144,000 people will go to directly to Heaven, while the rest of the faithful Jehovah's Witnesses, who are the "other sheep" will live eternally on a paradise earth. Those people who are the lost will cease to exist (annihilationist). This religious group abstains from blood transfusion, which many of their members had died needlessly because of their miss-interpretation of Scripture concerning eating blood. Many more of their members would have died if intervention had not been carried out by Government Agencies. They Publish the Watchtower and Awake! magazines, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (their own version of the Bible), as well as numerous books. This Christian group was originally called the "International Bible Students", But they are now better known as Jehovah's Witnesses. While this Christian protestant group do not believe that Christian lie about Je-Zeus Christ being god, their Christian religion is based upon the lies of Charles Taze Russell. Studying their brand of Christianity, they tend to mis-interpret many passages from the Christian bible. They, like the rest of Christianity represent one of many of these Christian perverse denominations. We have never been associated or had anything to do with this Christian group.


You will notice that most of the ministries listed here are Protestant. Over the years, I have noticed that when Christian priests and preachers, be they Catholic or Protestant, speak about Christianity and its historical past, they will concisely always put Christianity and its people in a most favorable light, being less than truthful about the true history of Christianity, and its horrendous past. Thus they have consciencely chosen to misrepresent the real historical facts. This is the reason I tend to focus more on the negative side of Christianity, in order to bring out the truth, and give balance as to what Christianity represented and what Christians have done in the name of their Christian religion. I also notice that Protestants have the stupid idea that they are representing the true teachings of Yeshua and his congregation, who had lived during the first century CE. That belief is totally false. The early first century Christian "church fathers had highjacked the story of Yeshua and his congregation, and formed from it their pagan, man-made God theology. I noticed lately, that many Protestant preachers are talking about a true, and a false Christianity. There is no such thing as a true or false Christianity. For Christianiry represents a false religion with its man-made imposter, Je-Zeus Christ, whom Christians claim is their God, which was invented by the originol pagan Christian church fathers of the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christian churches. Protestants only regurgitated what had already been established by the early Christian "church" fathers, which led to the development of Protestantism during the 14-15th Century CE. To this day, Protestants are too stupid to realize that they are worshiping a pagan Baal God, in the name of Je-Zeus Christ, which was manufactured by the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christian church fathers. That is the only Christianity that is in existence! But Protestants are too dim-witted or utterly stupid to realize that. During the past years, many of these people claim that GOD has communicated to them or that they are prophets of GOD, and yet, they are unable to tell their congregation exactly what is actually going to happen during these times. They can not even tell you with total certainty when their phoney god, Je-Zeus Christ is coming. Those who have, had already been proven wrong. I find it strange that these people have not a clue as to what will happen to them, when I can give a full account of what is going to transpire. I can tell these morons now that they will not be saved from utter destruction nor have a re-incarnation. Their soul/spirit are facing eternal death. The vast majority of these organizations listed here are nothing more than heathen, Baal worshippers who worship a man-made god they call Je-Zeus Christ. All of these Christian religious groups believe that demonic beings are very real, such as Satan the devil, who is supposed to have evil demonic powers, despite the fact we know where these religious beliefs had originally come from. We are aware that ancient pagan myths about denomic beings was used to try to explain where evilness which reside in some people had come from. As time progressed, these ancient pagan demonic myths were personified and became part of their religion. We knowthat Christianity had quickly adopted these ancient demonic myths into their religion and began to believe that they actually exist. To Christians, these demonic beings are very real, who try to drive people away from the true GOD of Heaven, the Creator. Christians believe that these superstition relics from the past are not only real, but that they have great influence upon humanity and the world. The truth of the matter is that these superstition relics belong to the realm of fantasy which humanity drew from within their own mind and became old folklore traditions which would eventually be imported into their religion. We now know in our present modern age, these mythical superstitious denomic beings do not actually exist in the real world. Nevertheless, these heathen superstition's do reside in the minds of Christians, Moslems, some Jews and various heathen religions around the world. These heathen religious teachings can become very dangerous and can in fact harm people's mental or physical wellbeing. These heathen ideas can be devastating not only to one's personal mental frame of mind, it will also cause peoples to needlessly loose their soul/spirit. It is because of these truths and the false heathen religious teachings which people are led to believe, that we have come to share our web pages with the general public. So that people are made aware of what is the true facts concerning GOD, which may well set some people free from the bondage of ignorance, false heathen religious teachings which has kept people away from knowing and having a personal relationship with their Heavenly Father, the true GOD of Heaven, The Creator. Many of these Christian preachers listed here have hinted that my goal in life was to become some kind of head honcho who wants to rule the world, when I have stated time and again, the only thing that I have on my mind right now concerning the present or near future, is to build my little log cabin in the wilderness of North-eastern Ontario. This should show anybody who listens to those Christian preachers, who is really speaking the truth, and reveal the kind of stupid remarks those Christian preachers are making. Personally; I would welcome a system whereby a panel of experts in religious studies are required to examine the validity and claims of any religions before they receive an accreditation to practice and establish their religion within a nation. Such a panel would examine their religious dogma, the historical record of their religion and the legitamacy of their claims. Here in Canada for example, such a panel could examine the claims and validity of Christianity, represented by the Roman Catholic church, and the heads of various protestant churches which have already established themselves in Canada. They can then examine other religions such as Judaism, Islam, Hindu and all religions which has established themselves within its soceity. Such a system would still retain freedom to practice a religion for those who pass the examination. It would also get rid of the religious trash which presently exist within a soceity. Such a system will also protect people from those fraudulent claims made by those who represent a religion. It would get rid of deceivers, religious shysters, pretenders and eliminate phony religions who are claiming to represent GOD and are defrauding the general public with their lies and false claims.

From August 14th, 2007 to Feb 28th, 2009 none of these Christian Ministries had the guts to take me on in a public debate, to defend their bible and religion and prove me wrong in what I have stated on this web site about their bible or their religion. They were too cowardly to defend their Christian bible and religion during all that time. Therefore; As of Feb 28th, 2009 we will no longer answer e-mails from Christians or none members. Yes, "many" (2 billion people) would come in the name of that phony God, Je-Zeus Christ, proclaiming that Je-Zeus is the Christ, proclaiming that Je-Zeus Christ is GOD, and deceive the world.


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