An Open Challange to Rod Hembree

of Life Lessons Canada Ministries

There is a Christian ministry who had been challanging me over the public airways for the past few years located in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. The Christian ministry I am talking about belongs to Rod Hembree, who is the president/owner of Life Lessons Canada Ministries, Good Friends Fellowship and The Stream which has a radio and TV network. Orangeville, Ontario is not far from where I am located in Haileybury, Ontario. I have noticed that Rod Hembree and his Christian ministry has tried to debunk, in a very indirect way, of course, everything I have written on my web pages, "Town of Haileybury" and the "People of the Holy Testament" web sites, which are both hosted on the Angelfire / Lycos network. Life Lessons Canada Ministries teach the perverted, heretical Christian dogma of their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ. This Christian ministry is targeting not only Canadians, but to people throughout the world on the public airways with their TV and radio broadcasts, and the Internet. Obviously, Rod Hembree and his Life Lessons Canada Ministries have tried to contradict most everything I have stated on my web sites. I am fully aware that Rod Humbree and his crew have been reading our web pages in order to debunk what is written on my web sites over the past years. Up to now I have said very little about this situation. Obviously we both can not be right in what we claim to be the truth, since we are at opposite ends on this very issue. Only one of us is speaking the truth. One of us has to be wrong. We can not be both right. Therefore to clear the air on this very important issue. I am puting out this invitation to challenge Mr. Rod Hembree and his Christian ministry on an open debate on these very key issues like who in fact is the real GOD, the Christian Bible and the origin of Christianity. This can be televised by an independent secular tevelivison station as had been done at that famous Scopes "Monkey Trial" which had been held in Tennessee in 1925 and aired over the public airways in the USA. Rod Hembree and his Christian crew appear to be so very confident and cretin that they are right in what they claim on their radio, and TV broadcasts, and that I am the one who is wrong. One of us is not telling the truth, we can not be both right. So they should have no problem at all to accept this open challenge to defend their Christian claims which I have outlined above, along with the accusations they throw indirectly against me on the public airways. They have nothing to loose but the credibility of their Christian ministry and of his own Christian apostate beliefs should they loose in this open debate. I have sent them this challange directly to their Life Lessons Canada Ministry. I hope they will accept this open challange by informing me by e-mail. As of August 14th, 2007 to Feb 28th, 2009 this Christian Ministry had not the guts to take me on in a public debate, to defend their bible and religion and prove me wrong in what I have stated on this web site about their bible or their religion. They were too cowardly to defend their Christian bible and religion during all that time. They had turned out to be nothing but yellow-bellied loudmouths.

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