Christianity is Big Business

I wonder if these Christian preachers really believe what they are preaching? After all, Christianity is big business. They sure are making a lot of money out of it. They seem to have no problem finding gullible people to support their ministries. Here is an example of what some of these Christians preachers make. It is indeed a big business, like the underground drug trade. Here are examples of the money these Christian ministries and their preachers are raking in from gullible Christians.

Christian Executive Salary Review from

Salary review conducted on December 23, 2006: No restrictions on use; You may copy this freely.

Christian Ministry . . . Total Revenue..... Exec. Name . . . . . . Wages

Trinity Broadcasting Network $188,152,079 . Paul F. . Crouch . $419,000 $361K Paul's wife, Janice, $105K Paul F. Crouch Jr., who is Paul Crouch's Sr. son.

Peter Popoff Ministries $23,556,469 . . . Peter Popoff . . . . . . 628,732 $203K Peter Popoff's wife, Elizabeth, $182K relative Nickolas Popoff, and $176K Amy Cardiff.

Christian Broadcasting Network$236,340,781 . Michael D. Little $275,868

Educational Media Foundation $49,711,753. . Richard Jenkins. . $230,285

Ligonier Ministries $10,416,948. . . . . . . . . . . .Timothy Dick. . . . .$230,098 269K Robert C. Sproul (founder) and other at $39K

Christian Research Institute . $8,040,025. . . Hank Hanegraaff. .$210,192 Wife (Kathy) also listed at $127K

Luis Palau Association $13,376,641         Luis Palau                    $186,125 Luis Palau's sons: $160K Kevin, $84K Andrew, $81K Keith.

Christ for all Nations $11,745,481         Rev. Reinhard Bonnke     $164,654

Grace to You . .$10,817,904               John F. MacArthur Jr.. . . .$160,000

Jack Van Impe Ministries Int. $9,915,244 . . . Jack V. Impe . . . .$150,012

Insight for Living $17,967,239             Charles Swindoll. . . . . . . $148,785 Cynthia Swindoll $82K , and daughter Charissa, $55K

Andrew Wommack Ministries $8,868,786. . .Andrew Wommack. $142,901 Two other exec's at $113K and $50K

InTouch Ministries $71,528,366. . . . .Charles F. Stanley. . . . . .$123,222
Two other exec's also listed, with higher salaries ($ 163K and $130K)

Love Worth Finding $10,125,022. . . . .Roland Maddox. . . . . .$119,675

Turning Point $18,483,073. . . . . .David P. Jeremiah . . . . . . .$104,530

Coral Ridge Ministries $38,851,138. . . .Thomas E. Rogeberg. .$103,000

Back to the Bible $10,519,497 . . . .Woodrow Kroll . . . . . . . . .$99,661

Far East Broadcasting Company $8,964,368 . . Gregg J. Harris . .$96,650 Jim Bowman, Chairman, $245K

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association . William F. Graham III, $94,998 Three other salaries noted,$ 222K, $194K, and Billy Graham- $406K

Dayspring International $11,961,341 . . . .John E. Gilman . . . . .$92,320

Oral Roberts Evangelistic Associ. $14,249,549 .Richard Roberts $91,493 Two others also listed, a relative at $83K and Richard's wife Lindsay at $70K

Eternal Word Television Net. $31,367,822 Michael P. Warsaw $84,512

Life Lessons Ministries, Orangeville, Ont. Canada & Good Friends Inc. located in Pittsburgh, PA. Rob & Ron Hembree are the owners of
Cornerstone TeleVision $7,027,552 . .Ron Hembree claims to make only            $79,140 . . . . . . .One other exec listed makes $23K

Bible Broadcasting Network $12,842,218 . . .Lowell Davey . .$74,084
Two other execs listed; $52K, $52K

New Life Ministries $7,691,866 . . . . .Steve Arterburn . . . . . . .$13,800 Three other execs; $184K, 100K, 97K; Note the big drop for Steve Arterburn since the last report.

I believe the real battle these Christian ministries are fighting for is one of retaining lost revenues and membership from their perverted churches. As you can plainly see, it is worth the fight to save their precious income which they derive from their unsuspecting, deceived parishioners. That means little to me for I am not in the money business, but rather to help people save their soul/spirit from eternal death. These ministries are like that bank ad seen on TV, instead in this case, it is the preachers not the banks who constantly have their hands in your pockets. You know that old line these preachers use to get your money, by accusing you that you are robbing their god-gods for not giving to their church. This reminds me of this religious joke which goes like this; A catholic priests, a protestant preacher and a rabbi were discussing what they do with the money they get from their parishioners. The catholic priest proclaimed that they use the money on their churches to edify their god. The protestant preacher explains that they use the money to convert people into protestantism by feeding and helping the poor. The rabbi say's he stands over the offering basket and proclaims to GOD to take of the money He wants, as the rabbi heaves the money into the air, what comes back down he explains, is mine to keep. I have also noticed that some of these Christian ministries will paste a fake hit counter like this one here..... to make it look like they are getting a lot of hits on their web sites. It just goes to show you how far some of these priests and preachers will go to deceive people!

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