"Father" John Corapi's Big Mouth

I heard that moron, Mr. "Father" John Corapi, on EWTN talk about Satan, the devil, which he claimed to have actually seen this fictitious mythological being, on that program which aired all across the USA and Canada. I figured that mybe this chunp would like to back up his bold claim with facts. Therefore; I had sent this person an e-mail which reads like this...

After hearing you, Mr. "Father" John Corapi, on EWTN talk about Satan, the devil, where you claim is a real live being. You went so far as to claim you had actually seen him. (I wonder if you had been under the influence of hash?) Well, I am calling you a blatant liar. The Satan, devil, you preach about came from pagan myths in case you are not aware of it. I suggest that you have seen too many horror movies as a kid. Alright big mouth, care to defend yourself in an open debate with me to clear the air of who is speaking the truth? Put your big mouth on the line and defend your pathetic apostate religious beliefs. While we are at it in this open debate. we will also discuss topics like who in fact is the real GOD, we will examine the making of the Christian Bible and the origin of Christianity. This can be televised by an independent secular television station and televised throughout North America where you are well known in the USA. Let me know if you have the guts to take up my challenge, or are you going to be a yellow-bellied loudmouth that I think you are. I await your reply Mr. "Father" John Corapi. Jean Pall/ People of the Holy Testament

I really do not expect to hear from Mr. "Father" John Corapi, because on his web site, there is a note which reads... "Please Note: Father John Corapi receives thousands of notes, messages, letters, and emails every month and cannot answer each message he receives. We regret that he cannot answer individual and unsolicited communication sent to him". What a copout that is.

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