A look at Irvin Baxter of End Time Ministry

I do not personally know this person Irvin Baxter since he lives in the U.S.A., a country I do not go to, nor have I ever spoken or phoned this moron. I know what he preaches through the many audio tapes I have on file. Irvin and Judy Baxter Jr. has a very slick Christian ministry called, End Time Ministries International. These people are that slick, they remind me of the infamous Jim and Tammy Baker team. Like Jim and Tammy Baker, who at one time had a "big ministry" of influence, fine luxurious houses, expensive cars and a huge bank account, and were deceiving people, those who are gullible, and making a lot of money in the process. Irvin and Judy Baxter Jr. are much like them with their quiet manner, slick speaking abilities and well- dressed image. They have a way of persuading unsuspecting people and be lured into their church of End Time ministry just like Jim and Tammy Baker. Irvin and Judy Baxter are good at seducing people with their "Christian" charm, soft speaking voice, gentle mannerism into their perverted Christian ministry, which is based upon the standard Christian heresies, the Doctrines of the Christian phony, man-made Baal, sun god, Je-Zeus Christ which sweep unsuspecting people, those that are ignorant, into deep and dangerous waters. They are taking advantage of people who have many questions and are filling the minds of people, with a false view of the future of planet earth. There are many Christians and non-Christians alike, who are in a dilemma, searching for answers to their own disquiet on this issue. People are aware that something is going on, something strangely oppressive is taking place across the entire world. This is where Irvin and Judy Baxter Jr. come in. They have developed a very slick business selling audio and video tapes, books and anything else they can sell based upon the End Times. Which a lot of Christians believe is coming, have no idea what it really entails, otherwise Irvin and Judy Baxter, would not be doing what they are doing, deceiving people into a false, pagan Baal religion. Baxter claims through his ominous Bible prophesies, that a nuclear war will happen between June/July 2007 and the middle of next year in 2008, that will kill one-third of mankind, that is around 2 billion people. That's more deaths than in World War I and II put together. I had stated that Baxter is full of it, and his prediction, which his phony god had revealed to him, one morning at five a.m. will not come to pass. Speaking about talking to god, Baxter, has made a little clip that sounds like so many Christian preachers and would-be prophets, who are calling out..."I heard from god, I heard from god!" Of course they are talking about their phony man-made Baal, sun god, Je-Zeus Christ, and give many false end time predictions. Irvin Baxter also runs a yearly "Prophecy Tours" where he sucks in a lot of people, the majority being Christians from other churches, by taking people to Israel and various other places, where he explains his flawed Bible prophecies, which he charges around $3,000.00 per person. He pockets a lot of this money for himself through the discount rates he gets by the amount of people he manages to acquire for these End Time Prophecy Tours. While Baxter assert that the United States appears in the Christian Bible in the four beasts of Daniel's vision, found in Daniel chapter 7, which represents nations in our modern world. He thinks that the United States, a Christian nation, will help save Israel from destruction. Baxter is so ignorant that he does not know that the United States is very much a part of the New World Order system. That idiot has yet to learn that the United States will help to facilitate the death of the state of Israel. Baxter is that stupid that he do not realize that he and his entourage at End Time ministry are already in the data banks that he is trying to avoid! The New World Order already has their social security number, drivers licence no., and passport documents already in their data banks that will be integrated into the national and international data banks. Baxter is trying to close the barn door after all the horses had run out! Baxter also believes that the End of the World will happen in a few years from now, as other protestant Christians, like those other morons like R.G. Stair, Harold Camping and all those other Christian clicks who claim that their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ will be returning very soon. Return from what? Their fictitious god, Je-Zeus Christ comes from a fictitious tale. Camping has claimed that the End of the World will occur in 2011 CE when at that time, the entire universe will vanish, come to its crashing end.There are some Jewish sages, who claim that the End of the World will occur 225 years from 2007-8, 9 Tevet 5768, based upon the Jewish calendar of the 6000 years from their belief of the time of Creation. Other Jewish sages, who claim that the correct year today is actually between 5917-5934 to the six thousand Jewish calendar. Regardless what it may be, I maintain that the End of our World, of this planet Earth, along with the entire "Milky Way" galaxy, will come to an end in about a thousand and some odd years from now. The entire universe will not vanish, as Camping is claiming! As you will see, all these protestant Christian preachers and false prophets will be proven to be wrong and their credibility will vanish, as will the credibility of those Christians who were gullible enough to believe them, as will that fictitious apostate religion, known as Christianity. Recently, Baxter had started a talk-show program where his listeners can ask Baxter questions on topics they cover in their Christian bible. On person had asked Baxter, when did he become aware that the prophecy of Denial about the image of the statue having feet of iron and clay was the New Holy Roman Empire that the Roman Catholic church was going to have a major role in it? Baxter stated when he studied the image, he was not sure when he began to teach it, but that it was in the late 1980's or early 1990's. That lying, deceiving moron knows exactly when he began to preach it. Let me refresh his memory! I had spoken about this subject on this web site in 2002, but it was in 2004 I had revealed it in great detail on our web site! Prior to this revelation, Baxter and the other fellow who was his co-host, who has since left, were uncertain about who would make-up the New Holy Roman Empire, or that it was a revived Holy Roman Empire. It was months after in 2004 when I had explained the connection with the New Holy Roman Empire and that the Roman Catholic church was going to have a major role in it that Baxter started to preach it and made out it was his brilliant study of his bible that brought that revelation about. I have Baxter's tapes on hand where I can prove this. That is how that sly Baxter fellow gets most of his revelations, from other people, and then claim it was his own idea. I found out that is what most of these Christian preachers tend to do. After that little revelation, Baxter began talking about there being a true Christianity and a false Christianity after he found out that the Roman Catholic church was involved in the New Holy Roman Empire, the New World Order. This stupid man and other Protestant preachers do not even realise that what they are preaching, is the one and the same phoney God, Catholics had claim is Je-Zeus Christ. There is no such thing as a true and a false Christianity. Christianity itself is a false, man-made pagan religion which was started by the early Christian "church" fathers (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthrodox church), and had Christianized all of the text which became the New Testament. Baxter and his clicks, and all Christians really expect to be a part of the first resurrection? They will not have any part of the first or second resurrection, while they maintain their belief in their phoney God, Je-Zeus Christ, which is what Christianity is all about. Baxter had made so many bold claims about his religion of Christianity, that I finally had e-mailed this man to challenge him to an open, public debate about the many claims he made about the religion of Christianity, and some of his End time prophecies. Baxter claims that he is putting his money where his mouth is, so to speak, but like all these Christian pastors, they are nothing but yellow-bellied cowards and will not take me up on a challenge to defend their bold claims or their perverted, apostate Christian religion.

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