Christian clergy refuses to back up their religious claims

During this Spiritual war which had been foisted upon me, I had decided to confront these Christian accusers head on, rather than let it drag on. So far, I had not received word from any of those whom had accused me who would take up the challenged to back up their pathetic apostate Christian religious beliefs. None will defend their accusations or Christian religion. What does that say to those Christian people who place their trust and faith, based upon the teachings and preaching of their clergy, be they priests or pastors? Be they from Catholic or Protestant Christian churches or ministries. As I have already stated, the religion of Christianity is nothing more than an apostate, paganized religion with its phony god/gods. That the Christian bible is a work which had been greatly tampered with and its text had been altered to reflect the religious beliefs of the early pagan Christian church fathers. That the Christian bible is nothing more than a pagan, apostate, gentile work which teaches about a phony god which had no real direct connection with the Apostle Peter, or with the Congregation of Yeshua, the Anointed one. The early pagan Christian church fathers had plagiarized the teachings of our Beloved Brother Yeshua, the Anointed one, and of his Apostles, and re-worked the original works into their apostate, pagan Christian New Testament writings which is the foundation of that perverted, apostate Baal worshiping Christian religion. Their silence speaks louder than any words these Christian clergy may now speak. I laugh at these morons who claim that their god said this or that to them, or that the Holy Spirit has anything to do with them, when the god or gods these Baal worshipers are preaching about, is nothing more than some imaginary phantom which was dreamt up by those early pagan Christian church fathers way back during the late first century CE. Christians believe in a god or gods that can neither hear them nor help them in any way because they are only make-believe which was drawn up from the depts of their own imagination. That would be like asking Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck to help them in their need or distress, for all the good it would actually do them. These Christians really need a reality check. They are living in a make believe world. These people really need to have psychiatric therapy. For they can no longer distinguish between fantasy from reality. Such is the state of affairs with these Christians who believe there is a demon hidden under every bush ready to pounce on them. Who worship, and sing and pray to a make-believe god or gods. As I have already stated some time ago, the religion of Christianity is one of the greatest frauds which had been perpetuated upon humanity.

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