Vatican Athority
I could not help reflect upon the Vatican strange belief of having authority, where they have not that authority. The only authority that the Vatican has, that I am aware of, is within their own congregation. That is within the Roman Catholic church, regardless how perverted it is. They have absolutely no authority whatsoever outside their own clergy and perishioners, whom I might say, a great many of them are not practicing Catholics. I certainly do not, nor do anyone else outside the Roman catholic church recognize the Vatican as having any kind of authority outside their own sphere. As to their claim of having the full truth, they are full of bull, more like wishful thinking on their part, as I have amply revealed on my web pages. Given that the Roman Catholic Church appropriated many of the characteristics of pagan worship, in order to convince the Roman pagan gentiles into thinking that the Roman Catholic church was just like their accustomed form of pagan worship. So don't give me that line about having the full truth. The Roman catholic church's "mysteries", of their false gods is based upon pagan worship which was derived from ancient Babylon. The only thing the Roman catholic church represents is a fictitious demi god that goes by the name of Jesus Christ whom our Heavenly Father had cursed. Humanity can thank these and all other Baal worshipers for bringing the wrath of GOD upon our world. I do not ever intend to follow in the footsteps of that Christian pagan religion. Nor will I ever acknowledge any kind of authority upon me coming from a bunch of Baal worshippers. Nor do I claim to have anything to do with Christianity or its harlot churches. Speaking of churches, the word church itself comes from the old English/Germanic word kirke, which meant a ritualistic pagan circle. Meeting in a kirke was rooted in the pagan concept that people stood in a circle, holding hands, to call upon their false gods. Most Christians are not aware of its true significance, since Christians hold their worship service in a "church". It is fitting that Christians worship in a church, given that they worship a pantheon of gods in their apostate, pagan religion. I think that the catholic church ought to get off its high pedestal before someone knocks it down.

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