WARNING!!! Most of the material here is pulled from our Privet Member Web Site dealing mostly with exposing the Christian Bible, Christianity, its Priests, Preachers and their teachings for what it really represents.

The Holy Testament
Free copy to download or save.

Temple of GOD

Birth of the Holy Testament

Persecution Towards the Holy Testament.

Translation of the Christian Bible.

Popularity of the Christian Bible.

The Pentateuch.


Fallacy of Christianity.

Killer cults

Facts on Christian Organizations!!

Psychological Manipulation


The Gay Agenda

Stupid Protestants

Induction of the Jesuits.

Catholic "Apologetics" Tim Staples.

The Legacy of Christianity.

Things to ponder upon.

Vatican Athority

Speaking in Tongues

Conjuring Excuses

Catholic and Protestant Preachers

Christian Fundamentalism

Christians hollow bold Claims

Catholic Church claim Bible not true

Catholic Church in record abuse deal

The Second coming of Christ

Focus on the Bible Ministry

Christian Frauds

Preachers and False Prophets

Faith University Cathedral, DR.Gene Scott

Melissa Scott, wife of that Flim-Flam man.

Peter J. Peters - Scriptures for America

Exposing Peter J. Peters as a con man.

Christianity is big business veture

Christian Messianic Jews

Noahide Groups

Christianity & New World Order.

Pagan sun god of Christians.

Satan, the Devil

EWTN Catholic Answers Live


The Origin of Christmas Day

Priest taken to Court

Vipers behind the pulpit & pews

The Deception of Christian Preachers

Dennis Murray's Teachings

Knowing the Future

Vatican Agenda

A Study on Hell

The Canadian Holocaust

Beautificati of Pope John Paul II

People in Denial of Reality

Looking in all the wrong places

EWTN Catholic Radio

ST. Joseph Catholic Radio Program

EWTN: Banishment of Mother Angelica

EWTN: John Martignoni, a lying wonder

EWTN: Fa.John Corapi

EWTN: Fa. John Corapi's Big Mouth

Catholic Preacher Steve Ray

R.G. Stair of Overcomer Miniatry

R.G.Stair, a lying preacher

H.Camping, Family Radio Ministry.

End of the world in 2011 CE?

Camping refuses to back up claims

I. Baxter, another phony prophecy maker

I. Baxter of End Time Ministry

Truth will be Revealed

Rod Hembree, Life Lessons Ministries

Rod Hembree, refuse to back-up claims

Preacher Ravi Zacharias

Clergy refuses open debate on Christianity

Pre-trib and End Time theories

Atrocities led by Christians

Christianity is Cursed

The Future of Humanity

The Demise of Christianity

False Messiah in Revelations

No Redemption for Christians

No Redemption for Israel

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