I have been told that Stair of Overcomer (Christian) Ministry, that viper, that serpent, is now saying that the fallen angels did not have sex with the people on Earth. That is a switch from a couple of months ago when he preached that they did. I recall him saying that the fallen angels had sex with the earthlings as stated in their Christian "Bible", their so-called infallable "Word" of their phony god! I have noticed that Stair has also taken a different stance on other issues. He has also admitted to his own lie when he spoke on his broadcast that his phony god speaks to him and then says there is a famine in the land because he is no longer hearing from his phony Baal gods. "How long is this silence going to last?" Stair is asking; Why is my god being silent? Why have we not heard from our gods? Stair asks his congregation. What happened Stair? All of the sudden your Baal gods do not speak to you as you had claimed? Some Prophet of your phony gods you turned out to be. Not even your god, Je-Zeus Christ, do not speak to you! That should not surprise anyone. What can you expect from a phony god and a phony prophet. Only phony prophecies! You are not only a lier, but also a viper with a fork tongue like the snake that you are. Why do I say this? Because Stair is already lost, and he is draging his followers down with him. You know the old saying... "Misery loves company". Birda of the same feather, flock together. Stair is also like a mexican jumping bean, jumping everywhere, he flip-flops on many issues on what he believes and preaches. Stair keepps looking at other people web sites, including mine own, to see what is going on concerning what the true GOD of Heaven is doing. Why not do yourself a big favor Stair, and shut that big mouth you have and stop pretending to be something that you are not, a prophet of GOD. Stair is like many Christians who make the clain that they are a prophet of GOD, when they really mean they are a phony prophet of a fictitious man-made god, that they claim is Je-Zeus Christ. They all belong to that paganized, perverted, Christian religion. I am aware that Stair and people who belong to his perverted ministry look through our web pages for any spiritual insight on what is going to come concerning the near future because Stair is unable to get that kind of information from his fictitious pagan gods that he has to go to other people's web sites. I would sugguest to people like these who attack me to keep their reptile beady little eyes out of my web site. I will not be revealing events which will transpire between now and the time we of the Very Elect leave this Earth. So stay away from our web site, who belong to Stair's ministry, least they become blinded from the truth and choke themselves on the food of truth, which would be like eating solid food that they can not handle. These people have lived on regergetated food from their pagan Baal Christian religion for so long that they can no longer handle the solid food of truth. Now that they will not get further revelations from me, why should they bother to go to our web pages when these people have refused to accept the truth which had been revealed, when they continue to follow the doctrines of the Roman Catholic church, that Great Whore with her phony three-gods-in-one pagan theology and her paganized false belifes. Go back to your baby bottles Stair and your pagan belifes. Stop eating off from my plate! Be not surprised that their prayers have all been in vain. Be not surprised that GOD do not hear their vain words and utterings. These people have claimed amoung man and to GOD that they have repented of their sins, and have choosen to continue in their perverted teachings of that damnable, heritical, Baal Christian religion. These people are a bunch of hypocrites. A brood of viper preaching behind their pulpit as they preach their perverted, heritical Christian theology to those who are in the pews and on the airways. Stair is so full of himself, so puffed-up and full of arrogance that he no longer can discern truth from fiction. Stair is full of jealousy and how they quarrel amoung themselves. Therefore Stair; Be not surprised that the wrath of GOD will fall upon you and those who blindly follow in your footsteps and cast all of you away as dung. Be not surprised when GOD will shake the very foundation of your apostate, pagan, Baal worshiping ministry which you have built and placed your whole faith upon. For you have no claim with GOD, who was to be your Heavenly Father, as you have no claim with Yeshua, the Anointed one, who was to be your Beloved Brother, nor you have any claim on the Holy Spirit, who was to guide you. For your lies and deceit has nothing in common with the truth which has been made available to you so that you may have Eternal Life. Instead, you have choosen to continue to pervert what I have made known to you. Father had informed me that those who had rejected me are not my Brothers or Sisters. Father has revealed to me that you claim among yourselves that I am of the devil. Common sense and reason would tell anyone that if I were of Satan, I would not say a word to warn people about the likes of Stair or that perverted Baal Christian religion for those people are being condemned to everlasting death by our Heavenly Father. But that is not what I am about. I am trying to warn people about these deceiving liers who pervert the truth and are deceiving people into their perverted Baal worshiping religion with their phony man-made gods. Therefore; Be not surprise when GOD sends down His Wrath upon those perverts of truth. In the meantime, let these people spew out their poison among themselves from behind their pulpit to those within their pews.


Great Revivals of the past

I have heard of many christians reminiscenting of the great revivals that they have had in the past centuries. They claimed that the Spirit of GOD had moved amoung them. But reality shows us as we can plainly see, all of these "Great Revivles" have come to nothing! People are steadly falling away from these "religions". One may ask the question... Why? I will tell you the reason why all of these great revivles came to nothing. It all came to nothing because the truth was not in them. These people were worshiping after their man made, golden idol that was in the imige of a god-man they have come to call "Je-Zeus Christ". Instead of calling upon the real Yeshua the Anointed, that had actually lived and had returned to Father's Heavenly Domain, waiting for his people to follow his lead and do the Will of the Father. Instead, they choose to worship this man made creature they have created, their man-god, they call "Je-Zeus Christ", who these paganized christian people claim is GOD the Almighty; The Creator. Are these people so blind that they cannot see that for themselves? Yes, they are. Are they so blind that they are unable to understand why all of these "Great Revivals" have come to nothing? Yes, they are. Instead of facing up to the truth, these people will just go on and blame all of their shortcommings on people who have tried to open up the truth to them, and they will turn around and call them heretics. Or they will blame it on someone whom they deem to be possessed by an evil spirit, a demon, no less. Or they will blame it on their Mythical Satan and all of his demon hoards. Do that ring a bell to you about these people. Do this not ring a bell of their past history of persecutions and witch hunts? Once again, that old Adam and Eve syndrome rises up again. Blaming evething and everyone but themselves for their own shortcommings. These people will not face the truth about themselves. They are afraid to look in front of a mirror for fear that it may reveal the awful truth about themselves. Something to think about!


Nothing has really changed.

It seems ironic that I experienced the very same persecution from the established christian religions as did Yeshua had when he lived on Earth and had many encounters with the established religion of his day. Almost two thousand years had passed since then, and yet, people are still riding that very same merry-go-round, repeating the same errors as if the situation was somthing new. When I first started out, I had it in my heart to try and help these people who call themselves Christians, but they would not let me. Instead, they choose to attacked me for three years untill I was able to get on the Internet, so that I could defend myself from then, and finally fight back and expose those vipers as the ignorant people that they are. Most of those "Christian" churches had been around for a long time and were well established in their local communities, many of them with a large following behind them. I could not help feel like a little David facing these Goliaths. But I knew that Father, and my Beloved Brother Yeshua were overshadowing and guiding my every step. It was only because of this, that I was able to stand up alone against these vipers at their pulpit and in their pews. These ignorant Christian Preachers, who had attacked me from the outset. People like Harold Camping of world wide Family Radio Ministries, that Brother Stair, the false prophet, and even those within the Roman Catholic church. But now, all of their vemonious talk matters not the least. For Father has already decided to step in and give these people their due's for going against one of His Very Elect. These Baal worshipers are going to get into a lot of trouble with GOD, the real GOD of Heaven, the Almighty GOD. They had crossed that invisible, spiritual line by presuming to challenge one of GOD's Very Elect. These people should have been careful, before they rushed from their viper dens and attacked me like they did. Now they might end up, shall we say, out of Commission, sooner than they had thought could ever happen to them. Along with that Baal, spiritual harlot mother church, known as the Vatican. The place where the Baal high priest had invented the phony Christian Baal god or gods. I am glad that I am now able to step aside and have Father defend me through His intervention. For that, I am truly greatfull.



It is well known by now that the Holy Spirit was not within Christianity. Proof of this is in the pudding, so to speak. We can see this proof as we look and study the history of Christianity. So what happened to that original group that had formed the movement of Yeshua? We know that during its beginning years, people formed many pagan ideas that was forign to the original teachings of the original movement of Yeshua. These pagan ideas began to spread quite rapidly after the original Apostles had died off by 70 AD. The battle for the true doctrine continued untill a priest, by the named Arius of Alexandria who preached the truth about the doctrin of the Faith. That Yeshua the Anointed was not GOD. That Yeshua was not co-equal and co-eternal with GOD, the Father. We all know that Father had created Yeshua, and had created the Holy Spirit. GOD had created all of the Angels, and He created His Heavenly Domain. This original doctrine was defeated during the Council of Nicaea (325 AD.) by the then pagan Emperor Constantine, along with the help of Athanasius, who was also from Alexandria who preached the pagan belife that their phony "Je-Zeus Christ" was GOD, that their Je-Zeus Christ is co-equal and co-eternal. That their "Je-Zeus Christ" was the god-man that they had preached and belived. The council had condemned Arianism, but the heretic Sabellius teachings was not universally accepted. Some, like Marcellus of Ancyra, in attacking Arianism, lapsed into Sabellianism. So now those who had proclaimed the true teachings became the heritics and their teachings was looked upon as a heresy and the paganized heresy teachings of "The Church", became the norm when "the Roman Paganized Church" designated itself as having the true teachings of the Gospel. By 380 AD. Roman Emperor Theodosius had proclaimed the now paganized christianity the State religion of the Roman Empire. Dispite this defeat at Nicaea, the true doctrine of the Faith, defended by Arius of Alexandria, continued to be belived by the Goths, Vandals and Lombards untill the 7th century AD when they were finally defeated and cut down by the Paganized Roman Church, (now known as the Roman Catholic Church). From that day onward, The Holy Spirit was no more to be seen on earth, nor had the Holy Spirit ever guided the paganized "Christianity of Rome or of the Eastenr Ortrodox churches". It became the religion that had perverted itself. Somthing I thought that you should know.


Arius was a priest in Alexandria, he taught (318 AD) that God created all things. That GOD created a Son who was the first creature, but who was neither equal to nor coeternal with the Father. According to Arius, Jesus was a supernatural creature not quite human and not quite divine. Because of his teachings, Arius was condemned as a heretical and deprived of his office by the paganized church. He fled to Palestine and spread his doctrine among the masses through popular sermons and songs, and among the powerful through the efforts of influential leaders, such as Eusebius of Nicomedia and, to a lesser extent, Eusebius of Caesarea. The civil as well as the religious peace of the East was threatened, and Roman Emperor Constantine I convoked the first ecumenical council of Nicaea, the first council in 325 AD. in order to have peace amoung his people. That council condemned Arianism and brought in the teachings of the heretic Sabellius. Later, Eusebius of Nicomedia used this fear of Sabellianism to persuade Constantine to return Arius to his duties in Alexandria. Athanasius, who was the chief defender of the paganized, heretical Nicene formula, was a bishop in Alexandria, and conflict was inevitable to follow. The Eusebians had managed to secure Athanasius exile, and when the Arian Constantius II became emperor, all of the Catholic bishops in the East were banished wholesale. Athanasius' exile in Rome brought Pope Julius I into the struggle. A council wholly favorable to Athanasius paganized, heretical teachings, convened at Sardica in 343 AD, that was avoided by the Eastern bishops and ignored by Constantius. The Catholics were left dependent on Rome for support. After the West fell to Constantius, the Eusebians reversed the decisions of Sardica in several councils Arles in 353; Milan in 355; Boziers in 356 AD, and Pope Liberius, Hilary of Poitiers, and Hosius of Cordoba were exiled. The victorious Arians were secure for the time being, but the voices of orthodoxy, however, were not silent. In the West, Hilary of Poitiers and in the East Basil the Great, Gregory Nazianzen, and Gregory of Nyssa continued to defend and interpret the paganized, heretical Nicene formula. By 364 AD, the West had a Catholic emperor in Valentinian I, and when the Catholic Theodosius I became emperor of the East in 379 AD, Arianism was outlawed. The second ecumenical council was convoked to reaffirm the paganized, heretical Nicene formula and Arianism within the empire seems to have expired at once. However, Ulfilas had carried Homoean Arianism to the Goths living in what is now Hungary and the NW Balkan Peninsula with such success that the Visigoths and other Germanic tribes became staunch Arians. Arianism was thus carried over to Western Europe and into Africa. The Vandals remained Arians until their defeat by Belisarius in 534 AD. Among the Lombards, the efforts of Pope Gregory I and the Lombard queen were successful, and Arianism finally disappeared there in 650 AD. In Burgundy the Catholic Franks broke up Arianism by conquest in the 6th centuary. In Spain, where the conquering Visigoths were Arians, paganized Catholicism was not established until the mid-6th centuary. The Arian teachings continued to survive for at least another century. Arianism brought many results to the church. The ecumenical council, the Catholic Christological system, and even Nestorianism and, by reaction, Monophysitism. While Arius of Alexandria and those who followed his teachings may not have fully understood everything about who Yeshua (Jesus) was, he never the less came the closest to the full knowlage. It is in this context that I write the following...
Now the teachings of Yeshua's original Apostles that was defended by Arius of Alexandria has come back to haunt the paganized, heretical teachings of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Othrodox churches, along with those Protestants for perverting the true Gospel.



This new century is dubed the Electronic Information Age. An age where truth will at last prevail. I have noticed this trend is touching every segment of our soceity. This free flow of information came about with the advent of personal computers and the Internet where Information is no longer restrained by the select few. This age will no dought challange a great many long held views that people were lead to belive. We are beginning to find out the truth about world history, religions, governments and business. Before the Electronic Information Age, all people could rely on to know the truth about somthing, was to get the truth through what people wrote in books, newspapers, and TV programs that was greatly "censored" on many sensitive topics. Now because of the free flow of information brought about by personal computers and the Internet, truth is no longer restrained as it once had been. People are finding out the truth more now than at any other time during humanities history. I can see this trend cropping up everywhere, especially on the Internet. This trend has even touched the entertainment sector where I see the light of truth cropping up on new TV. programs such as This Hour has 22 Minutes, Marketplace, Vision TV, the history channel (History Bites), Country Canada, Foreign Assignment, Absolutely Canadian, Need to Know, Royal Canadian Air Farce, Cross Country Checkup, CounterSpin, Land & Sea, Made in Canada along with the old stand by, W5, and the Fifth Estates. Yes, the Electronic Information Age has come at last. It will no dought cause people to be more aware of what is going on in our word. Given that thought, we have no excuse at all not to bring about major changes in our world to pull ourselves out of our past dark ignorant ages. Somthing to think about...

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