While surfing the web, I came across this artical about; Ephraimite
Two-House Hebrew Restoration Cult.


The subject I wish to introduce here is so broad and so deep that I cannot do more than simply make you aware of its existence. My goal is to give you a working basis from which to investigate further in whichever direction you choose. The subject is a segment of an emergent stream of Christianity known as Hebrew Roots Restoration. Twenty-five to thirty years ago, an awakening began amongst evangelical Christians who desired to reconnect to a purer, truer form of worship which they believed could be found by eliminating the pagan influences which had collected within church practice over the millennia and by restoring the gospel to its "Hebrew roots," i.e. first-century context. Regarding the Hebrew Roots Restoration movement, Professor Desmond Maxwell of Belfast Bible College, Ireland, says: "I think if this really gathers momentum, the implications of it require something on the scale of... well, virtually another reformation." The Hebraic-Christianity Colloquium. These distinguish between "Biblical" Judaism (based only upon the written Torah) and Rabbinic Judaism (which includes the Oral Torah as well). They hold the opinion that the Oral Law is mere "traditions of men" which have been elevated above the Torah, an idea based on New Testament writings and a "sin" for which the Pharisees were richly condemned. In their minds, this already sets them apart as superior to the Jews of traditional Judaism. Make no mistake. What they all retain in common is a statement of beliefs which continues to follow the standard of classical Christianity. For example, they claim to worship the "One G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob" and then turn right around and say that He "manifests" Himself as Father, Son, etc. A cursory perusal of their websites will confirm this. The depth of (self) deception and duplicity that is inherent in Christianity cannot be underestimated. Language is all-important. They can comfortably deny being followers of "Jesus," because they recognize him only as "Yeshua." They adamantly deny being missionaries or proselytizers because they believe that if they can elicit an invitation to "share" the reason for their love, their generosity, or their faith, then this does not meet their definition of proselytizing. Missionizing, in their minds, is only such if it is at their initiation and uninvited. Hence, they deny a missionary agenda and promise not to proselytize, but will gladly and eagerly detail their faith and belief system to any Jew who comes out and asks about it. All of their humanitarian work is geared to promoting relationships, which will lead to opportunities to "share" their faith. (See the link on this artical at top of page).

There is also a new Noahide group which Orthodox Jews are encouraging Christians from various Churches to become Noahides Wow! These Christians had departed from the Christian church in search of the true GOD. This clever scheme is a way, or better put, a gateway, to bring these ex-Christians into traditional Orthodox Judaism. What is going on here is that these ex-Christians will be exchanging one pagan religion and God for another. Talk about self deception and duplicity that is inherent in both Christianity and traditional Orthodox Judaism.

Let it be known here and now that we at the People of the Holy Testament are NOT part of any Christian groups, Catholic & Protestant Christians, Christian Messianic Judaism, even though some may speak the name of "Yeshua", when they are really referring to their pagan, man-made Christian God, Je-Zeus Christ. We do not call ourselves "Ephraimites" or hold to the belief that there is a distinction between Biblical Judaism that is based only upon the written Torah, and that of Rabbinic Judaism which includes the Oral Torah as well. For we state explicitly that Biblical and Rabbinic Judaism and its various branches of Messianic Judaism, is as much "pagan" as those who claim to represent Christianity or Islam. Frankly; We view Biblical and Rabbinic Judaism as being no better than Christianity or Islam. For it is written in their Torah, If you hear one dwell therein your cities unfaithful men who have gone forth from among you and led the inhabitants of the city astray, saying, 'Let us go and worship an other god, which you have not known, then you shall inquire, investigate, and if it is true, then you destroy that person with all that he has, even his livestock, with the edge of the sword. And you shall collect all his spoil into the midst of an open square, and burn it completely, for the Lord, your God. Do that also sound like Islam and Christianity? Remember the past and beware! We are known as the "People of the Holy Testament". We do not go out to try to convert or go around proselytizing people into the Kingdom of GOD. We bring the truth on our website and let people choose by their own accord, without any pressure, type of devious enticement, bullying or by force. Nor have we ever donated any funds to any political party in Israel or anywhere else. We do not plan to get directly involved with the nation of Israel, because the Jewish people there are no better than the rest of the pagan world. Ultra-Orthodox (Herdic) and Orthodox Jews are found to worship a pagan God they call YHVH, which they often call Hashem. We do not have any direct involvement with Israel and its people who insist on worshipping a pagan, man-made God or Gods. Israel has become the Un-holy land. It is for this reason we have no inclination to promote or even make "aliyah" to Israel. Sadly, Israel and its people will not be spared from the time of trouble that is to come. May we keep our Heavenly Father close to our heart.


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