Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box-The Melting Pot

In the early 60's a trend towards social tolerance began to evolve. Little by little right and wrong has been banished to the gray abyss of tolerance. We gained a higher level of consciousness by obtaining equal rights for minorities, a good thing. But, then we went beyond. Skill development focused less on values and the substance of one's being,{ our character} and more on social acceptance and esteem.

Respect for authority, life and biblical principles has been lost. God has been taken out of the school. Adult leadership within the family has been taken away by social guidelines, leaving young mothers pleading with their children to stop tearing apart the toy department at Walmart. We are raising a generation of insecure parents and out of control kids.

Note; Respecting authority does not mean one is intimidated by that authority. It simply means that with self interest in mind, one knows that person is older,wiser and better able to make certain decisions. We are better for adhering to wisdom.

In the year 2000 our culture will look back and marvel at how far we have come. But, have we come too far? In just these previous few years we have seen violence and death in our schools, and no one really knows how to combat it. Police presence, metal detectors, gun control, and locking students in, while locking others out, has been the norm this school year. We have listened while the A.P.A. stated that adult/child sex is only harmful because we "think" it is harmful. We've seen minorities tortured and even killed by hateful hearts and the christian agenda blamed. We are told that we need, and in some cases must have sensitivity training when we grasp our biblical morals concerning homosexuality, and speak out. We must refer to it as gender identity disorder and not sin. Afterall, this is the land of the free and anything goes as long as it feels good. Christianity is the restrictive girdle of society's ugly, unruly bulges and no one wants to wear it anymore. Our nation's leaders have left us with the legacy of oral sex and loop hole lies, and this is," The village that should raise our children," according to the first lady. Our Melting Pot has become Pandora's Box.

Why Do We need Absolutes?

There is a very simple answer for that. Without absolutes there is chaos and our nation today is seeing this. As children we rely on our parents to keep us from harm's way. As parents we do not allow our babies to touch the hot fire or jump in to the deep pool. Why? Because we love them of course, and we are looking out for their best interest. And so, our Heavenly Father is so much more loving. He put His "rules" in place not to restrict us, but to free us!

The Ten Commandments

What a loving Father!! He knows that not only is murder, adultry, lying, stealing, envying, etc. wrong. He knows that if we do these things we will be unhappy. He put these"rules" in place for our benefit not our emotional incarceration. We have a society of unhappy lovers because we have the mindset that if it doesn't work out, we'll just get divorced. God's instruction to leave , cleave , be faithful and to treat each other like the relationship between Christ and the church, is good for us! In this type of relationship is happiness even for the non-christian. There is security and love, which is something we all want. God teaches us to love our mates unconditionally. This is good stuff! It keeps people together when they are both abiding lovingly by the rules.

Respecting Authority

Again, God wants this to be a part of our character- not as a cloud hanging over our head, but for our good. Authority is to show equal respect and have only the good of those in subjection in mind. Authority is never to take advantage or ride rough shod. In respecting those in authority, we gain from their wisdom. We gain from just laws. We suffer from murder, right? We suffer from lying. God knew what He was doing when he established His principles. Our society is rebelling against these principles, and we wonder why we have children with no respect for human life. People who can kill others in a heart beat.

We have a government that says that an unborn child isn't a human life and can be aborted. But in other situations a person is convicted of murder if he/she causes a child to be aborted as the result of a car crash. This leaves it in the hands of the mother to decide whether she wants "it" to be human or not. The very person we count on for life can decide our destiny. This contrary ruling has the nation divided in a civil war of the heart.

We must have absolutes. Some things can't be left to the anything goes philosophy. It isn't always just a matter of opinion. There has to be right and wrong or we will be a nation lost forever. We took the Ten Commandments and prayer out of school and chaos moved in. There is no denying that. The enemy today is indifference. The enemy today is disguised as tolerance, and it walks about like a lion seeking whom it may devour.I Pet.5:8 The answer to a decaying nation is compassionate discernment and unyielding absolutes. That is the only way we can close the lid on Pandora's box.

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