Pain and Illness, A Calling?

Illness and Pain

John 11:3 He whom you love is sick.This brief message was sent to Jesus by Martha and Mary. It was their brother Lazarus who was sick, and Jesus loved this man, and yet he was sick. So, we must not think of sickness and pain as part of God's anger. It is intended rather, for our good. Roman 8:28 All things work for the good of those who love God. We will consider these three things.

  • Illness and Pain exists everywhere.
  • Illness and pain can be for the good.
  • Illness and Pain calls us to a special duty.

Illness and pain is everywhere.Illness and pain is often a very humbling experience. It can make a strong man like a little child and a courageous man tremble at the least little thing. It can effect our minds and thinking and it is not something that we can prevent. The bible is the only thing that really gives an answer to why there is pain? The creation, the fall and God's perfect plan. It is everywhere,all around and a part of this life.

Illness and pain can be for our good. Many people never consider that pain can be for our good. They look at illness, pain and suffering and only see the grief. But, I refer you back to Romans 8:28. Consider the following;

  • Illness and pain helps to remind man of death and to think seriously about God.
  • It can change our outlook on life. Many people think of nothing but their own happiness in this world. A long illness can change that. For an example a man who loves money will find that money does not comfort him when he is ill or in pain-only God can.
  • Illness and pain humbles us. It comes to the rich and the poor and shows us our weakness.
  • Illness and pain tests our faith. It helps us to learn if our christianity is real and built on a solid foundation. We find out if our faith brings us comfort.

But by no means will you be left not learning something from the experience. I have known people who soar with faith through their pain and others who climb deep into bitterness.

Illness and Pain calls us to a special duty
And this is where our focus will be. The first thing illness and pains calls upon us to do, is live in such a way that we are ready to meet God. Preparing for the time your heart and body is renewed and this can only be done through a living faith.
The second thing is that pain should always remind us to bear our pain with patience. This is not an easy task. We are often times cut off from the things we normally do, even the simple things. Plans are disrupted and we may have to endure long hours of pain. We must pray that the Holy Spirit will sanctify our temper and outlook. We must make a real work of prayer ,asking regularly for the strength to bear God's will as well as the strength to do God's will. {John 14:14}
Although the passive graces of christianity are overlooked at first glance by the world, meekness, gentleness, long-suffering, faith and patience, they glorify God and are cherished by a loving God.
The third duty of pain and illness remind us to be always ready to sympathize with our fellows in the Lord and out of the Lord. There is always someone near you that is ill. It may be a friend, family member, neighbor or someone in the church. You should see this as an opportunity for you to minister good. It may need only to be a friendly inquiry, or an expression of concern. Or, it may mean sitting by their bedside and leading them to Christ.
In this world of disease and pain we must be ready to bear one anothers burdens Gal.6:2 and to be kind to one another Eph. 4:32. Conscientious attention to such acts of kindness is one of the clearest evidences of having the mind of Christ. The Lord Himself went about ministering in such a way. Acts 10:38. The importance of such an act is shown in Matt. 25:36 I was ill and you visited me.
So when illness and pain comes your way do we fight it as the enemy or do we see it as an opportunity to serve?
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