{This is a poem that I wrote during a particularly hard time in my own life.}


If you can remember to look up from life's burdens,
when disaster has fallen and all are blaming you.
And, look into the eyes of Jesus through prayer,
and know that your burdens belong to Him too.
If you remember that when you are weak,
you are leaning on Christ a little harder, it's true,
when you lean more heavily on the Almighty-
His strength is generously given to you!
If you can face the face of those who lie,
but dwell on the face of the Heavenly One whom you love.
if your heart can give way to sobbing because of one who hates,
and be comforted by the whisper of the spirit-and be spirited away on the wings of a dove..
If you can look at the truth before you,
and confess you've been a fool.
If you can say,"Forgive me,"
though life has treated you cruel.
If you can look at the love you've given-broken,
twisted, kicked about and abused.
If you can say, "Lord help me go on,"
then stoop and pick up those worn out tools.
If you can be hopeful in seeing the nothingness.
And know that Christ can start building when all is gone.
And, tie that knot at the end of your rope,
and listen to the saints who say, "Hold on!"
If you can fill that unforgiving moment
with several more of repentence and prayer,
And remember that our Heavenly Father is all forgiving,
He drys our eyes and takes away the despair...
If you can remember that the yesterdays and tomorrows
are merely words to describe what is not now or today.
You'll find that your heart is quieted
and it is less of a struggle along the way.
If you can keep your eyes upon Jesus
and know that all that is, is His will.
You'll find you have gone the distances,
with unearthly ease and skill

Copy rights reserved to Heaven Bound Ministry 1991-2000

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