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In 1988 our new home education law was passed in Pennsylvania. Before this time, each school district set their own policy for home education, and most were not favorable. Many parents were facing prosecution for home schooling their own children. As a matter of fact, some parents had actually been put in jail! In 1988, our oldest turned ten. That was two years over the "legal" school age, and we were looking down the barrel of a very disapproving school district. But, the new law was passed and we were spared further action.

At this time Howard and Susan Richman were forefront people in lobbying for this law. This is when Pa.Homeschooler's Association was created..If you are looking for a complete copy of the Pennsylvania home education law, you'll find their link to be very informative.

If you are a new home schooler, you might want to look into Home School Legal Defense or A to Z Home's cool

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