Dearest Little Lamb,

I tried to convey to you that I was nearby, but you were distracted by the cares of life. That's ok and I want you to know that I understand your worries, and even when you think I don't care, I'm surrounding you. Though you can not see the tears I shed for your burdens, I can see yours, dear one. And, it's ok when you think you do not have the faith you should, because those upwards, instinctive sighs tell me where your heart is. Even though you cannot find the words to express your need, I can listen to your heartbeat and know exactly what they are.
Do you remember when you were very small? Oh that's right-you can't remember being in your mother's womb, but I can. I loved you then, in fact, I loved you when you were just a twinkle in My eye. Do you remember when you were eight months old and very sick? Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting. The doctors were so worried. But I wept with your mother and my deep apathy for her sorrow echoed throughout the universe. It was so hard for her, but you were in the safest place you could be, My Hands. And, as the years went by, I surrounded her as she prayed for you. You don't know this and I doubt she will ever tell you, but there wasn't a day that went by that she didn't pray for you. She never got discouraged that her prayers could be answered-though there were times her heart felt hollow with grief that you might never seek My face.
Now you have grown and added cares have come to you. I know life is sometimes hard, but you are still in My Hands. Would a Father ever drop His child? There are many questions you have that I have answered, but the limits of your earthliness cannot hear. I'm proud of you, you know. You had such a rough time back in those early years, but now you use those remembrances for the good and have not become bitter. Well, except for that one little spell. But I knew you'd come through it because I gave you the strength to do so, My strength.
Some people confuse my written word, saying that the scripture says that all things happen for your good. But that is not what I said. I wish they wouldn't do that, but man is not perfect-no matter what they think. No, I said that all things work together for your good. Sometimes, the experience of the not so good times makes the blessings more clear. And, it isn't always a matter of something being terribly wrong with your spiritual life. What about my man Job? No man was more perfect than he was. No he wasn't perfect, but he came as close as any man could. He got quite down when things were falling apart around him. He didn't smile and say everything was ok. But, while he was down, he did not forget My promises and Me. He showed that old devil that his attacks couldn't cause him to be untrue to his God. Oh, my heart swelled with love for Him!
When all has fallen around you, I'll be your portion. When you are so discouraged that you can no longer function, you rest, ok? I'll take care of everything. I didn't make you able to handle everything, and I have given you a clear path to My protective arms. Just bury you face in my robe, and I'll take care of the rest.

Loving You Always,
The Shepherd
Depression and the Christian

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