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" We should always be informed as God's people. We are to be good stewards, even and especially in politics."

Be Aware-For the devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour. I.Pet.5:8

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"The devil as a roaring lion,walketh about seeking whom he may devour"

I Pet.5:8

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In San Francisco, pets have the same official status as people in the eyes of the Animal Control and Welfare Commission. Dogs, cats, and even cockroaches -- if, for some reason, somebody has a pet cockroach -- have equal standing as people That's because the commission voted to use the term, "pet guardian" in all official documents. The term, "pet owner" is no longer allowed because, according Commissioner Chen Chi, animals were not created for humans, anymore than blacks were created for whites or women created for men....THIS IS NOT GOOD.

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Lawmakers are moving to correct a Supreme Court ruling that affects religion in the workplace.Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., has introduced a bill aimed at righting a 1977 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that substantially weakened religious freedom protections for employees. It is a civil-rights violation if an employer refuses to allow a Muslim woman to wear the modest garb required by her faith while on the job simply because this is not the standard uniform worn by employees," Foulton said. "It is a civil-rights violation when an employer refuses to give a devout Catholic woman Christmas off, even when a number of her fellow employees were ready, willing and able to substitute for her on her holy day.If it is passed, the bill would correct a misinterpretation of congressional intent which has been allowed to stand for over 20 years.

HomeSchooler gets arrestedAn apparent bureaucratic foul-up has resulted in a home-schooling Virginia couple being fingerprinted and booked in spite of filing all the proper paperwork.
Gerald and Angela Balderson say they filled out the forms with the school superintendent in order to take their 8-year-old son out of public school for a more personal education. A month later, they got a letter from his former assistant principal. "(H)e was notifying me that my son had missed 34 days of school," said Angela Balderson.. After a call to the superintendent's office, which handles home-schoolers, the Baldersons were told the mistake would be taken care of. Then one evening, an officer came to the door. "He told me he had a warrant for our arrest," said Mrs. Balderson, who was arrested on a truancy violation. Virginia law says only superintendents have the authority to make the call on truancy violations, but in this case it was an assistant principal who went straight to the courts. "I got really upset," she said. "I had never had anything like this to happen to me. I had nobody I could go and talk to about it." Michael Farris, with the Home School Legal Defense Association, now represents the Baldersons. "The (assistant) principal took the law in his own hands and aggressively went after this family," Farris said. Farris said school systems tend to be careful when it comes to crossing paths with groups like the ACLU. "We want them to adopt that same kind of carefulness when it comes to home-schoolers and not tread on our rights and just run over us just because we're a small minority," he said. The Baldersons have filed suit for false arrest and gross negligence in an attempt to get the school district's attention. Their message: "Don't do this to anybody else, because it can hurt their lives," Mrs. Balderson said. Victory Hate-crimes legislation is gone, for now .Protections for crimes committed against people based on their sexual orientation., not that this was bad. But the "language" provided UNequal protection to different victims.

Victory Pro-life advocates scored a small victory . Clinton approved restrictions on overseas funding for abortions.

AB 26 legalizing domestic partnerships AB 537 which adds “sexual orientation” to the Education Code AB 1001 and AB 1670 which make “sexual orientation” -- a behavior -- a civil right.

Victory The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to review a Massachusetts custody case involving two lesbians and a child artificially conceived by one of them


On Oct 21rst, Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania-a christian introduced this ban to congress again. Pres.Clinton says he will vetoe it again if it is passed. Well, it passed, but it will be vetoed. Keep Mr. Santorum in your prayers. He is passionate about this cause, and no doubt he will continue to fight.

The capitol switchboard can be reached at 202-224-3121

OUR VOICE made the difference. ~~~~~~~~~


HR 1691-The Religious Liberty Protection Act The greatest threat facing today's christian is the assault on religious freedom!SEE THE WATCHDOG FOR DETAILS~~~

{American Psychology Association} Do you remember the alert about the A.P.A. stating that child molestation isn't harmful? They said,t is because people believe it is wrong that makes it harmful. Well,due to an aggressive focus by Dr.Laura and James Dobson,the A.P.A. had published a retraction,and has admitted that they did not do an actual study!! A VICTORY

FROM DOBSON-Misinforming the punishment of crime is certainly one threat this study poses. A recent case in Arizona reminds us why it's so important to set the record straight. In October, a 37-year-old former gym teacher, who had children over to his home for "sleepovers" was sentenced to 88 years in prison for molesting at least five boys. Seven boys, ranging in age from six to 13, accused the man of molesting them. The man's defense attorney protested against the sentence, citing -- you guessed it -- the APA published child sexual abuse study. However, through our contacts with the APA, Family Research Council worked to make sure that the defense attorney knew that the APA was willing to file a friend of the court brief against the study. The APA is networking with us and other groups to make sure that this study is not used to soften attitudes towards these horrific crimes. Janet Parshall is national spokesperson for the Family Research Council, a Washington, D.C. public policy organization.


"It's Elementary"
This was published here a couple of months ago,but it is still making it's rounds. It is s a tv video about to be,and in some cases already,broadcast on PBS stations.It is an agressive attempt to persuade our youngsters to embrace homosexuality.The agenda is tolerance,but does not include christianity's rights.This is ths scary part. It has quotes by young kids,saying,"Why don't they just give us the facts,and let us decide?" This type of subtle and not so subtle attack on christianity robs us of our rights as U.S. citizens first of all.But it is also taking away moral absolutes,and without them,there is chaos.
Watch for it in your child's classroom.And call your PBS station and let them know you don't want it!


A bitter pill for pro-lifers. That's how some describe the imminent approval of RU-486 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The controversial abortion pill is expected to be available by prescription as early as April.

DOBSON's RESPONSE to violence and school shootings. This was noted on a Focus on the Family Show shortly after th Columbine tragedy. "


Remember, it is now a federal crime to send sexually explicit or harrassing email. You don't have to put up with it!

MARCH 7th Protect the Sanctity of Marriage

Voters will go to the polls to consider Proposition 22, known as the Protcection of Marriage Initiative. If this pro-family measure passes, it will add these fourteen crucial words to the Cal. Family Code; Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in Cal. This has been done in Maine, Alaska and Hawaii and hopefully California will follow. In Vemont pro-family lost it's battle when the Supreme Court directed the state to allow same sex marriages.
For further information, please contact us. 1121 L Street, Suite 810 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 444-8080 OR

Following the murder of a suspected homosexual soldier, the military's civilian leaders have instituted mandatory "sensitivity training." Retired Army Col. Bob Maginnis, with the Family Research Council, has observed the sensitivity training now given to all service members. All of these recent changes make the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, more like "don't ask, don't listen." "If someone says they are being harassed for being a homosexual, the commanding officer is not supposed to find out whether that person is homosexual, but instead is supposed to investigate the accused harassers," Donnelly said. "This can be seriously abused." "Homosexuality is here to stay in the military. It's being promoted, and you don't dare speak out,"


The highest court in Massachusetts has ruled in favor of a pastor who spanks his son, but others may face child-abuse charges for following Biblical mandates. In this case the DSS has to notify everyone that they had notified that I had committed abuse, that it's not so.

by Stuart Shepard, staff writer

The pro-gay movement wants to end pro-family speech in public schools. A booklet is being sent to nearly 15,000 school districts around the country, urging them to reject any speech contesting the homosexual agenda. The 13-page booklet, entitled "Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth," trumpets endorsements from the National Education Association, theAmerican Psychological Association and eight other groups. The heavily footnoted text attacks reparative therapy and transformational ministries for homosexuals. "This isn't just the facts, this is just the politics," said Janet Parshall, with the Family Research Council. According to Parshall, the booklet attempts to use the schools as a bully pulpit on homosexuality. "As a former public school teacher, I think this booklet is going to end up in the garbage can." Bob Davies, with Exodus Ministries, which helps homosexuals leave the lifestyle, said educators should reject the booklet. "I think that this is a very dangerous message that's being sent out to schools around the country," Davies said. "I think that this message that there is no hope for change is going to push students further toward suicide. So, to me, this is a message that needs to be strongly counteracted by people of faith who know the truth." The booklet also attempts to frighten school officials by claiming any other point of view violates the Constitution -- an allegation that troubles attorney Matt Staver. "In this book, they present information as though if you condemn homosexuality or say that it's not natural, or say that you can change your homosexuality, that that somehow violates the so-called "separation of church and state" or the Establishment Clause," Staver said. "That's simple nonsense." The authors of "Just the Facts" say it was written in response to ministries that work to liberate homosexuals from that lifestyle, such as Focus on the Family.