We are a christian family of seven,{and growing} dedicated to the service of our Lord. Our family has been involved with homeschooling for 15 years as of this school year. {2000} We have found it to be a rewarding experiencing-hard at times, but well worth the effort. We are now schooling the last of our school aged children and have entered the grand-parent phase of our lives.

We as a couple, have seen the devastation of divorce and the splendor of re-marriage to each other. We have struggled through single parenting and the ups and downs of being a blended family, inlaws stresses and all that goes with it. But as Dobson's notes in one of his books, you must have a sense of humor and most certainly a sense that God's will is always done.

The web mistress has been involved with teen crisis counsel and respite while she was single parent, which was also a very rewarding experence. {NOTE; " We had the badest of the bad come to our home. At times straight from a juvenille facility and often in handcuffs. But these kids were no different than anyone else. They wanted and needed to be loved and to fit in."

She also is hearing impaired after losing her hearing during an act of domestic violence.

We hope that our experiences will be a benefit to you.

We bring these pages to you, hoping that they will be of value and a source of encouragement to you in your daily walk.

We have bible studies,messages boards,a prayer page,chats, home school resources ,page for each age group, and much more. You can find a complete list in our index room, which can be found by going to our

Our NEWS ALERT page is an endeavour to keep you up to date on what is going on in the House. Our country is growing more and more tolerant of non-biblical principles. We here at Heaven Bound believe in compassionate discernment and unyielding absolutes. We must reach the lost with that compassion and not a critical heart.

The opinions included in our link resources do not necessarily represent the opinion of Heaven Bound Ministry.

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