It was the night before January,
when the date would roll over to 2000.
People were frantically stocking water and batteries,
with little hope seen on the y2k horizon.

Computers were in overdrive,
all through the land.
While computer addicts searched,
for possible y2k bugs in the megabyte sand.

When from nowhere he came,
his cape in a whirl.

To the rescue he flew,
to stop the derailment of the world!

mightier than Mighty Mouse,
with more tricks in his bag than old Saint Nick.
He knew heart and home,
might be doomed by the y2k glich!

He flew across the country,
from forest to sea.
EW!!! YUK!!

He knew things would change,
life as we knew might shut down.

So with a mega giant can of Raid
He shot that Y2k bug down!

All was ok, he knew in a flash
All across the nation, few computers really crashed.

And on his way home to super hero land, he saw such a sight!
A man in his boat,
who was completely y2k ready with
his little old boat, hoping fishy would bite!

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