The Mule

Step Up!

There was an old mule who had lived a very long life, and had been faithful to his master. There were times that he became stubborn, but his master grew to love him. There were many times when the grass was green and life was quite pleasant. There were other times when drought or much snow would make the mules task much harder.

One day the mule was walking when he fell into a deep well. He cried out and a neighboring farmer heard him. By the time the farmer got to the well, the mule had grown so tired that he couldn't call out anymore. The farmer peered down into the darkness and saw the shadowy form of the mule lieing still on his side. So, the farmer decided to put him out of his misery and went and got some other farmers. All the farmers began shoveling dirt in on the mule intending to bury him and fill in the well..

The mule awoke and felt the dirt landing on him and it hurt. He didn't have any strength, so he stayed still. But, then he realized that he would die if he stayed there. The old mule got up and shook the dirt off his back, and the dirt kept coming. He shook it off again and again. He noticed that the dirt was up to his knees, so he stepped up and was then standing on the dirt. He kept shaking it off and stepping up and before long, he walked right out of that well. He returned home to his master and served many more years.

When we are tired and life's burdens weigh us down so heavily, just kept shaking it off and stepping up-God isn't done with us yet.

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