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The Site "The Franchise" Built

Dear Members of the Franchise Fan Club,

Greetings and salutations. Thank you for taking the time out of your precious schedule, and visiting my glorious site; to indulge in the writings and photos of one of the greatest human beings to ever walk the earth. No, you haven’t linked to You’ve come to one of the most prestigious, bottom of the barrel, free angelfire sites on this wonderful world of the Internet. This is not just any site, but “The Site ‘The Franchise’ Built.”

Below, you’ll find some of my greatest photos, containing friends, family, and celebrities who have strived to get themselves in a photograph with the hottest guy on the even numbered side of S. Crescent Blvd.! (Yes, Matt Reilly lives on the odd side…go figure.)

Some may say that this is a very egotistical site. Some may say that it’s done purely to put myself over with my legions of fans. Some may go as far to even say that arrogance pours profusely from it. Well my friends just remember what Shane Douglas once said, "It’s not arrogance…just greatness!"

So take your time, scroll down, and enjoy the pictures and writings of this Silver Pen Award winning journalist. I’m always open to suggestions, criticism, and praise (if you should feel so compelled). As always, thanks for coming. Take care. Brush your hair.

I remain,
“The Franchise” Frank Romeo

Birthday: June 9th, 1977
Home: Yardley, PA
School: Millersville University Graduate '01
Major: Elementary Education (I'd like to teach either third, fourth, or fifth grade)
Jobs: Cento Italian Foods, substitute teacher, soon to return to program directing at Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge
Mottos: "100% honest, 99% of the time." - myself. "Do onto others, and enjoy it." - Brian Pillman. "He who laughs last is a damn fool for waiting so long!" - Bobby Heenan. "You can't teach what you don't know anymore than you can come back from where you ain't been!" - Will Rogers -----------------------------------------------------
Marital Status: Eternally single

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