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Most everyone has heard of the Easter Bunny. On the other hand, if you ask anyone, you are pretty sure to learn that very few people have ever heard of the Easter Hippo. Truth is, most of us would want to say "Thank You" if we found out how sweet Easter Hippo had been. You see, one year, Easter Bunny was really upset! Things were looking mighty grim! Bad stuff was popping all over the place right at our Easter Bunny. Our poor Little Easter Bunny was feeling mighty bad.... It looked like there sure wouldn't be any Easter that year. Easter Bunny was having lots of problems. There just isn't enough space here to tell you all about it. The little kids were crying tears of colored Easter Eggs...They could hardly stand the idea of there being no Chocolate Easter Eggs,Marshmallow chicks, NO Easter Baskets...or any of the other goodies...Things were looking rough all right....Easter Bunny thought and thought but just couldn't think of how to fix the problem. Those colored Easter Egg tears were turning the entire earth into different colors...Things were looking gloomy and no way to fix it. Easter Bunny just couldn't do his job this year.

It sure didn't look like there would be an answer. Then, a big old Hippo approached the Easter almost made the Easter Bunny laugh at first..You see, the Hippo had an idea...but it sure was an unusual idea! This Hippo had told Easter Bunny how very tired she had gotten of being so slow...and never being able to move very gracefully...So, she had asked Santa for a special gift. Santa had made these gifts for the Hippo herself...His most seasoned elf could not make this gift...You see, it was a pair of sneakers that was so magical that when Easter Hippo put them on, she just flew through the sky but on landing on earth, she was as light as a feather....Oh, Yes, only Santa could do a job that special.

Santa, being Santa, could understand how Hippo felt. He agreed to help the Hippo on one condition only. She must never use the shoes unless it was to help someone else with. Santa wanted Hippo to learn that it wasn't how FAST one is that is important but how one helps others that is most important. Also, it's most important to be oneself and just be happy being oneself. Santa stayed so busy all year from Christmas to had taken him two Christmas's just to get these shoes finished.

People who saw the Easter Hippo said it was quite a sight indeed....but everyone was soooooo surprised that NO ONE took a picture of the great Easter Hippo...and so it is....that the only pictures of the Easter Hippo that we have are ones taken before and ones taken after she delivered the eggs. Everyone was so happy...the chocolate bunnies and eggs were delivered along with the baskets and all went just like clockwork.

Most important, Easter Hippo learned that the best things in life are helping others and being oneself. There was a big celebration when Easter Hippo returned to her friends and family.

She hung up her sneakers and promised to wear them again when she could help someone else. So, keep an eye open....for you never know when the Easter Hippo might be "out there" helping whoever she can find to help.
~Iris M. Wilde