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"Jessica's Page"


 About Jessica


  During Jessica's career as a Junior Drag Racer, she was one of the top Junior racers in the country.  No brag, just fact.  She earned this reputation with killer reaction times and consistent elasped times. She's hard to beat.  She could be seen every weekend racing at her home track, Pittsburgh Raceway Park, and helping with the track's Jr. Drag Racing School.

 If you'd ask her how she did that day...she'd simply say ok.  She is very humble about her ability,is always willing to talk to the younger kids who are courious about racing and will even let them sit in her car to try it out! 
 To Jessica:
    So often we all refuse to follow our dreams because we might suffer rejection or embarrassment and we let ourselves be consumed by boredom, frustration, disappointment and anger.  She puts the "champion" in "Championship Drag Racing."

    Don't let a fear of failure conquer you.  Live the dream!!

                                                                    --Your Crew Chief  (Dad)

Jessica's First Car

Jessica's 1996 Monaco Car

Jessica's 2002 Half Scale Car

Jessica's 1987 S & W Top Dragster

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