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Donato Family Racing
On Your Back-to-Back Track Championships!

2003 8-9 Year Old & 2004 10-12 Year Old Track Champion
Dominic finished 1st at Pittsburgh Raceway Park in the 2004 Points Series and is the 10-12 Year Champ!


        It's 105,  The asphalt is over 120.  There they sit in the staging lanes for 20 minutes wearing a fireproof suit, gloves, helmet, neck collar, arm restraints and a five point harness, waiting to compete.
        Vibrations of 2 motors idling at 4000 RPM rattle your eardrums.  They trips the lights, spits raw fuel and the tire shakes rattle their guts.  They cross the finish line at 75 mph, with their engine screaming at 8900 rpm!
        One car wins, one car loses all in 8.5 seconds in an 1/8th of a mile.

What a rush!!  Life is good!!

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