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Lisa M. Sullivan is the oldest of four girls. She writes under the pen name 'Starr Lisa'
which is a combination of her little sister Sheila’s (RIP) nickname and her first name.
It's her way of honoring her sister, Sheila Yvette Ferguson
who was murdered in December of 1998.
Her friends gave her the name Starr because she always shined her light brightly
on everyone she met. I included her name with mine to carry on her legacy of being a bright 'Starr'.
Lisa resides in Riverdale, Ga. and grew up in the Bronx, NY.
She is the mother of four sons and writes full time.
Lisa is also working on her first novel
"Passion's Ignite" with co-author Clayton E. Corley, Sr.
"I discovered that I had a love for writing while spending the summer
with my grandparents, high up in the 'Blue Ridge Mountains' of Asheville, NC
I have been writing poetry and short stories since the age of 10.
Writing for me is like breathing, it's my Air."

'May our 'Voices' never be 'Silent'...May we never put down the 'Pen'
.and May the 'Words' that we eat, sleep, dream and share always flow Strong'