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Clayton E. Corley, Sr. is the younger of two sons born to the late Barbara Mae Ayers and
William McKinley Corley. He developed his love of writing at the age of 14.
While in High School he wrote for the school newspaper where he won a
Junior Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for his articles
surrounding the West Philadelphia High Speedboys basketball team,
who at the time were a national powerhouse.
His true love became writing poetry of which he has written over 200.
He was born under the sign of Pisces, and as is true to most born under that sign he is a “Dreamer”
This trait no doubt is evident in his writing.

Clayton is currently working on a novel with one of his writing partners
Lisa Sullivan entitled “Passion’s Ignite.”
With the encouragement of the co-authors of Universal Moods,
Lisa, Shandra, Dawndra and Michelle, he has finally ventured out into the
world of literature in becoming a published author.

Clayton credits his literary influences from the likes of
poets Langston Hughes and George Moses Horton to his Mother,
who was an avid writer in her own right.

"I sincerely hope that you, the readers of Universal Moods, enjoy the world as seen thru our eyes
as much as we've enjoyed presenting it to you."