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Castanea Breeders Corner

This site is for everyone who is interested in timber chestnut trees. The ultimate tree is the American chestnut. Unfortunately the chestnut blight prevents most trees from reaching above 20 feet in height before it kills them. The surviving roots send up new shoots. There are a few methods to bring back a resistant American chestnut tree. One is the backcrossing method used to capture the genes from an Asiatic chestnut tree that has resistance to the blight. The other method is to intercross among American chestnuts selected for native resistance to the blight. Along the way either method should produce trees with good timber form and some resistance which make them worthy to use for future breedings. That is why this site was created. This is a place for us to keep track of those special trees. A place for pictures or messages of your own timber type hybrids and large surviving American trees. A place where we could make contact with others for exchanging ideas, pollen, trees, nuts, and to help others in the pursuit of the ultimate tree.

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