The stars of the show

Here, you will find short biographies of all of the characters of Capitol Critters. Enjoy!

Voice Talent: Neil Patrick Harris

Max is the main character of the show. One morning, Max's family was killed by the local exterminators. His mother told him to go find his cousin, Berkeley in Washington, D.C. which were her last words before getting gassed. Max went to Washington, grieving heavily on not being able to save his family, although he thought that he could have. His cousin Berkeley, as well as the rest of the cast, help him through his ordeal. Max is, as far as I can describe him, an Anti-Racist. He gets along with Moze and he doesn't fear or hate the roaches.

Voice Talent: Charlie Adler

Our Local smart-ass. Jammet doesn't take a very good liking to Max when he first meets him, but after a little bit, Jammet gets used to Max being around. Jammet's mom couldn't find a place for Max to stay, so she makes Jammet share his room, which didn't thrill Jammet too much. The one thing that Jammet likes more than sleeping is candy. He gets hypnotized when he sees any of it, especially when there's a heaping bowl of it! Jammet, unlikle Max, simply despises the roaches. And Moze is no exception.

Voice Talent: Jennifer Darling

Max's cousin, Berkeley is a flower girl in the nineties, she uses the word "facist" a few times, which proves my guess to be true. She helps Max get through grieving over his family's deaths a little more than Jammet. The roaches don't seem to bother Berkeley too much, unlike the other rodents.

Voice Talent: Pattie Deutsch

The head of the household, which just happens to be the whole basement. To you, that may seem to be a lot, but she lets all of the residents live their own lives. She knocks Jammet around (because of Max's display of manners to her, and she wishes that Jammet would learn them too). She grows to like Max a lot after a few minutes of meeting him. :)

Voice Talent: Bobcat Goldthwait

Muggle is a retired lab rat who happens to be a very intelligent one. He explodes sometimes, and poison really doesn't have a bad effect on him. "He's been put through all sorts of lab tests. He's been injected with everything from LSD to iced tea mix. Personally, I think the iced tea mix put him over the edge." - Trixie

Voice Talent: Dorian Harewood

Moze hails from the other side of the wall, along with the other roaches. He, as well as his roach friends are hated by the rodents. Moze and Max get along just fine, and Moze doesn't seem to mind Max's company. But he gets a bit negative-minded when Jammet rolls around.

P. Cat and V.P. Cat
Voice Talent:Unkown

Ooooooooo Look out! The P. Cat and V.P. Cat are the villans in the show. The P. Cat is the faster, stealthier, and is the more dangerous of the two. Basically he is like a cheetah stalking an antelope, and when he sees what he wants, he runs after it. The V.P. Cat, on the other hand, is not very skilled in hunting mice. He lumbers along until he sees a mouse astray from the ventilation shafts. Then he gallops after it, slipping and sliding while trying to turn a corner after his prey. The V.P. Cat is a klutz to say the least. He ends up failing miserably trying to catch a mouse, and is stuck with process fish at 5:00 P.M.

Voice Talent: Unknown

Opie is a drug addicted squirrel with bags under his eyes and always needs a caffine fix. Jammet gives Opie his "ends" and Max doesn't like Jammet for it. Opie ran out of food to give Jammet, so he decided to steal from his own family to pay Jammet!

Voice Talent: Unkown

Felix is "the rat next door." He bugs Jammet all the time, and Jammet just ignores him. Felix doesn't last very long. On a raid on the President's barbeque, Felix gets caught in a mousetrap while walking in the vents with Jammet and his group. The P. Cat makes short work of him.


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