About the Capitol Critters

Capitol Critters started in January 1992. Great things were expected to happen after the show was released, but in the end, which happened to be in 1996, the show flopped.

The heads of the outfit were Nathan Mauldin, Steven Bochco, and Michael Wagner. Hanna-Barbera Studios produced the show, along with all of the merchandise that came along with it.

The Cast of the show included Neil Patrick Harris (from "Doogie Houser"), Charlie Adler(Buster Bunny), Jennifer Darling, Pattie Deutsh, Dorian Harewood, and superstar comedian and movie actor (from Police Academy), Bobcat Goldthwait.

Tim Curry and a number of other actors and voice talents had a hand in making Capitol Critters possible.

Okay, folks. I have found a number of websites stating that "Capitol Critters" was a real snore-fest. Well, unfortunately, they were all either watching low-budget porn movies, the Home-Shopping Network, or were renting "Dying Young" over and over again. *blech!* I don't think anybody grasps the concept of reality, which was the cornerstone of the show's plot! And "Capitol Critters" had its funny moments, and there were quite a bit of them. "Tiny Toons" may have beat the show out on the airwaves, but there are still some people who remember the show, and there are two of them who have the show on tape, and I'm one of them.

All characters, names, logos, and any other related incidnia Copyright © Hanna-Barbera Productions.

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