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All links on this page are either: websites that I like, good military technology websites, or sites whose webmasters have been gracious enough to make a link to my site. These sites are not sorted in any way, so don't think that just because a site is listed before another one that I like it better.

WEBMASTERS: If you have a site about anything related to the military, and would like me to place a link, please E-mail me. If I like your site, I will make a link to it, however, it would be nice of you to put a link to my site on yours.

Fighter Planes and Military Aircraft
This site has information on fighter planes and military aircraft from all over the world from the 1930's up to today

The Boeing Aircraft Company
Boeing was nice enough to let me use pictures from their site, and let me put a graphic link on my index.

This site has over one million pictures of military, civil, historic, and other aircraft from all over the world.

The Aviation Zone
Although mainly dedicated to cargo and transport aircraft, this site features pictures of lots of different aircraft, and lots of info on cargo and transport aircraft.
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Aside from information and pictures of over 160 different aircraft, this site features interesting articles and tools to help one get a better understanding of aerospace.

SR-71 Online - An Online Aircraft Museum
Online aircraft museum featuring many different military aircraft, but mainly based on the SR-71 and its variants

Aerophoto International
The biggest personal aviation photo site in the world

Milavia - Military Aviation Website
I am an editor for this site which features a lot of aircraft also found on this site. Niels has a lot of good features on his site (downloads, etc.), and I encourage you to visit this site, too!

GLOBEMASTER US Military Aviation Database
This information server contains all active aircraft operating units and air bases of the US forces around the world, including tail codes, maps, aircraft fact sheets and official links. It's an amazing website!

Aeronautical Systems Center History Office (USAF)
Site contains information about the Wright Brothers, aviation, online Air Force history books, Wright-Patterson AFB, and aviation photos

AirToAirCombat.Com: for military aviation news links from around the globe.

A listing of the best aviation sites around. Sites are divides into categories (military, airshows, etc.)

MiG-29 Fulcrum Flights in Russia More links to come soon.

All links current as of July 6, 2011
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