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Pacification Program

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Phase I: Preparatory Activities

(1) Delineation of the area to undergo pacification: a 5,000 meter stretch of
highway along QL 1 between the Song Nuoc Man River on the north and the Song
Trau Cau River on the south, vic BS771461 and BS789417. The area to be pacified
stretches from the QL 1 about 5,000 meters to the east and 2,000 meters to the west.

(2) Designation of Chain of Command: This is a combined operation. B Co. is
responsible to its company commander and battalion commander, respectively. The RF/PF
are responsible to their platoon leaders, company commander and District Chief,
respectively. Neither the U.S. nor the Vietnamese command the other. A basis of
mutual respect and friendship is a must. Cooperation and close coordination
between Vietnamese and U.S. leaders at all levels is the key to a successful
chain of command relationship between the two nationalities.

(3) Concept of Operations: to pacify the designated area using combined U.S. and
Vietnamese forces working, training, living, and operating together to secure
and upgrade the 7 hamlets in the area. The taskforce is as follows:

(a). B/1/20 CP, 1st Plt, Mortar Plt, PF Plt 185 and RD Tm at Van Truong Ville BS783433
(b). One squad 2nd Plt with RF 172 Co. at North Bridge grid BS771461.
(c). Remainder 2nd Plt with RF 183 & 184 Plts with 3 RD Tms in 4 hamlets @ BS777447.
(d). One squad 3rd Plt and Plt CP with RF 147 Co at grid BS 789447.
(e). One squad 3rd Plt and 169 PF Plt. @ grid BS 787429.
(f). One squad 3rd Plt and 181 PF Plt. @ grid BS 797394.
(g). One squad 3rd Plt and 169 RF Co. near Duc Pho City at BS795380.
(h). In future, one squad 1st Plt and PF Plt at fishing ville BS835396.
(i). From these combined bases, B Co. and ARVN have secured 5,000 people conducting
numerous operations to destroy the VC. All the people in the area have been moved to
government controlled areas along Hwy QL 1. In the daytime they work their farms.

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