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silent advice

everyday I wake up paralized
past of lives, lies
I am no longer deeply shaken by this life
emotions are crumbling
words grow short
and memories, I hold to blame
for my maturity
don't you wish you knew
i'd rather feel pain
then feel nothing at all
I was faced with my old self
and these feelings rushed inside
I was deeply shaken
that's when I realized why
how the truth can hide
No one knows the difference
or can tell me how I feel
No one feels this pain, no one amounts
and i try to make myself beleive
i am not alone
our lives crossed at the point
but out future points us in diffrent direction
Intersecting lines, never to meet
only to grow further distant
Our paths will cross again
there is no logic in this theroy
But there is no logic in what we live
we will walk the same roads again
at midnight,
stare, gazing into fear
our pale painted faces
pain in an old feeling
laughter, sleep, fufillment
all drip away, as the cup of our past disolves
in our memories
sit you on a shelf and just remember your silent advice
just remember there was someone there
& who I was
once upon a time