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Naive like a Battle cry

In quanity we're thrown away
Our lives and happiness
Left emptiness, no control
You try to convince us to go our own way
You try to convince us to smile
Naive like a battle cry
You push ignorance at us, like an advertisment
Don't you love what you've created, volience
A youth that demands reason
No! We won't walk away
We want to know why, you've tried to make us this way
Test your product on humans
Use us for your fame, use us in your game
I wanna know why there is so much pain
I want to learn as much as you want to take away
Demanding something from this earth
Realizing nothing can make me see, complete
The stinging of empiness that lies within
And no, don't think I beilive in anarchy
Too much freedom that would only create a spiral
Of what we've already become
I won't go down in your book
You won't check me off
With a line that starts somewhere
And ends at the last teardrop
You just go on with your advertisments
I'll work toward becoming unignorant
In your distorted ways
Society, I guess I can't blame you
Somewhere inside I bet I wanted to be
My voice may never be heard
But atleast I can pass it on
And others will believe in true unity

4-15-00 ~Sabrina~