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Can't escape this, as I lack, Fall back
I don't know anything anymore
Use to have the mind of pain
But I understood
Now I'm in between and simply dumb
People pass me by, I try
A I try to not show this
Insecurities, Nothing I do is right
Why do I even fight
Off this thought of emptiness
Past is gone and memories fade
I am no one anymore, purpose of life is gone
And I hang on, those old words
Comforting people use to tell me
"You beautiful, you are your own, you mean so much to me"
I still believe, conpericy
I can't let go, I look down, as I am told
I am selfish, I take too much
I think your wrong, I never took enough
From you, I am sucked gone
And I can't stand the sound of this song
Insecurities, you pick at everything I lack
You look at me... use me
But I never look back...

~Jan 10th 2000