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People think they are finding themselves
When they sew their pathces on their jackets
Rip Holes in their jeens
Spike their hair, and adopt someone elses ideas
But really they have no idea
They print LOSER on their shirts
Like its some kind of compliment
But tell me, how are you so sure that you're the loser
When you don't know what a loser is
You cross your arms and pout when
you're caught smoking on skool grounds
Then you say nothing is fair
When your life is at your feet
Yeah you fight the system and authority
When really your just fighting yourself
Take one good look at your life
and tell me exactly, what the hell is wrong?
It is only what you make of it
Until you've seen split homes
Spoke with a hopeless junkie
Been judged by the color of your skin
Been acused of lying, cheating
Felt complete betrayal
-whatever that means-
Then don't even think of preaching
your heartless veiws to me