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A broken girl sits and smiles
She has been left untouched for a while
With a heart of dreams
She breaths in the slightly pure air
Just for one last moment
Just for one last taste
Of whats from above
Healed again all she wanted was to be whole
Fragial again all she wanted was to be loved
In this world where dirt and pain is daily
I can't see straight away from here
Sheltered from sin, I feel at peace
Only for a second to savor
Go little girl back to your castle of rage
Go little girl back to your sheltered pain
Trying just for the moment to smile
Linger on the peace Carry on the hope
Remember this love little child
He says in the wind
"But go"...


Inspired by a christain camp I serve at during the summer. I've been a camper there for 4 years, and the last 2 years I also was a Jr. Staffer. This summer I am just going to Jr. Staff because I enjoy myself better when I'm helping out. Being there as a camper just doesn't compare.