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BTK-Born To Kill

You stole the kid's father, while he was in his mother's womb
With the pull of a trigger it was done
You saved your ass, By taking his life
You made yourself clean
Free from the burden of your unmistakable acts of murder, robery, and selfishness
And you want me to feel sorry for you?
My pity lyes with those who lost their lives, because you were too absorbed in yourself to get a job
Too absorbed to notice the pain of others
Your childhood was rough, being a refugee
Being "abanded" by your parents
Yet you still have no right
On Canal Street, you've shown me, just how insecure you are
Just how naive and morbid people can become

The woman heard a gun shot.
That took her faith away
Her love was lost, as she sat, tear-stained face
With his blood soakin in her clothes
Her son witnessed from her womb
His father lie dead
Beacuse of you
BTK- Born to Kill
Yeah the gang of Brotherhood
Brotherhood of crime, bitterness & Hatred
A group of kids that become more than just misled

4-23-00 ~Sabrina~