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Boy, your boots can leave a mess...

Last updated: 4/8/01

Welcome to my Tori Amos bootleg page! If there is anyone out there who loves Tori's live stuff as much as I do, please don't hesitate to contact me . I am constantly looking to expand my selection. Right now I am looking for New York, NY 3/30/94, Cleveland, OH 6/4/96, Cedar Rapids, IA 7/26/96, Charlotte, NC 8/24/99 Dayton, OH 8/3/96, Dayton, OH 10/27/98 and GOOD copies of MSG, New York 7/28/98 and especially a good quality copy of Bethleham, PA 11/23/98. These were my first Tori shows and of course the copies I have stink. I would also *love* anything with her solo or doing any improvs or unique "Tori-isms". Please check out my stuff; I would love anything I don't have so e-mail me at (note the change in address) if you want to trade. Also, I LOVE to do newbie trades (2:1, b&p, flat fee), so let me know!

I'm working on updating my page so I have pictures from meet & greets for each concert because they are taking up too much space on my hard drive; so please be patient!! (Most of the photographers from these pictures can be found on The Dent's EWF photo album--sorry I didn't credit all of them, I can't keep track. If you would like to be credited, just email me and I will be SURE to put your name there!!) Also, I know those pop-up ads are soooooo annoying, and I apologize but I don't have time to go find another server after spending all year making this page! Ugh! :-( Since they come up everytime you click on a link on my page, my suggestion would be to move it to the far bottom right corner so that it doesn't get in the way of your viewing pleasure! Hope that helps. Enjoy my page! :-)

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My Tori Stori from Bethleham, PA concert: 11/23/98
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