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Blood Girl/Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Rating: A-; a little bit muffled.

Quotes from the stage (from the Dent):
In Vancouver Canada on July 19th, Tori lost her place playing 'Talula' and had to abandon the song. A fan yelled "It's alright Tori! It's ok.", and she replied "Oh, thank you. These things happen you know?"
Also, she said, "Hi you guys. So how's it going? Pretty good? [makes a really cute little noise]. This is my new friend...I didn't have her last time. It's been so long since I was here...we didn't make it on the last tour. It wasn't personal, it was just, um...well, if I told you what it was, I could get arrested. So I'll tell you later because I don't know who's here, you know? It's one of those things. But that's why I didn't come. So here I am with my new little friend and some of you may know this...she got fleas...can you believe this? If you guys ever go to Texas, let me tell you something, you bring some bug spray. And I mean that on every level, girls. This thing got's true. Every night I'd see these things jumping in the air, and I got bitten by them, and it's the one case where it's like, um, she got cured in LA...can you believe that? Something's wrong." Tori also said later, "So, some of you, uh, know that this is Caton., we'ver been playing together, well, since Y Kant Tori Read, really. Some of you have heard of that. And uh...we don't need to talk about that." As the stage crew was taking her harpsichord from the stage Tori exclaims, "Come on, guys. You know where this baby's going? She may be old, but she love the margarita. [Tori purrs...audience laughs, so she purrs again]."

Vancouver, Canada on July 19, 1996 at Orpheum Theatre (a.k.a. Blood Girl or Somewhere Over the Rainbow)