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Boston, MA 9/9/96--plus soundcheck

Rating: A-. Soundcheck setlist is below. Stuff she says (taken from the Dent):Tori played Take To The Sky. Right before she sang the line, "My heart is like the ocean," she sang, "I love this part." Tori told the story of Frankie, a pierced man who sees all her concerts in the New York area. "It was like he was going to cap me, and he pulls out a Winnie the Pooh." Before singing Lovesong, Tori told a story about "the friend who you just want to kill, but just can't." Near the end of the concert, someone near the front got her attention and then for some reason decided to tell her that she'd gone to see the movie "trainspotting" in Israel and it was in Hebrew. Tori's response was something like, "I've done a lot of things in Hebrew. I'm a minister's daughter, I'm going to try anything."

Boston MA at the Harborlights Pavilion, September 9, 1996