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Lewiston, NY 8/28/96

Rating: A-/B+.

Quotes from the stage (from the Dent):
Tori said something like this, "We are real close to Canada...are their any Canadians in the house? (Screams). I was staying real close to here when I was a kid on a trip with my older brother. I think I love him but I am not sure. You know how awful older brothers are....well, you know how you take your socks off at the end of the day? He wrapped them around my face so when I think of Canada- I think of that." Tori also revealed that she has had a dream about a crocodile eating her hair and wanted to know if anyone would interpret the dream for her. Also, when she forgot the words during Baker Baker, she whispered, "I forgot my own words." During 'Little Earthquakes', Caton's string broke. She said, "I can't reach you, I can''re off. Did you break a string? OK. I'll just keep going. I'm just nursing some juice." A fan screamed "IN FRONT OF YOUR RIGHT AMP THERE'S A TUBE OF GRAPEFRUIT SOAP FOR YOU!" And she said, "Oh thank you, you guys on the lawn, if you want any grapefruit soap there's a whole tube up here." At the end she told the audience, "You guys have been really great, we've got 70 more shows, if you get bored cut school and come find me."

Lewiston/Buffalo NY at Artpark, August 28